It’s Been a Long Time

Since I posted anything on anywhere. With my work contract winding up it’s been difficult to think of gaming in any other way than just playing. I’m looking to change that in the near future and get back to posting more frequently, and also on

In the meantime, here’s a quick run down of what’s been going on:

Borderlands Let’s Play. After one episode I’m going to be abandoning this particular debacle. Sulley is great in the comms and we tried to get Duck in with us last night, but the rubbish lobby system prevented us from being in the same game together. The game that Sulley and I were working on was then tainted by a moral dilemna (and I don’t care what the spell checker says that is the correct spelling of dilemna!). I’ll put a video up explaining all, but the issue meant that we couldn’t in good faith continue with our characters and neither of us wants to start again. We even tried to have another friend, Shiznit, host a game, but we couldn’t even see him in the lobby menus.

If you missed it, here’s episode 1 of the series [NSFW]:

Still been playing BFBC2, unlocked Magnum Ammo on the Xbox version and made a video about it which was accepted and posted to the Pixel Enemy Revive channel (thanks guys)

I’ve been following the same method for playing on the PC, but I don’t find it as enjoyable on PC. I’m getting old and lazy so prefer the controller to keyboard and mouse. I’ve not recorded any PC gameplay as even with a new graphics card, my computer still struggles a bit with it.

After recently being gifted Team Fortress 2 by the Awesome D, it’s now free to play. Typical. I returned the favour with Monday Night Combat which we have yet to play, and a game that I’ve only played for about thirty minutes. I mix up some TF2 gameplay with info on a MNC giveaway in this vid:

Another game that is now free to play is Arma 2. I downloaded it last night. Not had a chance to play it yet, but it looks pretty good. You can get it from here:

Oh, I’ve also been on YouTube for just over a year. Well just over a year uploading vids and the like. Here is my anniversary video:

When I started my channel I did not go in to it lightly. Having lurked for a number of years I was aware of the level of random hate and trolling that is an everyday occurrence on YouTube. I was lucky in a way that from the start I was part of the Battlefield community and gained support from a great bunch of subscribers and fellow uploaders. I was all too aware that just because you upload to YouTube, or play a certain game does not mean that everyone who does the same has to either like you, or support you. But then, that’s the same in everything you do in life. So I’ve always treated YouTube as something that I do to amuse me and those close to me. Subscriber count is just a number and ratings don’t matter.

Erm, that’s pretty much it for the now. I’ve probably missed out loads, so there may be some updates in the very soon.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

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The Gamer’s Craic Episode 3 and other Fruit

Episode 3 of The Gamer’s Craic, hosted by Donncha and I is now available.

Listen via the player or right click and download here to listen later.

Our guest this time is NGT director and Hupit bod Gary, AKA Hypermole and also mole237 on YouTube.

The main topics of the podcast are the C64 PC (?!), Homefront, Vanquish and Battlefield Play 4 Free.

On Donncha’s post regarding this episode he urges listeners NOT to listen past the end jingle……

Don’t forget that Don’t Revive Me Bro also have their podcast running, with the most recent featuring Daniel ‘Zh1nt0’ Matros, the community manager for BattleField games at DICE. You can find it all here

DrunkinDunkin’s blog here


If 40 minutes of me, Donncha and Gary whittering away is enough for you then I also have a 20+ minute vid up. It’s a request effort, live commentary play by play of a game of Conquest on Panama Canal. There are some sweary bits, so NSFW.


And lastly, I recently put up a video entitled ‘Let’s Talk About: Copyright’. It’s the first time that I’ve shown my face on camera and so I’m a little talking head in the corner over some gameplay. The main theme of the video is why it’s not worth trying to get around the issue of copyright on YouTube, why it’s right for content creators to be protected by copyright and the usage of Creative Commons material as an alternative.

The next Let’s Talk will be on the subject of subscribers.

That’s all for now.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

AT4 Community Cock-About Challenge

A while back batmanjokergorden proposed an idea of doing a sort of community ‘cheap kills’ event. At the time I’d just moved to the new YouTube channel and although the idea was sound in principle there weren’t enough subscribers who could record to make it work.

Fast forward a couple of months, couple of hundred subscribers later, add a twitter conversation and and we have the first Community Cock-About Challenge:

The official thread and leaderboard for the challenge is on

So here’s the lowdown:

SDM only (to minimise the effect that cocking about has on the rest of your team)
AT4 only (and specs you like)
Kills with other weapons/kits = disqualification
10pts per AT4 kill (including Destruction 2.0 caused by the AT4)
50pts for teabagging a wookie
50pts for each squadmate who also takes part in the Community Cock-About
100pts for a 360 no-scope off a building
1000pts if you win the round as top player

If you can’t record, you can still take part. Do it for the lulz, or take a screenie of your score at the end. Hilarity ensues.

