A New Player Has Entered the Arena

Not really. It’s still just me. But it has been a while. You’re still here? Well it’s nice to see you.

Why am I writing right now? To keep this carcass alive. Breathe life into the old dog, and shake the bag of bones.

So what’s the shizz with the whizz on the biz?

I’m still gaming to a certain degree. Not as much as before. I’m pretty much PS4 exclusive these days, except for few games on Steam. There is a PS5 in the house, but that’s my son’s. To be honest the only reason I’d get a PS5 at the moment would be to play Elden Ring, but that’s a lot of money to outlay for one game.

On the PS4 it’s mostly BF:V, RDR2, and a bit of whatever the PS+ games are. I’m losing interest with PVP games in general as they’re not fun with lobbies being trashed by toxic clans. Not that that’s much different than before, but it’s just not fun anymore. I’d much rather play a co-op game mode, or a game where you don’t get grief.

On Steam it’s pretty much exclusively Rocksmith. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 30 years. One day I might even be pretty good at it. Today is not that day.

If you’re reading this then cheers for sticking around.

Stay fresh cheesebags!

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