It’s Been a Long Time

Since I posted anything on anywhere. With my work contract winding up it’s been difficult to think of gaming in any other way than just playing. I’m looking to change that in the near future and get back to posting more frequently, and also on

In the meantime, here’s a quick run down of what’s been going on:

Borderlands Let’s Play. After one episode I’m going to be abandoning this particular debacle. Sulley is great in the comms and we tried to get Duck in with us last night, but the rubbish lobby system prevented us from being in the same game together. The game that Sulley and I were working on was then tainted by a moral dilemna (and I don’t care what the spell checker says that is the correct spelling of dilemna!). I’ll put a video up explaining all, but the issue meant that we couldn’t in good faith continue with our characters and neither of us wants to start again. We even tried to have another friend, Shiznit, host a game, but we couldn’t even see him in the lobby menus.

If you missed it, here’s episode 1 of the series [NSFW]:

Still been playing BFBC2, unlocked Magnum Ammo on the Xbox version and made a video about it which was accepted and posted to the Pixel Enemy Revive channel (thanks guys)

I’ve been following the same method for playing on the PC, but I don’t find it as enjoyable on PC. I’m getting old and lazy so prefer the controller to keyboard and mouse. I’ve not recorded any PC gameplay as even with a new graphics card, my computer still struggles a bit with it.

After recently being gifted Team Fortress 2 by the Awesome D, it’s now free to play. Typical. I returned the favour with Monday Night Combat which we have yet to play, and a game that I’ve only played for about thirty minutes. I mix up some TF2 gameplay with info on a MNC giveaway in this vid:

Another game that is now free to play is Arma 2. I downloaded it last night. Not had a chance to play it yet, but it looks pretty good. You can get it from here:

Oh, I’ve also been on YouTube for just over a year. Well just over a year uploading vids and the like. Here is my anniversary video:

When I started my channel I did not go in to it lightly. Having lurked for a number of years I was aware of the level of random hate and trolling that is an everyday occurrence on YouTube. I was lucky in a way that from the start I was part of the Battlefield community and gained support from a great bunch of subscribers and fellow uploaders. I was all too aware that just because you upload to YouTube, or play a certain game does not mean that everyone who does the same has to either like you, or support you. But then, that’s the same in everything you do in life. So I’ve always treated YouTube as something that I do to amuse me and those close to me. Subscriber count is just a number and ratings don’t matter.

Erm, that’s pretty much it for the now. I’ve probably missed out loads, so there may be some updates in the very soon.

Peas and loaves.

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