Three to Watch Week 6 (MW2 and BFBC2)

Three to Watch Week 6 is finally up, and has a slight change of format this week as it contains two Battlefield Bad Company 2 clips and only one Modern Warfare 2. The main reason for this is that a lot of commentators are switching to BFBC2, and those sticking with MW2 seem to have been injected with complain-o-matic.

This week we have StoneFaceLock who is producing some excellent guides to BFBC2. Erik52193 a newish Modern Warfare 2 commentator, and blackjester40 who produces a little bit of everything in his videos.

As usual, check them out – rate (or thumb up if you’re on the new layout), comment and subscribe and all that as the amount of activity on a person’s channel really does help.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Three to Watch Week 4 (MW2)

It’s Wednesday, or Three To Watch Day as I prefer to call it. On my YouTube channel you’ll find this weeks Three To Watch clip video where three commentators from my subscription list are featured. This week is different to the first three episodes as I’ve included someone who is on Machinima – but I really enjoyed his commentary.

This week we have:

As usual, visit their channels, and show them some love.

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