Slice the Terminal Pie with sasbenjr

Geoff (sasbenjr – more click throughs than Wings of Redemption or Hutch yesterday!) has two videos up about tactics in Terminal. Specifically staying inside around the metal detector and shop side. It’s not actually two different videos, it’s the same video, but one is a dual commentary with WoodysGamertag

In Modern Warfare 2 there are a couple of maps that I seem to have particular difficulty with: Favela, Skidrow, Wasteland and…Terminal. I don’t know if it’s because I avoid my team mates most of the time, but where ever I go someone has me in their sights or they magically appear behind me. And frustratingly, if I decide I’m going to hold down an area, the other team decide they are going to stay at the other side of the map! So it was nice to see Geoff’s new video and get three commentaries for the price of one.

It was also nice to see inside ‘Burger Town’ or whatever it’s called as I have never actually been in there – that section of the map is like a massive bullet magnet as it’s at the end of not one, but two major corridors. Which is why I tend to avoid it. Maybe I’ll be a bit more adventurous on there now – but it is officially the weekend which means that my K/D is about to go through the floor…..

In the meantime, if you don’t know who sasbenjr or WoodysGamertag are, click on their links and check out their channels – show them some love. For those who don’t like to click on links “I ain’t clicking on no steenking link amigo!” here are the two Terminal videos. If you like them, be sure to rate them if you have a YouTube account.

Geoff’s vid:

And Woody with Geoff:

Peas and loaves.

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Improving Your Aim

Let’s get some caveats out of the way before we get to the main feature. These tips are what work for me. I’ve been playing FPS games for almost a decade on and off and have been rubbish at them. But thanks to the wonder of YouTube and the YouTubers who take the time to upload videos and share their tips I’ve been able to improve by analysing what I’m doing compared to what they’re doing. There are two users whose videos I’ve found to be most useful – SeaNanners and Sasbenjr. The reason why I use them as examples out of the 60-odd other people I’m subscribed to on YouTube is that in their videos they explain what they are doing (sasbenjr to a much higher degree than SeaNanners) and because they also use a tactical play style that is more suited to us older (I never thought I’d be calling myself old at 34…..) and slower gamers.

So on with the tips.

#1 – Handicap yourself
This tip is not for everyone. It can cause you to fall out of love with the game, reconsider your life choices and generally cause a complete crisis of confidence – so if you are of sensitive disposition move on to tip #2. In order to improve your aim you need to be able to aim to begin with. Any nugget can pick up a Scar-H or an ACR and be a demon in game. It’s easy when you use a strong recoil-less gun. But that’s a crutch, doesn’t help you improve, and it soon becomes boring using the same thing all the time. What should you do? Use this loadout:
Sleight of Hand
Whatever second perk you like
Steady Aim or Ninja


What?! The FAL!? Yes the FAL. It’s single fire which means that YOU will have to stop relying on spray and pray kills and actually learn how to aim properly. Think the FAL is too easy? Then use a pistol. Think the pistol is too easy? Then you don’t need to be reading a post about improving your aim. Using the FAL helps you get into the habit of #2…..

#2 – Make your targets come to you
Okay, there’s nothing you can do about someone zooming around the map using Marathon, Lightweight and Commando getting you in the back, but for everyone else you can pretty much control what happens if you are in the right position. In Modern Warfare 2 it can be difficult to hang back when everyone is running around like the sky is falling. But that’s what you’ve got to do – you already know the high traffic areas of the map (it’s where you die a lot) so your mission is to get a vantage point of that area that gives you a low profile to the enemy while allowing you to easily see them. You need to keep your crosshairs on the traffic area ready to get your victim. Always be looking straight down that corridor so that enemies are running towards or away from you – not across your field of view. It’s much easier to shoot a target when it is stuck in your line of sight rather than moving across it. I wouldn’t stay in the same spot for more than two kills (or a couple of minutes) – best move to another location that also gives you a view of your previous perch in order to ping the guy going for the revenge kill. Moving also prevents you from getting tunnel vision or ‘zoning out’ due to inactivity.

