Why Wear a Mask?

Apart from the fact you’re ugly?

It seems that people think that covid is over. The celebrities think it’s over. The politicians think it’s over. The shops think it’s over.

Who doesn’t think it’s over? The virus (absolutely loving life right now). Scientists watching the death rate bimble along at 2-400 deaths per day. The healthcare workers continuing to be put at risk by being exposed to covid positive patients who end up in hospital. Undertakers, who are being kept very busy.

Fine, wearing a mask is a personal choice now. But if you see someone wearing mask maybe give them a wide berth. Unless you’re an arsehole.

I wear a mask for one reason: I’m pretty much exposed to covid on a daily basis.

If my mask really does offend you that much I can take it off and you can have a full bore blast from my respiratory tract. I’m not forcing other people to wear a mask. Do what you want, but don’t be an arsehole.

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