The Gamer’s Craic Episode 3 and other Fruit

Episode 3 of The Gamer’s Craic, hosted by Donncha and I is now available.

Listen via the player or right click and download here to listen later.

Our guest this time is NGT director and Hupit bod Gary, AKA Hypermole and also mole237 on YouTube.

The main topics of the podcast are the C64 PC (?!), Homefront, Vanquish and Battlefield Play 4 Free.

On Donncha’s post regarding this episode he urges listeners NOT to listen past the end jingle……

Don’t forget that Don’t Revive Me Bro also have their podcast running, with the most recent featuring Daniel ‘Zh1nt0’ Matros, the community manager for BattleField games at DICE. You can find it all here

DrunkinDunkin’s blog here


If 40 minutes of me, Donncha and Gary whittering away is enough for you then I also have a 20+ minute vid up. It’s a request effort, live commentary play by play of a game of Conquest on Panama Canal. There are some sweary bits, so NSFW.


And lastly, I recently put up a video entitled ‘Let’s Talk About: Copyright’. It’s the first time that I’ve shown my face on camera and so I’m a little talking head in the corner over some gameplay. The main theme of the video is why it’s not worth trying to get around the issue of copyright on YouTube, why it’s right for content creators to be protected by copyright and the usage of Creative Commons material as an alternative.

The next Let’s Talk will be on the subject of subscribers.

That’s all for now.

Peas and loaves.

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Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 3

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Read Part Two here.

In this part we’ll look at the in-game communication options and how to use them to best help you and your team.

Automated communication

The first thing you need to do is check the Voiceover settings. These are found in the Audio tab of the Options section:

Got Babble?

Make sure that the Voiceover Language is set to “Localized”, this means that in-game voice is in YOUR local language (in my case – English) rather than the original game locale. If you have it set to Original all team voiceovers will be in their respective language. As I don’t speak Russian it is not much help hearing my team yelling something about Rasputin Turnip Pride when what they really mean is “I say old chap, might I trouble you for some more ammo as I’ve only gone and bally-well run out again! Thanks awfully.” Unless you are multi-lingual, do yourself a favour and use ‘Localized’.

The in-game team voice over is not just random background noise – the stuff your teammates shout out are actual things that are going on – SO PAY ATTENTION.

I need ammo/healing/a repair/a lift!

You can yell down the mic (or at the screen if you don’t have a mic) until you’re blue in the face for the support you need, but your other teammates may not understand you, have you muted, or just don’t give a damn. You can make your life easier by using the in-game comms. In-game comms? What!? EA didn’t explain what this was either! For shame!

Remember in Part 2 the description of the Recon class how to use the spot function? If you don’t then you should go back and have a read…….no, it’s fine, I’ll wait.

Okay, so remember back in…yeah, okay. So the spot button – Select (PS3) Back (Xbox360), Q (PC) – has a dual use. When you look at the enemy it puts a big orange triangle over their head, but if you look at a teammate it tells them what YOU need.

If you’re low on ammo look at an assault teammate, press your comms button and they’ll get the command through – you’ll also have a big flashing ammo box over your head for your team to see.

If you’re wounded, look lovingly at Dr McDreamy, hit the comm and they get the heal command, along with the health pack icon appearing over your head.

In a vehicle you can request a repair from an engineer in the same way, and if you see your teammate jump in a vehicle hit the comms to ge a lift. As with everything else, how well your requests are fulfilled depends on a couple of things – is the relevant person suitably equipped to help you, do they understand what’s going on, and do they give a damn….

On your multimap you’ll also have visual clues as to where you are needed:
Engineer – a spanner icon shows a vehicle that needs repair
Medic – a cross means health needed, a heartbeat icon indicates a revive is required
In a vehicle – a curved arrow indicates someone who wants a lift

If you do use the comms to request something, go to the person you are requesting from – it’s fairly annoying to get killed while chasing someone who has asked for ammo!

Unfortunately there is no: “Hey buddy, I need a foot massage – stat!” command, but maybe if enough people sign a petition……

Squad Commands

When playing objective game types you can specify what you want your team to target by using the spot command on the objective. You then gain points if your squad follow the order, and for any defense/attack kills or activity on that objective. You also get points for following orders. If you’re not giving the orders, do yourself a favour and do as you’re told.