#3 Practice shooting stuff
Set up a Lan game and join it. It’ll be lonely as you’ll be the only one there, but it also means that you won’t spend your time being shot in the face while you attempt to improve your aim. Choose a target, or targets and practice shooting from one to the other. I like HighRise for this as one of the buildings has a clock above a doorway – I run around the corner and bring the aim up to that. If you do this for a couple of minutes before going online proper you should be a bit more prepared.

Target Practice

What you’re trying to achieve is the ability to bring up your sights and hit the target as soon as it comes into view. This skill will aid you when you spot someone while moving around the map. Also try shooting targets at varying distances – the exploding barrels are particularly satisfying targets.

#4 Make your aim true
Your crosshairs should always be where the threat is most likely. In buildings your sights should sweep the corners and then stay on the doorway as you move towards it ready for anyone coming through – apply this to moving through maps like Favela, Karachi and Invasion where there are many streets as well as buildings. When you’re maintaining a strategic presence (or camping) you should be sweeping the areas that the enemy are most likely to be coming from. Keep an eye on your mini map – unless your green triangle buddies start disappearing you should be looking in the opposite direction ready to get anyone who is attempting to flank. When you’re moving keep your sights up – if you find that you’re all over the place, move on to #5.

#5 Choose a sensitivity that suits you
Some people play on sensitivity 10 and treat it as some sort of mark of 1337ness. And good for them. Personally, I’m currently on sensitivity 3 on the PS3. When I had my Cheap Freaks on it was 7. Your level of sensitivity should compliment your playstyle and controller control. If you spend 12 hours a day playing and have the reactions of a rattle snake on speed then chances are that a higher sensitivity would suit you. Conversely, if you play a couple of games a day and are generally ham handed then lower sensitivity will be your thing. In either case you need to find what works for you. The only way to do that is to play – try the exercise in #4 – if you can’t hit the clock on your current sensitivity then try lowering or increasing it depending on your results.

#6 Choose your shots
I think it was Hutch that said “You’ll miss every shot you don’t take” which is true and is especially correct when sniping. But “Nothing gets you killed quicker than giving your position away” – that’s mine. If you are using an unsilenced weapon don’t blast wildly at anything that moves. If you miss, you panic and your aim gets worse, in the meantime the enemy knows where you are and is going to shoot you in the face. Load up a silenced weapon and add Stopping Power – then try it again. The silencer prevents you from showing up on the radar, and in my experience unless you’re standing right in front of the enemy they tend to get all jack rabbitty and hop for cover as they don’t know where they are being hit from instead of returning fire.

#7 Take a breath – relax
This is probably the most important one, at least it is for me. I noticed that when I saw an enemy I would get a bit tense and my aim would be all over the place. This is because that tension made my movements stiff and jerky. By relaxing, my aiming movements were smoother and more controlled. It made sighting running enemy a lot easier. Get into the mindset of “I’m gonna shoot you sucka!” rather than “There’s a guy, has he seen me, can I get him…?”. Make it so that as far as you’re concerned you’ve already won the firefight, the only thing left to do is pull the trigger.

#8 Prefire and burst fire
When just using the crosshairs you can swing around quick and easy, but as soon as you ADS this movement is slowed significantly – even on higher sensitivities (although it is also dependent on the weapon you are using). When you encounter an enemy at closer range who is an active threat (an “Oh shit!” moment where you’ve seen them and they’ve seen you) get your crosshairs over them and fire before bringing up your sights – that initial prefire can be the difference between your killstreak, or just plain being killed. When you are firing a fully automatic weapon ensure that you burst fire by tapping the trigger. This will create a narrower grouping of your rounds. This is especially important when using LMGs, the MP5K, Tar-21 and the F2000 (not that anyone uses that one anyway). Although the recoil can be useful for getting headshots, after the initial kick you’ll be shooting at the sky – and unfortunately you don’t get kills by doing that.

