More Minecraft?

Considering all the attention that the BF3 beta is getting, I’m sure it’s a surprise that I’m putting my attention in to Minecraft. Well, it’s a distraction from all the issues in the community for a start, plus I never had enough Lego as a child.

Earlier today Donncha turned mobs on on the server. For those not familiar with Minecraft, mobs are beasties. Zombies, spiders, creepers, eldermen and skeletons. Their sole purpose is to ruin your day, which is a bit hard to do when you can’t take any damage (Creative Mode).

For some reason every time night fell (when the mobs come out) they’d head up my pyramid. Probably because “it’s there”.

So here is my first encounter with the mobs on the server:

For the majority of mobs, they burst in to flames when the sun comes out, unless they are somewhere nice and dark…. what’s that? Oh, underneath my part finished pyramid is probably nice and dark? Yeah, I hadn’t considered that….

But mobs be damned! Especially the eldermen who kept stealing blocks from my pyramid (although Donncha has since sorted that so they only steal “natural” blocks). My pyramid is complete!

We’re cooking now.

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