Commandoh! (MW2)

For those who thought that Commando had been patched to resolve “I’M INVINCIIIIIIIIBLE!!!” issue….. it hasn’t.

Admittedly, on this video, the first couple of shots are a bit ropey, but if you pause it at 0.05 you can see that during the lunge all shots would be on centre mass which would in any other scenario would have killed him:

And here’s the screenie:

The Commando Lunge still offers invincibility

At least in BFBC2 bullets in the air count even after you’re dead (which happened earlier when I got knifed in the face, but the wookie with the cutlery still got cut down by my M60).

Peas and loaves.

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Commandoh! and Pterodactyls

Another fine commando kill. No super lunge this time, no need to teleport an impossible distance. It’s not necessary when you can knife through walls. Awesome!

Original video that this clip was taken from can be found here

It’s been less than 24 hours since I said that I couldn’t beat the search term “phalanges of pterodactyl” as being best search term to hit this blog. Well, I was wrong:

Uh-huh, Pterodactyl IS latin. Pterodactyl is Ricky Martin’s secret twin brother.

Separated at birth

But seriously, yes, pterodactyl is latin for “winged finger” – ptero = winged, dactyl = finger.

Peas and loaves

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Blinkin’ Linkin’ Knifin’ Special!

It’s been an awesome couple of days for me, this blog, YouTube and the world in general.

Geoff (sasbenjr) has put the links to both this blog and also Donncha’s in his latests vids which is absolutely amazing. Obviously that means that me and Geoff are totally BFF! Or at least we will be as soon as the judge comes to his senses and quashes the restraining order. In the mean time, I’ll post Geoff’s video from 100 yards away just like the stupid bit of paper says….

BFBC2 tips – cool and the gang, especially the guy pretending to be a police car on Nelson. I think I’m going to have to get Battle Field Bad Company 2 at some point and increase the number of titles in which I get to see a whole lot of killcam. If you haven’t already checked out Geoff’s channel then I highly recommend you do.

Talking of Donncha – he got the scoop on the return of OnlyUseMeBlade in this post. I’d previously posted about OnlyUseMeBlade’s new job that was likely to put him out of action for the forseeable future. Honestly I thought that was the end of OnlyUseMeBlade’s channel. Although I was happy that he was moving onwards and upwards I was a bit sad that his commentaries were probably over. OnlyUseMeBlade fills a gap in the whole YouTube commentary community – he’s always upbeat, doesn’t take it too seriously or complains, and …..only knifes. Some people don’t like him because apparently he started “the craze” for commando and knifing. I think blaming people using Commando on Blade is completely unfair. Especially as Blade continually calls Commando cheap. If there wasn’t any YouTube, or OnlyUseMeBlade, there would still be people running around with the knife.

And on the subject of knifing/commando. I was watching a dual commentary between xBrZz and Tejb when I noticed at the beginning what appears to be a Commando Fail! This interested me because it’s been reported that commando has been tweaked to make it less invincible. What I’d like to know is if the knifing animation hits you – do you die? xBrZz get’s the +50 for the kill at the beginning of the lunge, but the death animation does not start until the lunge is complete. I’ve seen video of commando being killed in a face on attack, but in my experience I’ve ended up knifed. This leads me to believe that although Commando has been adjusted there is still a level of invincibility applicable during the lunge – if your bullets don’t hit at the beginning of the lunge then I think you’ve had your chips.
(commentary audio has been stripped)

Peas and loaves.

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The Killstreak Kurse & The Vincible Commando

The Killstreak Kurse

I’ve discovered that how well I do in game is directly related to what killstreak rewards I have equipped. In case you’re new to Modern Warfare 2 killstreak rewards are unlockable additions to your armoury for use against the enemy. In order to access them you first need to get a certain number of kills without dying. The lowest standard amount of kills required being three, and the most being 25.

I am under no illusions – so far I have never had the nuke equipped. Unless I get into a lobby where every other player decides to go and make a cup of tea and a sandwich at the same time I’m unlikely to ever get a 25 kill streak. But here’s the thing. I know I can get a five kill streak. Not every game, and not every time but it is a possibility for me. So for a while I was running 5-7-9 (Predator Missile, Harrier Strike, Pave Low) but I was getting five kills so rarely that the set up wasn’t benefiting me, nor my team. So I switched to 3-4-5 (UAV, Counter UAV, Predator). When I get a streak going there I make it up to six or seven kills….. but as soon as I try the higher streaks again I catch the dead.