So what are you waiting for?

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

The Gamer’s Craic and other animals

Here is The Gamer’s Craic:

The Gamer’s Craic podcast from Donncha and I, featuring Mike (mj_whittle) was launched on Monday morning. I would have blogged about it earlier, but it seems that there’s not enough hours in the day at the moment. But anyhoo, the podcast. Mike was our guest for the first episode as it’s all started with the three of us really, first was this blog, then along came Donncha (on the Xbox), then Mike became a regular gaming buddy before Donncha saw the light and plugged his PS3 in 😉

It was a lot of fun recording and we talked about a lot of topics. Unfortunately I had to cut out a large chunk of the recording due to technical issues with the audio. But no matter, we live and learn for next time. The podcast itself is not on a schedule but we’re looking at doing it about once a fortnight. The main reason for not having a schedule for it is to prevent it from becoming a chore.

In other news I reached the 500 subscriber milestone…. again. It seems that I can forgo the usual Q&A type vid on this one since I’ve already done it on my old channel, although if I make it to 1000 subscribers I’ll be making the usual song and dance about it.

I’ve also been asking the community to get involved in my channel by providing voiceovers for the end of my videos:

I’ve had a good response with a number of excellent audio files from: thefingershurt (Dutch and French), theAlphaWolfy (English), InsaneAcorn (English), JayeKaiser (English), delpede (Danish), Redd_dragons (English), getcrackin’ (English), and iTimoleagueDuck went one further and made his own outro vid for me! So thanks everyone so far. I will be using every version I receive on rotation, and I have been promised more by some other people out there. I have their names written down somewhere….

As I say in the video, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a channel or upload, if you want to do it, then DO IT! I want you to, so come on! It’ll be cool. (I’d especially like an Italian, Spanish, and German version, and also a Japanese one, but in the style of a very pissed off Samurai).

Here’s how the very first response went (from thefingershurt):

And lastly, you’ve probably all seen it as it’s gone a bit viral around the community. But if you haven’t then you have to watch DCRUColin’s rendition of ‘Africa’ by Toto:

Doodo do do do doodo baaaaaah!

Cowing lush.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

MOH, Black Ops, BF:Vietnam…. Decisions.

There are three first person shooters (FPS) options coming out within the next couple of months. There’s Medal of Hono(u)r from EA/DICE due out on October 12th, Call of Duty Black Ops from Activision/Treyarch on November 9th and the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion pack (again from EA/DICE) due to be released in “winter”. Decisions will have to be made.

What to get, what not to get. Whether to bother getting any of them….

Here’s my position at the moment. I played the MOH Beta and was fairly uninspired. Apparently EA have made many changes to the game since the closed beta…. but they can’t change what it is: a connection based shooter. And as everyone knows, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Talking of connection based shooters, Black Ops fits there too and to be perfectly honest I think I’ve had it with connection based shooters.

Oh..what’s ‘a connection based shooter’? Good question. It’s all about ping, and how it’s dealt with. Essentially, the lower your ping, the more advantage you have. I’ve touched on ping before and its effects in game, but in a nutshell the person with the lower ping has their actions recognised by the server first. In connection based shooters this equates to lower ping, rather than fastest finger, wins. For example, if two people face each other off, Player 1 has a ping of 50ms and Player 2 has a ping of 100ms. Even if they both press fire at EXACTLY the same time in the real world Player 1 is going to blow away Player 2. Brilliant.

Recently, I’ve picked up CoD4 and 5 and my gaming experience has been very poor because of ping. Especially as most connection based shooters do not use dedicated servers which means that every player is not only at the mercy of their own connection, but also of that of the host! For many people it’s not something they even think about, but for me it’s a major pain in the ass and I’m fed up shelling out cash for a bad player experience. Having two decent rounds out of ten just doesn’t appeal to me which is why I’ve recently been playing less connection dependent games (and non-FPS).

So if we’re decided that MOH and Black Ops are not going to get a look in due to their connection based nature (and MOH is poo) then surely that leaves the Vietnam expansion pack for BFBC2. A sure fire bet!

No. EA and DICE have pretty much blown it now. Why the hell would I want to give a company MORE money when they continue to insult us. Oh sure, there’s the Gun Club “loyalty” system, in which I’ve earned two rewards so far, one which is anonymous and “coming soon” and the other is as useful as a chocolate teapot (early unlock for the M24 on MOH…).

Currently, as far as I’m concerned, BFBC2 is a mess and will continue to be a mess until they sort out the crate bashers. Conquest and Squad Death Match are not as engrossing game modes as Rush, but what gets me is that crate bashing was a game ruining “feature” in BC1….. so why is it in BC2 at all? DICE apparently have 34 “issues” that they’re looking in to from feedback on the forums – what those issues are, and which of them they will realistically fix, seems to be a closely guarded secret.

