Nook, You’re Dead to me…

You’d think that all the upheaval in the publishing world and the clamouring for market share, would make companies sit up and bend over backwards for their customers rather than what they usually do, which is bend customers over.

But apparently not. Barnes&Noble/Nook/Nookpress: Wow! Just wow. Now I can’t really complain about the speed at which they have responded to my query, but then again I could answer any query at the speed of light if I just copypasta’d random information that doesn’t address or show any cognition of the question asked.

How so? I hear you ask.

Well, here’s my actual query:

“if/when do you intend to allow UK users to use the pubit/nookpress service?”

The response:

Dear David

Thank you for asking about NOOK Press.
At this time, NOOK Press is available only to publishers with a U.S. Bank Account and a U.S. Tax ID which are both tied to a U.S. address.
Please visit us often at for updates.

The NOOK Press Team

Okay, when I read that response I was pretty incandescent.  Not going to lie, it pissed me off. So I’ve given them one more chance to actually answer my question:


Thank you for your completely ridiculous reply. I know that nookpress is currently only available to those residing in the US hence me saying ” as your services are only available for US users”.

I’m then encouraged to visit your site often….. For what reason?  Your services are not available to me.

What you have done is provide incredibly poor customer service. I asked a very basic question and you couldn’t even be bothered to address any part of it.
So here’s a new question to go with the unanswered previous question : Why should I support your platform, over one that already supports me/my geographic region?

Tell you what, I’ll make it multiple choice for you:

a) Because we made an error by selecting a standard response instead of including the following information [this is where you put in the real answer to my question], and we apologise for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused.

b) Hahahahahaha, you live in the UK. UK sucks, USA #1.

c) [Insert a copy and paste answer that includes information on resetting my Nook]

d) Oh you caught me out, I actually work for Amazon….

e) Definitely Ninjas….. oops wrong chat window.

Yours sincerely

David Nicol”

I’m hoping that they’ll go with Option ‘a’, but I reckon it’ll be Ninjas. It’s always Ninjas.

Until then, treat yourself to one of my books:

3 thoughts on “Nook, You’re Dead to me…

  1. Not going to solve the problem of getting your books into the Nook marketplace but you could root the Nook and use the Kindle app on it to read books. Just you know, to express your annoyance at them. 🙂

    • And send them photos of it with Nook Tippexed out and Kindle written on in Biro.

      The thing is, I’m on Nook, but via Smashwords. So I can get there, but I prefer to control my work to the point of delivery. The lack of support for non-US users explains why there is a woeful lack of content for the Nook (or content that I would be willing to pay for).

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