Eight Thoughts Goes HD

One of my favourite YouTube commentors EightThoughts has taken the train to Technoville and got himself an Hauppauge HD PVR.

Originally his videos were standard definition recorded using a video camera, and to be honest….. I almost didn’t subscribe to him when I first came across his commentaries. But then I heard his commentary and it just cracked me up. At a time when everyone else was being a try hard his commentaries were like a breath of fresh air. Despite the pretty rubbish video quality, the commentary was just pure…..quality. So I subbed, and never regretted it – I would have stayed subbed even if he’d never gone HD as his videos are great.

I think the most appealing part of Eight’s vids are that he makes them for him rather than to be YouTube popular, or to appeal to a certain type of gamer. He just makes them, and if other people like them too then great, and if not then……. big fat hairy deal.

Keep up the good work Eight!

And here’s his first ever HD vid (not any talk on the gameplay, it’s more him discussing the recording and where he’s going from here on):

Check him out: http://www.youtube.com/user/EightThoughts

Peas and loaves.

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My First Mention in a YouTube Video

I got my first in video mention today from Eight Thoughts. Mainly because I’ve been bugging him to bring back his Chopper Gunner song but the nagging part isn’t really important…..

The video is below, but a word of warning – it’s not safe for work, or minors, or those easily offended, or if you are Tejb, or Tejb’s biggest stalker. Everyone else, have a look:

Thanks Eight. Don’t forget – Harvest Moon by Neil Young for the next vid…..

Peas and loaves.

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