This is obviously because of some sort of Killstreak Kurse that has befallen me – so beware everyone, there is bad JuJu afoot!

The Vincible Commando
shadylikeatree recently reported that the Commando invicibility has been removed and last night I discovered that he’s right. It only seems to be affecting me though – killed mid lunge as I went for a cheap kill. But I still have trouble stopping those commandoing me. I think it’s just that I’m rubbish though.

Peas and loaves.

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Is Quickscoping a Random Event?

So this post is about quick scoping and no scoping. I was inspired to write it after watching the following video and then reading/participating in the comments. The video isn’t really that interesting unless you enjoy listening to someone complain constantly about how crap MW2 is, but here it is for context:

Recently I’ve put my lack up success in Modern Warfare 2 and pretty much every other FPS down to my awful aiming. It’s as good an excuse as any and is something that only I can have an effect on. So I’ve been looking at how the more successful players aim in game and in most cases they make it so that the enemy is within the onscreen crosshairs before ADS (aiming down sight). This means that they already have a bead on the enemy and they are not chasing them across the screen with their sights. But what has that got to do with quickscoping and no scoping?

Bear with me because in order to fully explain this it may take some time. On screen (unless you’re playing hardcore) you have the cross hairs – four little white blocks towards the centre of the screen:


The Crosshairs can be seen in the centre of the screen around the number 1

When the Call of Duty series started, one thing that they did well was to increase the realism of firing your gun. So no longer did your bullets go in a straight line from the barrel of the gun to the horizon.

No more Laser Guns

No more Laser Guns

Instead, when you fire without ADS (aiming down sight) your bullet will follow a trajectory from a random point within the crosshair area to replicate muzzle sway:

The Hit Area

The Hit Area

If your taget is across the map then your chances of getting a non-ADS kill (or even a hit) are greatly reduced. But in the event that your enemy fills the “hit” area then you will hit them – not accurately, but a hit nonetheless. And as Bruce Lee said “A hit is a hit!”. If you are lucky your hip fire will strike them in a critical area scoring a multiplier before they are able to return the favour. The ONLY way to accurately hit your target is to ADS, or scope in if you are using a scoped weapon:

ADS in action

ADS - the best way to fly

The crosshair accuracy increases if you crouch or go prone – in most cases it will noticeably contract. Accuracy is reduced when you are moving which you can see on screen as the distance between the crosshair points expands.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on to no-scoping, and quick-scoping (NS and QS from here on). I don’t have a problem with people who no-scope or quick-scope, but I do think that on the whole those who say it is all about skillz and being 1337 are teeny tiny bit delusional. People who NS and QS in MW2 utilise two things in their “skill” whether they realise it or not – luck, and the helping hand of auto aim. When your crosshairs are filled by your target, or they occupy a large proportion of it then your chances of hitting that target are increased. When you scope in, the auto aim “snaps” you towards the target if one is close to the center of the crosshair. Combine with that the fact that the sniper rifles do a lot of damage and you increase your chances of getting a kill even further.

To illustrate the random spread of fire when no scoping have a look at this quick clip from Hutch:

As you can see, the guy he’s trying to shoot is in the middle of the crosshairs, but due to the random spray element the bullets are missing him….. Which neatly brings us on to the whole Sniper Rifle hitmarker complaining that people – mostly quick and no scopers – are complaining about. I’ll allow YouTube comments from the first video to explain how I feel about hitmarkers with the Sniper Rifle (I posted before about getting hitmarkers when using the silencer).

I missed off the ‘t’ in ‘event’ in the last reply…. Anyway – that’s pretty much how I feel about quickscoping. If it was total skill then the quick scoper would not get hitmarkers and their shots would be upper body/head. But that is not the case because they are effectively in between hip firing and ADS. If you watch any QS videos you’ll see that in most cases the scope doesn’t even come up far enough to see the enemy in it….is that aiming?

One thing you’ll notice is that QS and NS posters on YouTube will generally post montage clips of their 1337 skillz. Invariably they show every hit getting “One Shot Kill” or “Headshot” – but these are montage clips, meaning they are the best bits. If you watch videos from QSs who post full matches they you will see them miss, sometimes a lot.

