5000 Ratings For Geoff

*woah – quick spelling/grammar edit as it’s 3am and I posted this without reading it properly…*

Okay you lovely people. Show some love to Geoff’s shooting down helicopters montage video:

Either click the YouTube icon on the bottom right of the vid or click the direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDtX8vb9nDU And then give it the thumb up (if you like it).

Why the ratings?
1) Because my name’s on there – come on, me, in two of Geoff’s videos. That’s practically supernatural!
2) For some reason people seem to forget to rate his videos (maybe follow the pack and start saying “Don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe otherwise I’ll punch a kitten” or something like that Geoff?)
3) Ratings increase the visibility of uploaders on YouTube
4) – and this is the least important (which is why it’s last) – if he gets 5k ratings he’ll do another Hauppage giveaway thingy.

So get clicking people. Clicky clicky.

Peas and loaves.

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Made the Shortlist

I’ve not been posting about the Hauppage Fund (my PVR penny jar – for new readers – I’ve been saving for an HD PVR and was charting its progress in the update posts) recently as it’s pretty much down the toilet for the moment. I didn’t want to bore you with the ins and outs of household cashflow so just dropped it from the posts altogether. Gameplay and nonsense is what brings you back here rather than pennies in pots – I’m fairly certain of that anyway.

I’d been nudged in Geoff’s (sasbenjr) direction by WoodysGamertag and straight away I was blogging his channel. Then he started a competition called March Madness back in….March. Essentially it was about contributing to his channel and making it an informative and pleasant place to be.

Well April came and Geoff announced he was the winner, on April 1st. Even without April Fool’s Day I didn’t have a problem with that, although apparently Geoff received a number of negative messages from people who obviously thought that he owed them something…… :-\ Because of the popularity of the channel, Machinima and real life stuff I just assumed that March Madness had been sidelined.

Flash forward a week or so with no mention of March Madness and then KABLAMMO! Update video of the shortlist of those people in the running for the Hauppage. And I’m on it. Which is rocking. There’s a load of really good posters on there too who’ve added a tonne of excellent information and insights into the discussions on there. As a fairly clueless gamer it’s nice to be included along with some of the most clued up gamers out there.

But, March Madness, April Agitations, or May Marauding – it doesn’t matter. I’ve posted about, and on Geoff’s vids because his tips genuinely help me in game. I enjoy the craic with the other peeps on his channel and hope they feel the same.

In the meantime I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but being an eternal also ran I’ll wish all the other guys the best of luck, continue doing the Lottery and keep rooting around in the couch for lost change.

Big thanks to Geoff for his channel, vids and keeping it interesting.

If you haven’t checked out his channel – WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?

Peas and loaves.

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Weekly-ish Update #3

Thursday Thursday Thursday – it’s Weekly-ish Update Day! This is the Reader’s Digest version of what’s gone on in the past week. This is aimed at new visitors to the blog who may not know what’s going on and as a recap not only for you subscribers, but for me as well. It’s nice to get everything in one place and give any little updates that would be missed on the original post.

It’s been an interesting week for the subject of cheating. Premier Call of Duty site codnation.net launched it’s own Boosting/Modded Lobbies section. I initially thought that it was to flag said goings on, but alas it was actually to promote the practice. That made me decide to leave their site and the story is told in the Boosters, Boosting and general disappointment post. I haven’t viewed any of the responses to my Goodbye post on codnation.net, but when I checked the site earlier the Boosting/Modded Lobbies was no longer visible to me. The section is still accessible though so I don’t know what’s going on there.

On the same theme – Wings of Redemption has caused more controversy. This time by allegedly touting the services of a prestige hacker……for a price. The Who is Wings of Redemption post has been updated with that information and given a bit of an overhaul to make it easier to read.

