Day 2 on the Xbox, K/D: 0.71

After taking part in the Don’t Revive Me Bro podcast with bigmooney and bebarnee last night I went on to Xbox in an attempt to level up some more in order to get the Magnum Ammo at level 15.

I joined #MongolianGnome’s party and we entered Harvest Day for some conquest. Before we started I asked John what level he was since that would skill match us against players of his level in the game – as a level 30-something I was expecting more of a challenge than when I enter the game alone to be joined by blueberries with a skill level of similarly intelligent molluscs.

As it happens we did have more of a challenge, especially when we spawned 100 tickets down with all flags already capped. We started 3 v 2 but then it became 3 v 5 when every person entering the game joined the other side. Although we made a valiant effort we couldn’t claw back the tickets and saw the long slow bleed as we ran from flag to flag to be confronted by the other players and one incredibly obnoxious teabagger.

Sure, I have a reputation for teabaggery, but I do not do it after every single kill, in fact I seldom do it to non-friends unless they’ve been particularly troublesome or annoying to begin with. This guy was something else.

The second round was different and we totally demolished the other team to point of them quitting when they were down to about 30 tickets. Typical! They can give it, but not take it.

Then on to Panama Canal, which is personal favourite of mine, and again we had most of the flags for the majority of the time. I did numerous rambo revives which were very enjoyable and I even managed to kill some people too. My K/D (which I’m only mentioning for comparison between playing against more skilled players compared to the first couple of games) went down to 0.71 from 1.23 on the first night.

My main issue on the Xbox is the sticks do not have the same accuracy as the PS3 controller sticks and the fire button (Right Trigger) is currently awkward to use for pistols as you have to depress it all the way to fire unlike the straight microswitch on PS3. This means that I miss fire the pistol.

All in all the Xbox is fun but I need Donncha and DrunkinDunkin to get on at some point!

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Day 2 on the Xbox, K/D: 0.71

    • I’ve only teabagged a couple of people so far – those that have tried to go for the sneaky knife and got turned on.


  1. Xbox controllers are absolutely terrible. The sticks get loose so quickly and their weird asymetrical placement annoys my thumb.

    The triggers are way too deep, and don’t even get me started on the D-pad, i have 90s LCD games with better controls.

    I was raised on nintendo hardware, so I’m used to controllers being spot on (Wavebird – best controller on any console ever!).

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