I’m Sorry George…

I’m sorry George, but I mislike your breaking of fast.

Some of you are wondering what I’m on about, some of you may be wondering if my brains have finally unravelled, others will be kind of familiar with what I’ve referenced.

GAME OF THRONES…. dun dun dunnnnnnn.  Captialised for effect, and yes, I’m late to the party.

Okay, I enjoy the story even though having watched the series I’m prewarned that everybody dies.  But there are two things I don’t like, and they are minor foibles.  They’re like those things that, when you’ve known someone for a while, they do unconsciously that are, in themselves, totally innocent but fill you with ire.  You know, that friend you have that laughs after everything they say.  You wouldn’t trade them in for the world, but every time they do that little laugh you want to slap them upside the head?  Yeah, like that.

The first I thought was a typo, until it cropped up again: “mislike”.  The first instance was used in the narrative (hence me thinking it was a typo), but then it was used in dialogue as well.  Okay, so it’s a really olde worlde worde and George RR Martin has gone for the whole medieval thing (at which point ‘mislike’ had been out of common usage for three hundred years, but I digress), but it just felt wrong when I was reading it.

And then there’s the prose when people wake up and have their first meal of the day.  No, no, no, they’re not having breakfast dammit!  They break their fast with…. stuff.  This one is more technical, and you’ll have to bear with me on this one because my mind works in a peculiar factual, logical and literal way that causes me all kinds of problems.  So, the first meal of the day is called breakfast.  However, fasting is a conscious occupation; something that you choose to do.  When you sleep, you are not consciously fasting, you’re asleep.  Unless you’re one of a tiny percentage of humans who sleep eat, when you wake up and eat, you have ‘breakfast’, you don’t ‘break your fast’ (because you weren’t technically fasting).  Although the origin of the term related to the first meal eaten after a period of fasting (usually for religious reasons).

Again, it’s an etymology thing for me.  Unless everyone in… whatever the world of Game of Thrones is called (Westeros?), has been on a fast the day before they were written in (possible?) they’re just having breakfast.  No need to go all grandeloquent for the sake of it.  But that’s it.  Two minor things, and I know they’re minor, but I had to get it off my chest.

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