Last on the cheating bus is the announcement from FourZeroTwo on Twitter that they are patching the super fast lobbies. I don’t actually know what these are as it appears they are an Xbox phenomenon, but I do know someone who finds themselves in them all the time

Links, Link Throughs and The Geoff Effect
As I’ve said before it’s a bit of a surprise to me that people not only read this blog, but come back for more. And it’s great! So thanks everyone who has subscribed and those regular visitors and posters. I would like to make special mention to Geoff (sasbenjr) who has harnessed the power of YouTube and sent an ungodly amount of people this way…..twice

Link throughs from Geoff = many peeps

I was happy getting visitor numbers that barely made double digits so seeing this many visits is mind blowing.
Thanks Geoff, and to everyone else who has linked here – the offer still stands regarding graphics for regular contributors (Geoff, Paul, Donncha etc). I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and contribute here so please don’t get offended if I haven’t mentioned you by name.

There are a couple of new blogs in the blogroll on the right (and there are also a couple more blogs that I’m subscribed to but haven’t yet added) that you might like to have a look at.

Big post, Little post?
As I have a tendency to post a load of entries within a short amount of time I was concerned that some of you might not appreciate your inbox being flooded with yet another entry from me. So I put it to the polls and so far it’s overwhelmingly (statistically speaking) in favour of the ad hoc posting as opposed to one massive post per day – and only one Spartacus…..

General Gaming
This was the week that wasn’t. I played more Mario Kart on the Wii than Modern Warfare2, plus I was a bit under the weather with the same thing that everyone else seems to have at the moment – basically a cold. Mario Kart Wii still disappoints me, but it’s not as bad as I initially felt. And now that I’ve gone back to a proper FAL loadout MW2 is no longer the mass of donkey balls it was while using the Acog Scope.

I’ve also been watching quite a few BFBC2 videos and so that may on the cards at some point…..

The Hauppage Fund

Minor set back. Normal service will resume shortly…..

SneakyMode has joined OnlyUseMeBlade and taken a leave of absence from video making. It’s a shame as he was working on a nice interface and then all of a sudden…..gone. Oh, well, good luck to him.

Meanwhile, my channel (MrCheapkills) is bumbling along as usual. Three to Watch is up to Week 5 – and continues to have a positive response. However, I think I’m going to have to diversify a bit and include at the very least BFBC2 vids.

MW2 Stimulus Pack
Xbox beta testers (hehehe)…. only five days to go! PS3 and PC – end of April apparently. I think we’ll see a resurgence of interest in MW2 from this – despite the grumblings that people have about the price. Personally, I’m looking forward to it and will be raiding the penny jar for this DLC. More info here.

Search Terms
Unfortunately I can’t better “phalanges of pterodactyl” in the search terms used to find this blog. For most of the week the search terms have been pretty constant with the top 5 being:
#5 heartbeat sensor noob
#4 modern warfare 2 vs bad company 2
#3 sasbenjr
#2 wings of redemption
#1 mw2 stimulus map pack

That is pretty much it for this week. There are a couple of other posts that have been made on various things. I hope this has found you well, and hasn’t taken up too much time to read. As ever, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and sharing your thoughts with me and the other readers.

Peas and loaves.

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Omnipotent FAL, Mario SwearKart, Ebay and Lamb-o-Rama

No ADHD OCD Magpie tonight, I actually had a couple of things all in my brain at the same time….

The Omnipotent FAL
Since Geoff’s videos on the FAL (here and here) it seems that everyone on YouTube seems to be using them in Modern Warfare 2. You’ve got Wings of Redemption (with his modded controller controversy for added zest), TheEnd004500, and there were at least two others in recent days all running around with FAL – maybe more (I really should pay attention). I don’t know if it is just coincidence or not, but it seems like the secret is out…..

And related to the FAL. Has anyone tried it with the Acog scope? I mentioned it in an earlier post, and I’ve stopped crying now. It could just be me being rubbish, but I was having real trouble getting any kills with the Acog. Either my aim was really off – which is a very real possibility – or the Acog does the opposite of the holographic sight……

Mario SwearKart Wii
Mario Kart Wii is supposed to be kids/family game. Not when I play it! Red shell, blue shell, red shell, red shell, sparkly shrinky star thing….LEAVE ME ALONE! The only thing more frustrating than leading for two and three quarter laps out of three only to get tactically nuked from orbit is Baby Mario. That little cheating git! I don’t get how when the computer runs him he’s the fastest toughest little mofo on the track, but if I run it then he’s the slowest weakest runt out there.