#9 The Strafe Fire
When I first started playing FPS I was given this tip by a guy who played Quake (never my thing). It’s what they would do, back in the day, during the ‘dance of death’. The what? I know, you don’t see it so much anymore due to the lower health and stronger weapons in most games. The Dance of Death was what would happen when two players find themselves toe toe with no melee ability. They would basically circle each other until one had managed to shoot the other to death. Although the Dance of Death is pretty redundant nowadays, the circle strafe technique is not. It’s useful for getting around corners where you suspect there is someone maintaining a stategic presence (yes, camping). So here is how you do it. Find an object like a barrel that you can move freely around. Now put your crosshairs on it, or ADS if you like. Once you’ve done that your task is to move around it in an arc keeping your crosshairs or sight on the target object while maintaining a set distance from it. In order to do this you need to push the movement stick in one direction and the look stick in the opposite direction. Start off slowly with small movements and then build up the pace. You should practice doing this clockwise and anti-clockwise. This is actually easier to show rather than describe…

When I get the capability to record I’ll make a video illustrating these tips.

And so, example videos. First, SeaNanners. There’s not too much commentary regarding what he is actually doing at the time, but he give some good advice on playing the game. Main thing to watch for is where he positions himself, how he moves around the terrain the way he moves from position to position.

SeaNanners in action

Narrowing your profile to the enemy by using cover

Although he’s mobile he is not blindly running and gunning (ignore the Heart Beat Sensor). Watch how his crosshairs are always pointed at his direction of travel and where the enemy will be coming from – the pauses at junctions and minimising his profile to the enemy.

And now sasbenjr. This is the Rundown with M16 video. In contrast to SeaNanner’s video Geoff talks us through what he is doing and why, including cool little graphics to illustrate threat areas.


Graphics showing threat areas from sasbenjr

Check out the part where he is on the balcony facing the bridges which allows him to control the engagements while maintaining a lower profile with height advantage.

Also check out his FAL videos.

I’d appreciate any feedback on this. If it’s been helpful to you, not helpful, or even if you have some tips of your own. Like I said, these work for me, but I’m always looking for ways to improve.

Peas and loaves.

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Practice for Christmas, M4A1 FTW, and Den Kirson

First off, this blog (or ramble amble as it often turns out to be) has been going for pretty much three months now and although I enjoy talking to myself I’d like to thank those of you who also enjoy me talking to myself and keep coming back for more. To make this thanks more real I’d like you go to your nearest mirror and look yourself square in the eye and sincerely thank yourself for dropping by. Actions speak louder than words, so give yourself a chumly pat on the shoulder too – that’s a nice touch.

Okay, on with the ramble amble….

A Surfboard Wrapped in Bubblewrap

Santa was not a happy chappy

Merry Christmas!
<<< What the hell is that?! You're asking yourself. Is it The Mummy after being hit by a steamroller? No, it's my surfboard, packed and ready to be picked up by the courier to go to its new home on the other side of the country. Now here's my top tips if you ever feel the need to sell a surfboard:
1 – Sell it locally
2 – Make sure that your advert says 'pick up only'
3 – Put 'pick up only' in massive red letters
4 – Ensure that there are no postage options on your advert
5 – When tips 1 – 4 are ignored by your buyer purchase 25 metres of bubblewrap and some packing tape
6 – Do some warm up exercises prior to wrapping your ex-surfboard
7 – Make sure the kids are in bed so they can't hear you swearing as you attempt to wrap the surfboard

So there you have it. I suppose it's good practice for Christmas….well it would be if I decided to buy someone a 7'9" oddly shaped wierd thing. But no, I think ahead. At Christmas time, if the item you want does not come in regular box shaped packaging you either don't get it, or you can have it in the store bag it came in. Bah humbug!

