The Trouble with Tribbles… I mean Minecraft

I’ve been playing Minecraft off an on for a little while now. I say ‘playing’ but I’m not sure if that’s the correct description for the time sapping digital lego set with animals and lava that it is.

But anyway, love it or hate it, I’m hooked. And my most recent endeavour on Donncha’s server has been a massive pyramid. The top of it is at the highest buildable level. It’s really quite a large undertaking, and if I’d paid attention at school I’d be able to a) work out how many blocks it needs, and b) how long it would have taken to build.

It’s so big it’s the largest singly structure on the map so far:

Thankfully Nick and Duck gave me a hand last night after Donncha activated Creative Mode on the server – which basically means you have infinite blocks, take no damage and can fly around for easier building. As it was late and I’m minging with the cold right now I left before Nick and Duck. But they had my back. Ensuring that I wasn’t preyed upon in the night by binary vampires by entombing my spawn point. They’d also made impressive headway on the pyramid build, and left some amusing graffiti to boot:

I’m also doing a series on what I’ve built so far on Minecraft and will be doing a live comm/let’s play type thing of the single player. So if you’re interested in that, here’s the first two vids:

Part 1

Part 2

Cowing lush.

2 thoughts on “The Trouble with Tribbles… I mean Minecraft

  1. Next thing to do is turn on mobs again, although we’ll need to be careful of creepers because they can blow up and take down our buildings!

    Great videos, must get around to that thing again …

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