But generally they put it down to lag, or Infinity Ward messing up – but it’s not. Try aiming, that’ll fix the problem in a heartbeat. I particularly like the commentaries that go: “So….um…..yeah. I’m sniping and….. oh my god look at this! A hitmarker?!…..and then he kills me. Infinity Ward, you need to fix this, like, immediately as this is the single thing that makes me want to quit playing this game right now, along with noobtube noobs, commando noobs, Assualt Rifle noobs, SMG noobs, pistol noobs, shotgun noobs, rocket noobs, thermal noobs, grenade noobs, semtex noobs, claymore noobs, C4 noobs, hardscope noobs, turret noobs, prone noobs, jumping noobs, camping noobs, running noobs, chopper gunner noobs, AC130 noobs, last stand noobs, martyrdom noobs and nooby noobs. So……um…..yeah”

In my opinion and experience, is Quickscoping governed by random chance? Yes, yes it is. I’m fully prepared to be proven otherwise, but so far I have not found one person who can consistently get upper body or head shots while no or quick scoping. Even so called Quick Scope tutorials are vague at best on how to do it. My own no scope and quick scope tests indicate the bullet spread remains random compared to actually aiming.

Peas and loaves.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Pet Peeves Part Deux

Okay, I’ve previously posted about Commando and Auto-aim being my main pet peeves, but I’m pretty sure I’ve also posted somewhere about this issue while playing Call of Duty 6:Modern Warfare 2…..

It’s the game joining nonsense. Not an issue with matchmaking, although I wouldn’t mind playing against people of the same level every once in a while, but the being connected to a game either when there is no possible way for you to win, or when it has literally seconds to go. Well YouTube commentator DazzyBee69 has captured a frustratingly extreme example of this issue:

So not only was he joined to the losing side, but it was the last round and didn’t even spawn him. High five! Facepalm!

Peas and loaves.

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Unlocked Tactical Knife and Game Rage Class

Forgot to mention last week that I had unlocked the tactical knife for the Magnum by using OnlyUseMeBlade’s technique of using the First Recon class. That class uses Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja which is fairly decent until you happen across the teleporting Commando users.

On maps such as Skidrow and Highrise I’ll more often than not use the First Recon class as I have more fun that way – blasting around the map on a stab-fest. Unlike OnlyUseMeBlade, I have no qualms about using grenades and the pistol though.

The extra custom class that Prestiging has given me has now become my Game Rage class.
Currently this is the load out:

Primary – MP5K with rapid fire (although that will become akimbo when I unlock it)
Secondary – Magnum with Tactical Knife

Marathon Pro
Lightweight Pro
Commando Pro

It’s the cheapest class I use at the moment but it only comes out under two circumstances:
1 – Rust. I hate that map, and if I have to play it, it’ll be as a major pain in the ass to the other team.
2 – If someone is running around with commando knifing people, and by ‘people’, I mean me.

I like getting cheap kills as the next person, but commando with tactical knife is just ridiculous. OnlyUseMeBlade talks about this in pretty much every video he puts up at the moment, and he’s right. It’s really cheap, even too cheap for me, and I am the king of cheap!

One downside of using my Game Rage class is trying to get out of the habit of rushing after using it. Rushing and stabbing is not a wise thing to do on all maps – a much better technique is the sort of strategic situational awareness that sasbenjr presents in his videos.

My Game Rage class helps to temper my desire to rage quit when the chips aren’t just down, but glued to the floor, next to a claymore on the edge of a cliff with air support above and no cold blooded perk.

Peas and loaves.

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Death By AutoAim – Infinity Ward Goes for Ultra Realism

Infinity Ward made a lot of advances in realism when they brought out Modern Warfare 2 (commando, and surviving a hit from the Barrett excepted). They’ve even included the auto aim function to replicate conditions on the battle field.

To most people, auto aim means that when they bring sights up they are aided in hitting the enemy. In real life when you bring your weapon up you’re going to be pointing it at the enemy rather that flailing wildly at the sky so the auto aim adds a touch of logic to gun control – but I have found added ultra realism that echoes studies made of battle field psychology and behaviours which I’ll need to briefly touch on.

Going back as far as the Crimean War through World War One and it’s sequel – WWII (The Reich Strikes Back) and even in Korea and Vietnam it was found that a high percentage of front line soldiers failed to fire their weapons during enemy engagements, or if they did fire, it was over the heads of the enemy. The figures show roughly up to 85% of soldiers (although there is no differentiation between volunteers, conscripts, and career soldiers in the reports) deliberately missed or did not fire on the enemy. This has been attributed to the natural aversion by most people to inflict pain and/or suffering on our fellow human beings. –this isn’t wikipedia so I’m not including any sources for the sake of brevity, but if you want sources then let me know and I’ll append them–

The studies are lauded by proponents of the theory, and condemned by its opponents. But whether you believe the studies or not, one thing is true. It’s obvious that IW has factored these studies into the programming of the auto aim. I know this for a fact (it must be true if I’ve said it, right?) because in only about 15% of my games does the auto aim actually help me. For the rest of the time it leaves me exposed by targeting to the left, or the right of the enemy and in the time spent fighting to get my aim ‘on’ I’m being shot in the face.