In Part Four we’ll be looking at Voice/Mic Comms. Read it here.

Have I missed, misrepresented, or got something plain wrong? Let me know – use the comments.

Special thanks to Hypermole for helping with the automated comms.

Peas and loaves.

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Teeny Tiny Blog Update #2

A couple of quick things that are important enough to be posted, but not big enough to have their own individual entries.

Games in a Nutshell
Those of you subscribed to G.I.N. will have seen recently that they were looking for people to join their writing team. For those not subscribed to them, Games In a Nutshell, a gaming blogging site recently posted that they were looking for people to join their writing team. Although it hasn’t been announced there yet there are two new staff, and one of them is me. So here’s to productive enterprise 🙂

Inside scoop on the coming week from Geoff on his sasbenjr YouTube channel. We can look forward to an attacking Tank domination video on Zone 2 of Arica Harbour (BFBC2)…. this one:

and also a squad deathmatch gameplay where Geoff and three subscribers join a game late and 17 points down. Will Geoff and the guys turn it around for the win, or will they get pipped at the post? Until the video is out vote with your fingers:

…..and here’s the video

So all you who voted (QUAAAAAAD!) have had your faith in Geoff reinforced. I abstained from the vote because I already knew the result, and I’m sure that Geoff wouldn’t vote considering that it was his video….right Geoff? Right….?

Special mention to Hypermole for his continuing help with the BFBC2 survival guide. From talking to him about the items that I’m currently covering I am astounded by how much of it is undocumented. If it is documented then it’s not very accessible. So thanks Hypermole from me, and on behalf of all the people out there who benefit from the help you’re giving the guide.

BFBC2 stats
On the subject of BFBC2 there are two stats sites that you may find useful (if you don’t already know them), the first comes via Donncha and is the Stats-o-Matic site which is fairly comprehensive but a little bit flaky. The other is BattleTracker which has pretty much the same information, but is for PC and PS3 players only at the moment. So let your inner nerd go wild with all those stats….

Peas and loaves.

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Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 2

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Read Part One here

In this part we’ll being looking at the classes available to a new player. I am only going to post the STARTING loadouts: i.e. what you get when you begin your multiplayer journey. There are a variety of weapons, gadgets, and specialisations available to each class and we’ll get to them in time…..patience, Grasshopper.

The Classes

You should be aware that the standard classes are very basic. Even though this game has not been out long (at the time of writing) there are many players of much higher levels with stronger and more effective weapons, gadgets, and specialisations. This puts the new player at a very distinct disadvantage (think ‘cannon fodder’), but it also means that those who put the time into the game get some real rewards for their effort (think ‘duck hunt’).

All classes have access to a basic fragmentation grenade and combat knife.

Fragmentation Grenade

The Knife

The standard secondary weapon is the M9 pistol:

The M9

The M9 pistol does 20.0 – 14.3 damage per bullet with a headshot multiplier of 2.1 (we’ll come back to bullet damage later). It holds a maximum of 15 rounds. The description states: “[..] lack of power.” which is not strictly correct when comparing bullet damage of this weapon to the other class primaries.

There are four classes available to each player:

Assault troops rely on their superior firepower to overwhelm the enemy – that’s the idea anyway.

What’s in the box:


AEK-971 Vintovka

The AEK-971 Vintovka Assault Rifle does 14.3 – 12.5 damage per bullet with headshot multiplier of 2.1. It holds a maximum of 30 rounds. Remember I said “rely on superior firepower….” it’s unfortunate then that you get a weak ass gun like this as your initial primary assault weapon. Thank goodness for gadgets…..


Grenade Launcher Gadget

Nothing says “I love you” more than a grenade round to the face. For those times when a bullet just won’t do – this gadget is accessed via the D-Pad. Standard load out for this gadget is two rounds. Can be used against personnel, objectives, buildings and light skinned vehicles.


The engineer class is designed for damaging and repairing vehicles. That is damaging enemy vehicles, and repairing friendlies – it’s important not to get mixed up.

