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If you want to keep up to date with the posts on here then your best option is to subscribe. I assure you that I’m not into spam, or selling your details on to spammers – I’m not even sure if I see the email addresses of people who subscribe here – so you can subscribe in safety. If you do subscribe and find you are getting any crap (other than the crap I post) then let me know straight away. I don’t get anything if you subscribe – it’s purely for your benefit if you like what you read here.

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If you want to comment on any of the posts on this blog you will need to have a OpenID. If you are with Google, Yahoo, WordPress, AOL, MySpace or a number of other popular content providers then you may already have an OpenID. So comment away – I like comments.

And lastly – all the links that I put on this blog are direct and aren’t any sort of scam, or affiliate nonsense. They go direct to the content they relate to. If you have any problems with any links let me know. If at some point in the future I post any links that will directly benefit me then they WILL be labelled as such. It is important to me that you have faith in my integrity – and that integrity is not something that is for sale.

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