But hang on? This is supposed to be a blog about gaming so what has my surfboard got to do with anything? First it was pumpkins and now Christmas? Well the surfboard was sold to part fund my Hauppage purchase. So there we have a chunk of money towards it. In case you're wondering what the Hauppage a Hauppage is you can have a look here. But in a nutshell it’ll allow me to record my gameplay in HD for your viewing horror pleasure.

M4A1 FTW (for the win)
This night was a good gaming night. The weekend is over so it was my turn to be handing out the asses. And hand them out I did. The best thing was the match making – it was fairly even and the games I played were really close, only the first game ended on maximum score, the others went to the wire.

For this evenings entertainment I’d moved away from the FAL set up and was mostly using M4A1 with Red Dot, Spas-12 with Grip, Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, and Ninja Pro. Claymore and Stuns. Death Streak…..probably Painkiller (I don’t tend to pay attention to that one). UAV, Counter UAV and Predator Missile. Anyway, last time around I hardly used the M4A1 at all as I found it to be really weak compared to every other gun that was shooting me in the face. But now that I’ve found the beauty of Stopping Power, the M4A1 becomes a beasty beauty! The only downside to Stopping Power is that it prevents me from using Cold Blooded which means I get shot while attempting to shoot down the UAV – well, if I’m going to be a big red dot on their radar I may as well be getting my money’s worth!

So here’s how it went:

Scrapyard – Win – 18-1-3
Afghan – Loss – 16-2-5
Invasion – Win – 8-1-5
Favela – Win – 14-0-6

Definitely not beast scores, but much better than how I’ve been doing recently and I had a lot of fun – especially on Favela. It was crazy, all mixed up, people everywhere, not like I normally have it.

Den Kirson

So, who is Den Kirson and why should you care? The answers, I don’t know and if you’re interested in stats. If you’re not interested in stats just skip to the bottom for a really shameless plug. Anyway I was watching a video on YouTube…..this one in fact (a seamless link, neat-o!):

And towards the end he mentions this Den Kirson guy and gives his web address which you can go to by CLICKING HERE. On that page is a really cool tool that shows you the strengths and stats of the guns in Modern Warfare 2. Well, I was impressed. But I like stuff like that. If you like it too, then you should visit his site. If not, then you should definitely visit sasbenjr‘s channel on YouTube (how’s that for a shameless plug? Pick me Geoff!). But seriously – for real effective tactics none compare to Geoff’s vids. They definitely helped me tonight.

Peas and loaves.

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The War is Over….I think

You know those two guys I’ve mentioned before – Ben Kurton and Rings of Wedemption? Well, looking at the stats for here and on YouTube for my stuff it seems that interest in their “spat” is finally waning. I say “spat”, but there really wasn’t anything to it and in reality the whole issue was overblown and perpetuated by the community (myself included) rather than the protagonists.

Obviously any traffic I get is appreciated, but it was a bit disheartening that the majority of visitors here and to my YouTube channel were looking for the latest drag on that spat rather than to read my witty and informative badly written blog.

So the good news is that traffic to ‘the spat’ is down and pro-community traffic is up:

And in other news:

Geoff – sasbenjr, who has a YouTube channel of immensely helpful gaming tips and tactics is in the middle of a give away competition. He’s looking to give away a Hauppage HD PVR which I posted about it when it was announced. Although I do plug Geoff’s sasbenjr channel fairly frequently I’d like to point out that it because I value the information in the videos rather than as some sort of major sucking up “give me the HD PVR Geoff!” strategy. Although if it will actually make a difference – “pick me for the HD PVR Geoff!”…..

But here’s the thing – this blog doesn’t get a great deal of traffic. So plugging Geoff’s sasbenjr’s excellent YouTube video tips and tactics channel probably won’t get him that many visitors in real terms. Not from here anyway. Which is why I think we needed to reach a wider audience, so I took matters into my own hands:

So I’d just like to make it clear that I wouldn’t plug Geoff’s channel nor spam a post with links to Geoff’s sasbenjr YouTube channel if I didn’t think his stuff was any good, HD PVR or not.

