MW2 Resurgence Map Pack

Robert Bowling AKA fourzerotwo, the Creative Strategist for Infinity Ward discusses the upcoming DLC. Due for release to Xbox users on June 3rd 2010 and then at some later time for PS3 and PC users, the map pack contains three new maps, and two recycled “fan favourites” from Call of Duty 4.

The new maps are Fuel, Carnival, and Trailer Trash Park. The recycled maps (IW/Activision being eco-friendly?) are Strike and Vacant.

I’ll be sure to get this as soon as I pick up the Stimulus Pack….. so maybe never.

Peas and loaves.

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Stimulus Pack, Mario Kart and BFBC2

Just quick post this evening, nothing fancy.

Stimulus Pack
New video from Hutch interviewing FourZeroTwo about the Stimulus Pack.
Points discussed:

  • When will it be released for PC and PS3
  • Crash and Overgrown
  • Any other CoD4 maps being released
  • DLC Rumours
  • Pricing decisions

And here’s the vid:

Mario Kart Wii

My friend and Nintendo fanboy Mike well and truly made me his bitch on Mario Kart Wii the other night. Apparently you can play up to eight players on the multiplayer, but as he’s the only person I know with a Wii it was just the two of us. I think I was at a slight disadvantage as Mike has unlocked everything and has achieved gold on every track including the mirror cups – while I have about ten hours of play time…. I won one race out of four Grand Prix which is 1/16. However, despite Mike’s flawless sprints around the tracks he told me that he can’t win against other people via the Mario Kart Wii channel – which is rather revealing.

I think that this will be one game that I play with the kids and that’s it. It makes me swear enough when I play against the AI, I think I’d probably have an aneurysm if I played it online.

Stupid Nintendo and their stupid games.

Battle Field Bad Company 2

I’ve decided I’m going to get BFBC2 on the PS3 next week. I’ve got some games on ebay, and if they don’t sell, then they’ll be traded in against it. I wasn’t too fussed about the game before it came out as Modern Warfare 2 is where all the cool kids were at, plus it’s an EA title and I’m not a huge fan of theirs. But after seeing the different videos that are coming out from the likes of Geoff and StoneFaceLock amongst others and reading about the fun that people such as Donncha have been having with it I think it’s time to swallow my pride and jump on that combat band wagon.

Errr…. that’s it. Thanks for reading.

Peas and loaves.

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