Would The Real Copyright Holder Please Stand Up…

Before we get in to it, let me make my position abundantly clear as Ariel and “Sarah” seem to have missed the point: I fully understand that copyright holders can enforce their rights over unauthorised use of their works. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My issue with the two copyright strikes that I […]

Top of the Pops

//Top of the Pops Chart Countdown music// Okay Pop Pickers… Up 558 places from 792 to 234 this week on YouTube is Bubbles with Bidibodi Bidibu…. and by “up” I mean how many videos have been removed. And here’s the guys thanking their fans for helping them get their music known….. via uploading to YouTube: […]

Goodbye Mr Cheap Kills

And Hello! to ‘TheCheapKills‘! I received an email this morning from YouTube/Google informing that a video had been removed for infringing copyright and how naughty I was as this was my second strike: Dear MrCheapkills, We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from LoveCat Music, claiming that this material […]