So far I’ve unlocked the other tracks and one extra car. I don’t know how a kid is supposed to be do it though. I’m on the brink of nervous breakdown playing it. Stupid Koopa!

So I was fifty squids away from the Hauppage target…I say was, could be still am. Bills before stuff and all that. But anyway, I put three games on Ebay to go towards the total. I’m not expecting them to sell for very much but if they do sell they should make up the better part of thirty quid. For information the titles are World at War, Race Driver Grid and Star Wars The Force Unleashed.

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing the lottery….

And when I win the lottery I’m going to open up a lamb burger joint. Yup, that’s fairly random. But I’ve been making these lamb burgers with a load of herbs and feta cheese. They’re awesome. So watch out for a Lamb-o-Rama opening near you 🙂

Peas and loaves.

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Weekly-ish Update Post

So here’s a quick update on what’s been happening in my game related existence:

I’ve now subscribed to 70 YouTubers. Some popular, some YouTube famous and a lot of overlooked and new uploaders. If you’re interested, check my subscriptions list by clicking on the YouTube icon coming up. There’s a lot really good peeps on there, so have a look and show them some love.

Three to Watch
My little montage videos of YouTubers whose videos I particularly enjoy watching has reached week 3. I’m getting positive responses from those that are featured – in most cases the first they hear from me is when I send them a message letting them know. They’re not going to get masses of traffic from my teeny tiny channel but in most cases just that little bit of recognition is a boost for morale in a place as angry and negative as YouTube.

Those featured so far:

Watch the three montages here.

Hauppage Fund
Slowly slowly catchy monkey – apparently. Except the monkey keeps getting bigger and my foot is nailed to the floor 😀 Damned monkeys!
My now ex-surfboard got to its destination so the Hauppage fund is looking a bit healthier:

The hump has been broken so it shouldn’t be long now…..

Search Terms
As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I take note of what searches bring people here and try to accomodate what they’re after as much as possible. Here’s the search terms for the past two days – the majority looking for WoR’s face!

I’ve outlined one search term in red to see if you guys have any thoughts on what it’s referring to. After a quick brain shake of the in games sounds I’m thinking that it might be referring to the Scavenger perk sound? What do you think? And how popular is WoR’s face!?

That’s it in a nutshell. I think that my resolution for the following week is play more and post less. This week I’ve been seriously side tracked by the goings on in the gaming community and its been a bit of a downer. I’ve felt as though some of my posts have been quite negative and I want to avoid that – who wants to be negative, or more importantly – who wants to read a load of negativity? It gets boring and spreads to other things so I’m chucking negativity out the window. Positivity rocks, and rolls – it should be the new rock n roll, or at least the new black.

Peas and loaves.

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Practice for Christmas, M4A1 FTW, and Den Kirson

First off, this blog (or ramble amble as it often turns out to be) has been going for pretty much three months now and although I enjoy talking to myself I’d like to thank those of you who also enjoy me talking to myself and keep coming back for more. To make this thanks more real I’d like you go to your nearest mirror and look yourself square in the eye and sincerely thank yourself for dropping by. Actions speak louder than words, so give yourself a chumly pat on the shoulder too – that’s a nice touch.

Okay, on with the ramble amble….

A Surfboard Wrapped in Bubblewrap

Santa was not a happy chappy

Merry Christmas!
<<< What the hell is that?! You're asking yourself. Is it The Mummy after being hit by a steamroller? No, it's my surfboard, packed and ready to be picked up by the courier to go to its new home on the other side of the country. Now here's my top tips if you ever feel the need to sell a surfboard:
1 – Sell it locally
2 – Make sure that your advert says 'pick up only'
3 – Put 'pick up only' in massive red letters
4 – Ensure that there are no postage options on your advert
5 – When tips 1 – 4 are ignored by your buyer purchase 25 metres of bubblewrap and some packing tape
6 – Do some warm up exercises prior to wrapping your ex-surfboard
7 – Make sure the kids are in bed so they can't hear you swearing as you attempt to wrap the surfboard

So there you have it. I suppose it's good practice for Christmas….well it would be if I decided to buy someone a 7'9" oddly shaped wierd thing. But no, I think ahead. At Christmas time, if the item you want does not come in regular box shaped packaging you either don't get it, or you can have it in the store bag it came in. Bah humbug!

