Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

I’m thinking of entering ‘Lament for the Living’ into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award thingy.  What is that? I hear you ask. Well my friend, I’ll tell you….

I don’t really know. I think it’s a lot of self promotion and blah blah blahing with some sort of prize at the end that may or may not result in fulfilling my wildest dreams. No, wait, thinking about it that was winning the lottery and becoming uncontested ruler of the world, which I think is outside the scope of the Breakthrough Novel Award.

Considering that the Amazon best sellers list ranges from romance to literary porn I don’t really see ‘Lament for the Living’ making much of an impact, but let’s give it a go anyway.

This is where you come in, oh faithful reader and confidante. I have to include an excerpt of the book in the application. So from you I would like suggestions of which section you enjoyed the most, what part had the biggest impact on you, what scene really gripped you?

You don’t need to remember what chapter, paragraph, line etc., just drop a comment saying something like “The bit where…..” and I’ll know what you’re on about.

Thanks for your input and your continued support.

All the best


4 thoughts on “Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

  1. I liked the ending part of the opening scene in the house and the whole scene where Sacks kills that same guy (can’t remember his name, sorry). It was the first scene I read though so that may be why.

  2. The climactic rescue at the barn was tense. You could go that route if you want to showcase an action sequence.
    I also thought the scene with Rat sleeping in Sacks’s bed with her after Anders “died” was touching and included a vivid description of the light moving across the room.
    For another action-type sequence, you might also consider using a section of Anders’s background story- OH! The section where Sacks gets her name was good (not action-packed, but still…). When they finally see what she has in her arms and then the burial was horrific and sad at the same time.

  3. I think Getcrackin covered most it hahaha…go for it dude..

    There are so many to choose from. The big reveal (no spoilers) about a certain camp boss was amazing and should be considered. I also like the bit where after looking for somewhere to hole out of the rain an elderly gentleman is met (the bit after that and the background between the 2 of them – the pain, loss and the inevitability of what has to be done) and the reaction of a certain female…damn this is hard without giving too much away!! I was gonna say the Sacks bit as a young girl and what she was carrying is also hard hitting but our American friend already said that

    Also tbh the opening few pages from the teaser is what caught me but if I had to choose one of them I would say the big reveal….classic bit of writing there my friend 😉

    No wait…… second one is also very dramatic – they should make a film about this 😉

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