BFBC2 Complainers Fall In! and HBS for Noobs update

So Battle Field Bad Company 2 has been out for…… 20 minutes or something like that. And the complaining has started already. Have a look at this vid – but to sum it up “boohoo hitmarkers, bullets not hitting, I get dead, Medic class needs to be removed or nerfed”:

So BFBC2 is the same shit, different title? Or is it more a case of same whingers, different title?

I have a solution however. To the many game developers out there who obviously hang off my every word – forget all this modern warfare type stuff, forget World War 2, forget weapons, perks and abilities and develop ‘Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack” it’s a Stoneage first person combat simulator where your character has the exact same abilities as everyone else i.e. none, and the only weapon is a tree branch. The goal of the game is to find your opponent, go toe to toe and bash each other over the head. There are also no campers as every time you stop, your character let’s out a primordial scream that attracts the attention of the hovering Harrier Angry Pterodactyl. Should you stay in the same area for more than five seconds a meteorite will hit you.

“Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack” should be available by this time next Tuesday. Maybe all the complainers will switch to playing that and allow those of us who enjoy diversity to continue enjoying our chosen games in peace.

And following on from my previous Heart Beat Sensor for noobs postSeaNanners has obviously been following this blog as if it was some sort of sacred text and has uploaded a HBS/throwing knife video which he dual commentates with OnlyUseMeBlade:

That is all. Carry on.

Peas and loaves.

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