But hang on? This is supposed to be a blog about gaming so what has my surfboard got to do with anything? First it was pumpkins and now Christmas? Well the surfboard was sold to part fund my Hauppage purchase. So there we have a chunk of money towards it. In case you're wondering what the Hauppage a Hauppage is you can have a look here. But in a nutshell it’ll allow me to record my gameplay in HD for your viewing horror pleasure.

M4A1 FTW (for the win)
This night was a good gaming night. The weekend is over so it was my turn to be handing out the asses. And hand them out I did. The best thing was the match making – it was fairly even and the games I played were really close, only the first game ended on maximum score, the others went to the wire.

For this evenings entertainment I’d moved away from the FAL set up and was mostly using M4A1 with Red Dot, Spas-12 with Grip, Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, and Ninja Pro. Claymore and Stuns. Death Streak…..probably Painkiller (I don’t tend to pay attention to that one). UAV, Counter UAV and Predator Missile. Anyway, last time around I hardly used the M4A1 at all as I found it to be really weak compared to every other gun that was shooting me in the face. But now that I’ve found the beauty of Stopping Power, the M4A1 becomes a beasty beauty! The only downside to Stopping Power is that it prevents me from using Cold Blooded which means I get shot while attempting to shoot down the UAV – well, if I’m going to be a big red dot on their radar I may as well be getting my money’s worth!

So here’s how it went:

Scrapyard – Win – 18-1-3
Afghan – Loss – 16-2-5
Invasion – Win – 8-1-5
Favela – Win – 14-0-6

Definitely not beast scores, but much better than how I’ve been doing recently and I had a lot of fun – especially on Favela. It was crazy, all mixed up, people everywhere, not like I normally have it.

Den Kirson

So, who is Den Kirson and why should you care? The answers, I don’t know and if you’re interested in stats. If you’re not interested in stats just skip to the bottom for a really shameless plug. Anyway I was watching a video on YouTube…..this one in fact (a seamless link, neat-o!):

And towards the end he mentions this Den Kirson guy and gives his web address which you can go to by CLICKING HERE. On that page is a really cool tool that shows you the strengths and stats of the guns in Modern Warfare 2. Well, I was impressed. But I like stuff like that. If you like it too, then you should visit his site. If not, then you should definitely visit sasbenjr‘s channel on YouTube (how’s that for a shameless plug? Pick me Geoff!). But seriously – for real effective tactics none compare to Geoff’s vids. They definitely helped me tonight.

Peas and loaves.

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YouTube CC, KEN, and Another Hauppage Update

YouTube CC

I love Google and what they do so don’t take this as Google/YouTube bashing, but their new innovation on YouTube is, as the cool kids say, FAIL. What is it if you haven’t seen it? Closed Captioning – or subtitles to us in the UK. They’re designed for people with hearing difficulties, by printing out the dialogue on screen. I use them, not because I’m hard of hearing, but when you have kids/babies in the house it’s the best way to watch the telly because the kids are asleep, or are awake and playing LET’S MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE EVERY TIME SOMEONE SPEAKS ON THE MAGIC BOX.

Anyone who regularly uses subtitles or close captioning will know a couple of things about them:
1 – On pre-recorded programmes and films they are great
2 – They’re not always word for word with what is being said
3 – They are typed by deaf illiterate chimps for live programmes like the news

So here’s the thing, YouTube/Google have implemented a beta Closed Captioning service on the videos, I tried it on mine……hilarity ensued. You’ve got to try it – choose any video at random. It’s like when the first speech recognition came out…..


In Ken Burton’s QA video he answered the question about what can actually be done about online douchery. Here is his answer:

Obviously it’s not a perfect solution, but this is not a perfect world, otherwise there wouldn’t be any douchebags to mute, thus rendering the KEN campaign moot. What the KEN tag really means is that the person wearing it is not going to indulge douchey bullshit. That’s it.

