Contemplating Tentacle Sex

Now that’s a title that may or may not need a question mark. Is it a question posed to you, dear reader? Are you contemplating tentacle sex? Or a question I’m asking myself: Am I contemplating tentacle sex?

Well, the answer is neither. It’s more a pondering on the market for tentacle sex. Who reads it? Does it sell? And why the hell am I even asking these questions?  By now, if you’ve come to this post specifically looking for tentacle sex, you’ll have realised that it’s not happening. But before you click away to find your niche-porn, please leave a comment as I’d love to know if you actually pay for that stuff.

Okay, back to the topic in hand (oo-er!). On my TBFmedia site I made a post that in passing mentioned “tentacle sex”. I forget exactly what the post was about, probably the depravity of titles available on and whether I actually wanted to have my work on the same site as some of the work there.

It was a throw-away comment, but the term ‘tentacle sex’ has provided more hits to my site than anything else.  Disappointed linkees from all over the internet lasciviously click that link… and their hopes of…. well, whatever happens in tentacle sex stories are dashed!

No, I’m not proud of myself for teasing the tentaclephiles.  Or am I?  I think a pen name is in order for a testing of those tentacle infested waters. Which is where YOU come in!  I want you to help me choose my “niche” pen name that I *might* write under.  There are always down times, and there’s no harm in tapping a market, although frankly if everything else goes well, I won’t ‘tap that’.

So let’s be having you, pen name suggestions por favor!

Until ‘The Sexy Tentacles of Tartarus’ is released (don’t hold your breath) don’t forget, ‘Lament for the Living’ is out on May 10th – get a sneak peek at the first chapter for FREE!

Currently it’s .prc (DRM free for Kindle) or .pdf only.
Kindle/.prc – Download Here
PDF – Download Here

Download, read, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

While you’re waiting for ‘Lament for the Living’ to be released the following titles are also available:
Hannibal House by David Nicol   The Deluge of Elias by David Nicol
For more information and purchasing links please visit:

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