Peas and loaves.

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Cheap Freaks FPS – Review

So that there’s no confusion, this is not really a review. Now that’s out of the way…

You may have seen the KontrolFreek FPS doo-dahs being pushed by everyone and their dog lately. This sudden ramping up of viral marketing can be put down to one of two things – they’re either the best thing since thumbs, or there’s commission to be made. Or maybe both. – Yes, I’ve linked to them, but it’s a direct link, no referal codes, if you go there I get nothing, if you don’t go there I still get nothing.

But on with the “review”. It’s only fair to point out that I do not have, nor have used the KontrolFreek FPS thumb dingles. I have read what other people including Donncha, SeaNanners, PyroPuncher and others have said about them. What interested me more is not whether or not they turn you into an MLG Pro player overnight, or turn your 26-3 stats into 75-1, I was into the physics of it. If it worked, how does it work.

But before we get into that, allow me to introduce to you the Cheap Freaks FPS*. It retails for no pennies and is available free in most homes.
*Some assembly required.

What’s in the box?
Well…nothing, but here’s what you’ll need:
KontrolFreeks FPS alternative
A child’s drink bottle (or any that has those little plastic caps on top), your console controller, and some blu, or white tack – white is the choice of Pro’s.

KontrolFreeks FPS alternative - assembly
First, take the clear plastic sealer cap from the top of the bottle. Place it to one side and then drink the contents of the bottle – glug, glug, glug. You can use the bottle for other projects as “Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Beginners” or “Fun With Hydro Rockets”, otherwise recycle it.

Now get your blu-tac, or Pro white-tac and roll out a small sticky sausage to fit the circumference of your analogue stick. If you want to be super precise you can use the following formula to work out how long that is: 2 π r

Once you have your sticky sausage, place it toward the outer edge of the analogue stick. You can now get the plactic cap and place it on top. You may need to adjust the placement, but the good thing about this is that you can place the cap to whatever is comfortable for you. And it will look something like this:
KontrolFreeks FPS alternative
KontrolFreeks FPS alternative

It’s ugly.

Ugly is not the same as useless. As long as something does what I want it to I’m not particularly bothered what it looks like. So does it work?

That really is the big question…..

Well here’s my experience. It didn’t help my k/d. In fact, it was worse during my testing phase of three games. So obviously that makes it useless right? Wrong! My k/d is bad because I’m a bad player, my k/d was worse because I was looking for engagements. To explain a bit more, here’s my conclusion:

My Conclusion
The Cheap Freaks FPS does what it says on the tin in my experience. And if my crappy no-monies version works then the proper KontrolFreeks FPS must also work (but look better). I normally play on a Sensitivity setting of 2 or 3 when playing Call of Duty 6 – Modern Warfare 2. With my Cheap Freak attached I was playing on 7 (I incremented up to that). I could probably have gone higher, but didn’t feel the need as the concept had been proven to me.

They don’t make your game better though. No add-on will ever make you a better player – that is completely down to the individual. What it does is give you more control – especially fine control for tricky aiming. Having come from PC gaming this level of control is something that I have sorely missed. If you’re fine with your controller as it is, then these products will not be of benefit but if, like me, you find your aim is erratic then give it a go – either the Cheap Freaks if you don’t mind looking like a street crazy, or the KontrolFreeks if you like to video yourself playing.

Would I buy the proper version? For $10 yes I probably would because I noticed a significant difference when using my Blue Peter version. But since I live in the UK I’m not likely to buy them as I abhor postage charges, nor the $ to £ conversion that suppliers use (“$10….well, we’ll sell it for £10. No one will ever know…..”)