While BFBC2 continues as is, I won’t be buying any expansions for it. And when BFBC3 comes out, maybe I’ll just wait for six months after it comes out and get the Retail Ultimate Edition for less than the release edition with all the added bits that everyone else paid for….and a cherry on top.

So that’s nought for three at this moment in time. I’m finding it very difficult to be enthusiastic about any shooter games because it’s effectively all the same bullshit wrapped in different packaging being sold to us by a bunch of spivs who want the dollar, but not the responsibility.

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Rush go BOOM

DCRU Colin, Cardsnumber7, OogBilly, Me. Other than posting BFBC2 vids to YouTube we also have something else in common – we’re fed up with C4 on Mcoms, or Mines on Mcoms, or Engineer/Assault combos firing rockets at the Mcom from across the map.

There are probably others who’re fed up with it too, but it seems that over the past week a great schism has formed on the Battlefield. On the one side you have the score whore douchebags who don’t give a toss about actually playing the game, and on the other the players who just want to have a decent game.

That’s the problem with console gaming – you can’t set up your own game with specific rules. Come on, this is the 21st Century – surely we can get our own private lobbies with our own rules (or the rules of the game, as the case may be). Even if the results didn’t count towards your global score (like in Onslaught) to prevent the other pantheon of douchebaggery – Boosting.

OogBilly – *NSFW*

DCRU Colin


Oh, and before anyone comes out with the “It’s easy to defend against C4…” nuggets of wisdom, allow me to declare bullshit straight away. If it was easy to defend against then there wouldn’t be so many people who are fed up with it. And the ability to defend against it has NOTHING to do with the skill level of the defenders – it takes ONE ticket to destroy an MCom out of 75. So for each base only 2:75 need to get to the base. I’d also like to throw it out there that I reckon the worst C4 abusers (and defenders of the tactic) probably don’t bother to play in defense games anyway, instead backing out to rejoin as attackers to score the oodles of points they so desperately crave.

Peas and loaves

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Fabriclive’s Clips

Fabriclive has put up a clip video of general shenanigans and I think most of us can recognise most of the situations all too well. The knife fails and bush wookiees in particular.

One tip that I’ve picked up which will be very useful is engineer ON vehicle when de-repairing it (should also allow for an easy steal if the enemy hops out to ‘do you in’.

Peas and loaves

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DICE Feedback – Part Deux

I posted yesterday about the forum link to provide DICE with feedback regarding glitches, bugs and gripes in BFBC2. To get the message to more people I’ve made a quick vid to put up on my channel.

I’m also making it available to everyone else who may be interested in uploading it to their channel so that we can provide as much feedback to DICE as possible. So anyone who’s interested can download the vid from the following dropbox link:

Here’s the vid:

And here’s the link to the DICE forum post:

Peas and loaves

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Give DICE Some Feedback…

DICE are looking for feedback on issues/bugs with the game. They’ve posted a thread on the EA forums (thanks Mike and Donncha for the links) specifically for console users. Listed are a number of issues that they are aware of, but perhaps reiterating them will help ensure that they really get the message.

It also wouldn’t hurt to constructively point out any other issues you may experience in the game. However, if you consider weapons/vehicles/stationary weapons overpowered then perhaps you should consider playing Halo (it shouldn’t take six hit markers from a HEAVY MG to kill an enemy).

Here is the list of issues they have identified:

Issues that we [DICE] know are a pain and are looking into:

Ability to leave a server during map loading
Stats for new vehicles
Spectator mode
Server lag fixed
Insignia bug (no requirement for SPECACT)
C4 does not always work
Horn isn’t audible to other players
No vertical line on GOL Sniper reticule
Black Hawk’s HUD is frozen
Private matches (going public?)
Hind and Havoc cockpit too bright
Team talk, not just squad chat
Silent M-Com Alarms on Map Pack Rush maps
Knife Autolock is Broken
Decreased C4 damage vs mcoms
Deployment in CQ capturable after all flags have been captured by 1 team
Revive invulnerability

I’ve added that all explosive weapons should have their damage vs MComs reduced. I’d also like to see in-vehicle comms enabled: e.g. get in a tank with a random and be able to speak to them rather than just hop in for the ride and end up getting mortared because they sit in the middle of the street for half an hour.

It’s interesting to read on the comments some of the people defending the use of C4 on the MComs. Their view is that it’s only noobs that have a problem with it as a “legit tactic”. I’d imagine that these are the same people who ONLY play attack and back out of pretty much every defence game they play. Looking at the C4 scrubs battle stats seems to indicate a very high instance of attacking gameplay compared to defending so no wonder they don’t see a problem in doing it because they don’t play the game properly to begin with!

Peas and loaves

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