That Evil Dave Guy….

It has been ages since I last posted anything here. There are a couple of reasons for that. The first being that I’m not really gaming any more. Haven’t been for a while.

I’ve changed ISPs and the one I’m with now…. well, it makes TimoleagueDuck look like he’s on a T1! So that’s been a major factor. But the main reason is that the time I spent gaming has been changed into the time I spend writing.

So here’s what I’m doing – I’ve got my official “author blog” at, but I’m going to use this one for the more personal and unofficial bits and bobs.

And the big news for me right now? My first full book ‘Lament for the Living’ is due for release in May. Woohoo!

I only have to sell 700 books a month and I can quit the day job (no, I’m not joking about that figure, but I am joking about the likelihood of it happening – but fingers crossed).

What’s ‘Lament for the Living’ about? The single hardest thing an author has to do is write a synopsis. 

Cover image of Lament for the Living by David Nicol

Okay, the tagline is “What happens after the zombie apocalypse?” and that’s sort of what it is, but so much more. The main premise is: what would happen to society, and what societies would fill the power vacuums if established ordered suddenly ceased to be?

The story begins with the Outbreak (as the Survivors) call it, and then skips forward three years to the people of the Sanctuary, a secluded self-sufficient settlement. However, their peace is destroyed along with the life they have come to regard as normal when a newcomer arrives.

From that point on, nothing will ever be the same again.

Synopsis…. needs work.

Anyhoo, Lament for the Living will be available May 2013. To check out my other titles – visit here: Bibliography

Cheers all, and let me know how YOU’RE doing in the comments 🙂

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