Hey! What about the Science bit?
M = Fd
Okay. How they work…’s all about leverage. The nubbins on the controllers are quite small so the shaft (lever) is short. This means that small movements of the nubbin/lever translate into large inputs. So when you extend the length of the lever the fulcrum/pivot relationship is altered in such a way that you have to move the nubbin more to gain the same amount of relative movement as before.

So when you run around the corner and get surprised, instead of wildly flailing and firing at the sky, your knee jerk reaction becomes a smooth arcing headshot. BOOYAAAH! as JunkYard would say.

Found this helpful? Good. Found it really rubbish? Well, you read this far so it can’t be that bad ;-p

After playing last night (Friday 5th March 2010) for over an hour the Cheap Freak went out of position due to the white-tac getting warm and through the pressure of use. White-tac or blu-tac is not designed for this purpose so the flaw is not in the material, but in my choice of material. The issue was a lateral shift which hindered my movement control. So I’ve removed the Cheap Freak and reverted to my old sensitivity setting of 3. In this test, for me, the concept of the KontrolFreek FPS has been proven and if I come across some of these for the equivalent of $10 then I’ll be investing in them.

Peas and loaves.

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YouTube Three to Watch Week 2 – and Hauppage update

Here’s week two of the Three to Watch series – not really sure how long this will run for as I’m trying to show YouTube uploaders who don’t have that many subscribers, or who aren’t really well known yet.

This week we’ve got:

xBrZz who I saw in a dual commentary with……..someone else I’m subscribed to who I can’t find now.

KCsCloud/xJollyLlama who I found via his posts on which in turn I found via sasbenjr who has influenced KCsCloud’s gameplay (and mine).

DerekDandy who was another referall from another subscription.

–Hauppage Update

I was checking out the Hauppage site earlier to double check how many pennies I have to find down the back of the sofa when I saw something that I didn’t notice before. Previously I had the price worked out at $220 (roughly £140), but I failed to notice the bit that said

Note: Shipments to Ireland, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands will be shipped from our Ireland warehouse, and will be charged shipping costs plus 21% Irish VAT on goods and shipping.

Which then works out at £176… I take back everything I said in this post. I’m taking back the high five I was giving to Hauppage and replace it with a heartfelt BOOOO! Looks like it will be 2036 before I squirrel enough pennies.

Ho-hum. Looks like is doing it cheapest after all.

Peas and loaves.

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sasbenjr’s Tips – my experience

Sony managed to fix their fat PS3 problem, probably by sending it an update that told it that it was beautiful, and no, it’s usb does not look big in that fascia so I hopped on to Modern Warfare 2 for an hour or so.

First off – I got tricked into playing TDM on Rust TWICE! That is a map that I will avoid at all costs as it’s just a mess. But I didn’t do too bad. The first time it was a bit of a disaster as, yet again, late to the party – enemy air support already up so I spent most of the time running around with my Anti-Air class equipped which is not really suitable for CQB.

Second time round I joined just after the beginning and used my rushing/Game Rage class which consists of MP5K with rapid fire, marathon, lightweight and…….*ahem* Commando Pro (it’s only ever a problem when other people use it….honest!). 16 for 5 on that and levelled up the MP5 to boot!

So, back to sasbenjr – I used the tips in his excellent YouTube video:

I again, joined late, it was about a minute in and I equipped my FAL class as I’m trying to level that one up. It’s FAL with Red Dot, Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power and Ninja Pro with Spas-12 with grip for the secondary. Stuns and claymores.

So the situation is that both teams are on their starting sides of the map pussy footing around and no one really making a move. Using sasbenjr’s tips I made sure the threat areas were clear and then made my way to the left side (opposite to where the mini gun is) and just like Geoff in the video, there was a guy on the balcony of the building closest to the bridge looking the wrong way. After taking him out (dinner and a movie) I went across the bridge, and round into the courtyard bit with the fountain, bunged a stun through the open window and rushed up the stairs with the Spas. Cleared the balcony area out – 2 guys – and then put a claymore at the top of the stairs at other end. Another two kills and it seemed to be a signal for the rest of the team to push up and do some work. I got killed by being shot in the back (no pride or honour in some people – it’s the sort of thing I would do) but the hump work had been done and we romped home as the winners.