So well done IW for the added realism, it makes MW2 much more than just a game. Now can you make it so that I can turn the auto aim off please? (You can turn the auto aim off in Single Player – so why not Multi Player!?)

Peas and loaves.

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sasbenjr’s Tips – my experience

Sony managed to fix their fat PS3 problem, probably by sending it an update that told it that it was beautiful, and no, it’s usb does not look big in that fascia so I hopped on to Modern Warfare 2 for an hour or so.

First off – I got tricked into playing TDM on Rust TWICE! That is a map that I will avoid at all costs as it’s just a mess. But I didn’t do too bad. The first time it was a bit of a disaster as, yet again, late to the party – enemy air support already up so I spent most of the time running around with my Anti-Air class equipped which is not really suitable for CQB.

Second time round I joined just after the beginning and used my rushing/Game Rage class which consists of MP5K with rapid fire, marathon, lightweight and…….*ahem* Commando Pro (it’s only ever a problem when other people use it….honest!). 16 for 5 on that and levelled up the MP5 to boot!

So, back to sasbenjr – I used the tips in his excellent YouTube video:

I again, joined late, it was about a minute in and I equipped my FAL class as I’m trying to level that one up. It’s FAL with Red Dot, Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power and Ninja Pro with Spas-12 with grip for the secondary. Stuns and claymores.

So the situation is that both teams are on their starting sides of the map pussy footing around and no one really making a move. Using sasbenjr’s tips I made sure the threat areas were clear and then made my way to the left side (opposite to where the mini gun is) and just like Geoff in the video, there was a guy on the balcony of the building closest to the bridge looking the wrong way. After taking him out (dinner and a movie) I went across the bridge, and round into the courtyard bit with the fountain, bunged a stun through the open window and rushed up the stairs with the Spas. Cleared the balcony area out – 2 guys – and then put a claymore at the top of the stairs at other end. Another two kills and it seemed to be a signal for the rest of the team to push up and do some work. I got killed by being shot in the back (no pride or honour in some people – it’s the sort of thing I would do) but the hump work had been done and we romped home as the winners.

So thanks Geoff for your excellent videos, keep up the good work!

……now about my aiming……

Peas and loaves.

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Modern Warfare 2 Pet Peeves

I try to be as upbeat and positive as possible when playing and discussing a game (because we shouldn’t forget that Modern Warfare 2 is just a game at the end of the day) but recently I’ve been slipping into grumpy gripe mode. There’s a number of reasons for this and all of them are my fault except for two. The issues that are completely my fault and nothing to do with Infinity Ward or MW2 are:

I aim like I’ve had a thumb transplant from an alcoholic
I leave lobbies only to rejoin games that are in the their final death throws with me spawned on to the losing side

But there are two issues that frustrate me more than any other, and these are things that can be placed fairly and squarely at IW’s door:

Being invincible when you press melee with Commando equipped
Auto Aim

I’ve already posted a number of times regarding Commando – and while I don’t actually have a problem with the perk itself (and do have it equipped on my “Game Rage” class) I do have a problem with the level of invicibilty it bestows on the user. Under any other circumstances a user who is able to become impervious to bullets would be called a cheat/glitcher/hacker but not so with Commando. The perk itself sort of makes sense, but the outcome does not – knifing impossible distances, through walls, round corners, and all under a hail of bullets that would ordinarilly kill you so bad you’d have to respawn twice.

And auto aim……ugh! I came to console gaming from the PC. You didn’t have auto aim on the PC, if you did it was called and aimbot and you were a filthy cheat. I understand that console gaming is different and aiming can be harder to get right, but why don’t we have the option to turn the auto aim off!? It’s not so much of a problem with fully automatic or burst fire weapons. But when you’re reticule is dragged across the screen like you’ve got Alien Hand Syndrome becomes a real problem when you’re trying to level up the FAL or any other single fire weapon.

I think the majority of my aiming issues would be resolved if I could turn off the auto aim. That would only leave me being cock-eyed and having roving thumbs to sort out and I would be BEAST.

Peas and loaves.

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