Hauppage Update

Okay, I know from experience that people who buy on ebay have a real problem with actually reading the title, description or even looking at the pictures, but there is only so much you can do to make it as clear as possible what you are selling. So when I put my surfboard on there I put in MASSIVE RED LETTERS collection only, the P&P section said collection only, so I was surprised when a guy from the other side of the country was the winning bidder and then emailed me to ask how much delivery would be…….yup.

Anyway, hopefully that’s sorted, and as long as he pays and doesn’t mess me about it means that I’m about two thirds of the way to the Hauppage which I will now be getting from Play.com. I can get it for a couple of quid (literally) cheaper from some other supplier, but I’ve never heard of this other company and I have dealt with Play before.

In other news:

Gameplay tonight – Mercenary Team Death Match. Using mainly the blinged FAL with silencer and holographic sight, Spas with grip, claymore, stun grenades, Stopping Power Pro and Ninja Pro. Although on the last game on Underpass I had to change to my Anti-Air class as my team was totally outclassed and had to shoot down the enemy air support to stop it being a complete rout. I was also using my Cheap Freaks on sensitivity 7 and was playing fairly conservatively as I need to get used to this new set up.

Maps and outcome –
Underpass – Win – 6-2
Karachi – Win – 7-2
Estate – Lose – 6-6 (stupid sniper in the garage)
Underpass (again) – Lose – 6-3

Definitely not beast scores, but apart from Estate I think I upheld my Two Commandments fairly well.

Peas and loaves.

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Hauppage, Wings v Ken and Magnum – Tactical Knife Combo

Another relative quicky. Not like a speedy aunty, or a fast and loose brother, a quick update post (although I’m pretty sure blogs are meant to be quick, but I tend to go all War and Peace with my point).


Hauppage –
I’m selling my surfboard to fund it. I’ve got some pennies squirrelled away but at this rate it’ll be 2036 by the time I can buy one. I have actually always been kind of jealous of people who record their gameplay, right from the start on the PC when people used FRAPS with varying levels of success. I never had a machine powerful enough to run a game and FRAPS so this is my chance to join the elite and share my success fails with all of you while I completely own get killed by the other team. I’ve created a little image that I’ll put at the bottom of my posts to show my saving progress. Hopefully I should get enough for the surfboard to allow me to get the Hauppage sooner rather than later. Here’s the graphic I’ll be using in case you get distracted by a funny cat video before the end of the post:

The Hauppage Fund

The Hauppage Fund

Wings v Ken –
Didn’t play any Modern Warfare 2 last night as I was making the Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton SHOWDOWN! vid. The video has had a relatively warm response, Ken Burton and Junkyard129 taking the time to positively comment on it, which was nice. Apparently Darth Douchebag sounds like Adam Sandler, and that’s because he heard about Ken’s campaign, his people got in touch with my people and he flew all the way over here on the back of a giant eagle to record the voice for me. Not really, but it makes a good story. There was one person who down rated the video, and I have a feeling I know who it was, but I’m not going to say. However, I did pop along to Wings of Redemption’s channel and there are A LOT of comments on there about him one starring Ken Burton and Junkyard videos. So I blocked him from my channel, just in case. And just checking now, I’m back up to a 5 star rating – wierd….

If you’re wondering what’s going on then the saga can be found:
Here – Wings of Redemption’s initial journey to Doucheville
Here – Clean up gaming with Ken
Here – good vs evil, will Douche Vader triumph over Obi Ken?

Magnum/Tactical Knife Combo –
Although I’ve enjoyed getting over 200 kills with the First Recon class, I’m a little disappointed that upon reaching level 26 (the level you unlock the Magnum) I found that you DON’T get the tactical knife…… in fact none of your kills with that class count. GGGRRRAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I could have levelled up some assault rifles, or even done some work with the USP pistol. So I’m not sure whether I misunderstood what OnlyUseMeBlade was talking about in his video, or whether to just take him off the Christmas card list anyway. I think it’s my fault – he was probably meaning that after you unlock the Magnum, then use the First Recon class.

So that’s it for the night. I’m off to shoot some more people in the face.

Peas and loaves.

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The Hauppage Fund