Xbox Live Support is….

Actually very good. I try to ring ‘help lines’ as little as possible. I worked in technical support for six years and in that time I saw pretty much the entire gamut of the type of ‘help’ you’ll get when you ring up.

I don’t want to be down on call centres, but having been on both sides of the phone the level of support you get is very hit and miss. Being a realist I spend my time expecting to get someone who either doesn’t understand the problem, or the term ‘help/support line’. Being a target driven industry the latter is understandable, the former, as far as I’m concerned is inexcusable. But I digress.

Here was my issue: I’d signed up for Xbox Gold to play BFBC2 on in June and thought that the autorenewal was off (I could have sworn that I’d sorted it out) – but apparently not. So I was being billed £5.99 a month when I was intending to get a 12 month card from a retailer for cheaper than the Microsoft price. So what I wanted was the auto renewal turned off and I’d sort the rest.

Eventually I found the number for Xbox support since the website kept giving me the American contact details (not good service). I rang the number and wondered which country I would end up talking to. When I got through I spoke to “Neil”, well that’s what he said his name was but judging by his accent he was obviously a Dara, or a Padraig! Oh, I jest.

Seriously though, Neil is a credit to Microsoft. He was upbeat and used his sense of humour in the call. Many many many many many call centre workers could learn a thing or two from him. I was fully expecting to be on the phone for ages getting more exasperated by a hard of learning monkey when instead I had my issue dealt with and resolved straight away, and not only that, it also gave me a more positive view of the company (Microsoft).

Well done Neil – you’re a star.

Peas and loaves.

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One thought on “Xbox Live Support is….

  1. Guess it goes to prove that you get what you pay for. By the sounds of the PSN things from earlier on this blog (I did take a look, out of late night curiosity/insomnia) Neil earned the paycheck that he gets for keeping you on XBL. If that is even his real name, I think he just earned a promotion from this review.

    It’s often said that people will complain most of the time about something they have a problem with, but will very rarely comment positively about something that was done right. So yeah, good work Neil, and here’s hoping for more long months on the 360 (since I don’t think we’ve shared tags yet…haven’t checked in a while).

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