Back on XBoxLive..

Yes Donncha I did pay for XBL through gritted teeth. Paying for the privilege of allowing a device that I’ve fully paid for to utilise the online activities of a game that I’ve paid for, using an internet connection that I’ve already paid for. Gah!

The last time I played anything on XBL was probably CoD4 back in about 2007/8 before the machine got the RRoD and was duly sent off to Microsoft for repair. While it was away I purchased an PS3 (which was always my first choice, but Sony took soooo long to release it I opted for the Xbox) and never looked back. Paying for online gaming? Pfffft!

So PSN is up the tubes and my PC can’t handle BFBC2, what else am I supposed to do? It’s cheaper to get BFBC2 on Xbox and pay for Live than it would be to upgrade my machine to BFBC2 standards. There’s also two other factors in that I know a lot of people now who play Xbox, and my hands are no longer used to playing keyboard and mouse so it gets uncomfortable after about half an hour or so (when I used to be online PC gaming for hours…).

The PC works great for L4D2 and TF2 with TyeWebb, Donncha, DrunkinDunkin, Shaz and anyone else who cares to join. In fact Donncha and I went head to head last night on TF2 where he showed me what a no scope rocket aimbot is like (/wink).

But anyway, back to Xbox and BFBC2. I’ve been tweeting about going on Xbox mainly due to the length of time PSN has been down and last night I managed it. Although my PVR is not happy with the Xbox so I’ll need to play with some settings there.

Differences between Xbox and PS3? Not being able to throw a grenade when you spawn? Had trouble with that on Xbox but it’s not something that I ever noticed on the PS3 but had plenty of occasions last night where I needed to do it… and it wouldn’t, for a good 3-5 seconds after spawn.

Other than that, there’s the same level of non-objective playing point whoring, K/D obsessed, bush wookie jessies as there are on PS3 (and I imagine PC). In the two games I played of Conquest as a level 0 I came in the top three first game, and top the second for the simple reason that I was playing the objective.

So here’s the vid of the very first game, edited and sped up to prevent boredom. No commentary, just Team Medic Justice:

If you’re on Xbox then send me a FR: MrCheapKills

Peas and loaves.

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9 thoughts on “Back on XBoxLive..

  1. Yep saw your video and it looked like you recorded in interlace and not progressive, probably just need to set the xbox to output at 720p.

    Also the not being able to throw nades at spawn, also effects motion balls, ammo pack, etc. That seemed to go away for me once I installed the game to the hard drive. Sounds like you have the old 20GB model like I do which basically means your hard drive can hold about 1 installed game at a time. Thank god microsoft sells overpriced hard drives we can buy if we want more space.

    • Changed the output, although that shouldn’t really make a difference as the PS3 outputs to 1080i (I think).

      I installed the game on the hard drive but completely forgot about testing the grenade spam. But it was definitely much quieter.

      And overpriced Microsoft HDDs, you already know where Microsoft can shove those….

  2. I think my PVR settings are the same on PS3 and on Xbox. Didn’t notice anything wrong with the video but I watched in 360p so what do I know?

    Still have more footage of TF2 to look through. That Replay system is quite well done!

    • I changed it back to Xbox and everything seems a lot better. Had a couple of games last night but didn’t record any, but I did do a quick test using the Arcsoft preview window instead of the TV (as the TV was in use) which is why this my movements are erratic:

    • Ah, my life is full of ironing. I’m not going to be exclusively one or the other as there are console exclusive players on both sides who I enjoy gaming with.

  3. Looks good dude. Your probably asked a million times but what exactly is your setup for recording to PC from PS3/Xbox360 it look’s very clear. PM me if there’s way to much to comment 🙂

    • I use an Hauppauge HD PVR through to the PC. It records at a maximum of 1080i (although you only really need 720p for YouTube). That’s basically it. It’s really simple to use, the only other thing you’d need would be render settings which you can find in the editing tips section on my channel.

      However, if you’ve got a super duper computer with USB3.0 then you should consider the Black Magic Intensity Shuffle as that does full 1080p.

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