What’s in the box:


9A-91 Avtomat

The 9A-91 Avtomat does 20 – 12.5 damage per bullet with headshot multiplier of 2.1. It holds a maximum of 20 rounds. As this is equipped with a silencer you can be a Sneaky Pete and scurry around the map to use the this higher damage weapon to kill with impunity. In a close up fight against most of the other initial weapons you will win hands down – as long as you are actually hitting the enemy (that’s always important in any firefight).



The ‘AT’ in RPG7-AT stands for Anti-Tank, which is handy when your job is destroying enemy vehicles. However, don’t let the name fool you. The RPG7 is just as good at taking out helicopters, other vehicles, objectives, buildings, and squishier targets such as snipers. This gadget is accessed via the D-Pad. It is also compatible with the Tracer Dart which you won’t know about because you’re new to the game and EA didn’t provide any instructions. Needless to say, we’ll get to the Tracer Dart in good time.


“Medic!” – we’ve all seen it in the films. The enemy opens fire, someone gets hit and the call goes up. The heroic medic runs through a hail of fire to scoop up their comrade’s brains, stuff them back into his skull and make it all better. Oh yes, the medic is where the action is. And they get all the women too!

What’s in the box:



PKM LMG – the crappiest light machine gun known to man. That’s the case in BFBC2 at least. In real life it’s probably a fantastic piece of equipment, but in this game it’s as dangerous as a wet towel…..and just as accurate. The idea is that as a Medic you’ll need to clear an area to get to a downed team mate to revive them. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve unlocked the Defib paddles (all in good time) you’ll also have unlocked some decent weapons to use instead of this POS. Bullet damage is 16.7 – 14.3 per bullet (yes, your M9 secondary is more powerful) with a 2.1 headshot multiplier. 100 bullets per magazine.


……..No, I didn’t forget to include a picture of the gadget you get when you start. You don’t get any gadgets at the beginning of this class. “Medic!”……”Oooh, that looks nasty. I can rub you with my LMG, but not much else…..”. In order to be of any use to your team you’ll need to unlock the Med Kit gadget first. This can be a painful experience as the PKM LMG is fairly weak and inaccurate, it may be better to switch to your M9 and go for some close up kills.


Look like a Yeti? Like hiding in bushes? Filthy beast? Then the Recon class is for you. In every other game it’s called sniper, but BFBC2 obviously wants to give you the hint that your role is actually more than kill whoring on a hill – not that the average player pays any attention to that point…..

What’s in the box:


M24 Sniper Rifle....not Recon Rifle?

The M24 – potentially a one hit killer in the right hands, and due to the long reload time you want to make sure that you’re on target. But you are the Recon class – so try doing your recon job by spotting enemies and help out your team. When you sight an enemy press Select (PS3), Back (Xbox360), Q (PC) to put an orange triangle over them. This notifies your team as to the enemy positions (the role of Recon) and also allows you to reacquire your target when you miss with the first shot. The M24 does 100 – 75 damage per bullet with a 3.25 headshot multiplier. You have 5 bullets per magazine.


C4 - not be confused with the Sinclair C5

C4, the non-sticky sticky stuff……or was that something else? Anyway, use C4 to take out enemy vehicles, set traps on friendly vehicles, destroy objectives or just blow stuff up. Just make sure you’re clear of the area when you hit the trigger.

Bullet Damage

For each of the primary weapon I’ve reported bullet damage stats. These are correct at the time of writing, but are subject to change depending on the amount of people complaining about weapon X being “overpowered”. The stats that I have used are from Den Kirson’s site. You can find the stats for pretty much everything that has an in game stat there. The address is:

An example of the way I have related bullet damage is this:

16.7 – 14.3 per bullet

The higher number is the maximum damage before any multipliers the bullet will do. This would normally be at close range. As distance to target increases the damage level per bullet is reduced until the lower figure is reached omitting the effect of any damage multipliers or reducers in use.

That’s Part Two wrapped up. In Part Three we’ll be looking at in game communication.

Read Part 3 here

Have I missed, misrepresented, or got something plain wrong? Let me know – use the comments.

Special thanks to sasbenjr for the images, and Hypermole for helping with the gadgets.

Peas and loaves.

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