So thanks Geoff for your excellent videos, keep up the good work!

……now about my aiming……

Peas and loaves.

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Three to Watch on YouTube – MW2

I’ve put together a quicky vid to pimp out three YouTube peeps that I’ve recently come across.

DuelistMaster9 – he’s only got three videos up, but I’m sure that if some of you go over there and show him some love he’ll put more up. There’s no commentary, however if you like to see other people’s playstyle then go have a look.

MisterFantasmo – a free for all beast who has some of the driest funny commentaries I’ve seen so far. And if you thought the riot shield was a useless hunk of junk used by noobs then maybe his vids will make you change your mind.

sasbenjr – he shouldn’t really need any introduction if you’ve been following this blog. For those of you who are late to the party he’s producing the most informative videos about MW2 on YouTube that I’ve seen so far. He picks up where every other tactic commentary left off and gives you insights that most people don’t even think about.

Here’s the vid:

If it’s popular enough and I can find more uploaders who I haven’t already mentioned somewhere then I may make this into a regular feature. Let me know if you know someone who is creating good work, but isn’t getting the views and we’ll see if we can pimp them out a bit.

In the meantime, to see all my current YouTube subscriptions simply click on the YouTube link at the bottom.

Peas and loaves.

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Hauppage update and sasbenjr giveaway

Well, I put my surfboard on eBay today to fund my goal of getting the Hauppage HD PVR that I’ve previously posted about. I’ve got the starting price at £80 which should be reasonable for it, although I don’t think that it will go for much more than that. I’ve got 3 watchers which is encouraging as it’s still got pretty much seven days to go. So here’s where the fund stands now, the red being money in the bank (pennies in the jar) and the green is the minimum potential from the eBay sale:

The Hauppage Fund

The Hauppage Fund

However, when I popped on to YouTube earlier it turns out sasbenjr is giving away an Hauppage HD PVR – woohoo! But only to North American subscribers…..boooo! Nevermind, and the best of luck to Geoff and his channel.
****EDIT/UPDATE: Geoff has let me know that he’s now changed the criteria, so if you are not in the US and are happy to pay shipping and taxes then you can participate. So go along, subscribe, and the best of luck****

Here’s his link and the giveaway video:

And in other news, Donncha’s new surround sound headset is somewhere in transit. I recommend NORAD for tracking – if they can track Santa they can find where your Sharkoons are (hope they arrive for you tomorrow, in time for the weekend!).

Peas and loaves.

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Wow, and double wow

It’s been an eventful day for this blog and me. It’s had the highest ratings since it was created, but I’ll come back to that in a moment. My first moment was when I got a notification that Muzzafuzza had sent me a YouTube friend invite. The thing is, I’d heard of him but hadn’t really seen any of his videos. Ironically I’d watched this video last night and thought “Who’s this MuzzaFuzza guy?”

And then I get a friend invite from the real MuzzaFuzza…..well CodVenture guys you can stop looking – I found him, or he found me. Either way, we’re tight – BFF and all that, it’s how we roll! Well, not really, his friends list is over 6k strong, but it’s quite an honour for me to be friended by a successful YouTuber like this – especially when I’ve not really crossed paths with him before. Maybe he thought he was friending someone else, but its too late now – BFF MuzzFuzza, y’hear me!

And then we have a fantastic shout from sasbenjr on his channel. I posted last night about his amazing indepth MW2 videos so if you haven’t already checked him out…..check him out!

So wow! All this may not seem like a big deal to some of you out there, but things like this are a big deal to me. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this blog.

Peas and loaves.

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