The Skinny on Overgrown – FPS Kyle (MW2 Stimulus Pack)

I know that some of you didn’t play Call of Duty 4 which means that you’ll be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to Crash and Overgrown in the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack. Thankfully FPS Kyle has made a video detailing Overgrown – where to go, where not to go, good spots, bad spots, ugly spots.

It’s a very detailed video, if you haven’t seen the map properly before then you should definitely check the video out, and his channel. Here’s the vid (which is Call of Duty 4 footage NOT the Stimulus Pack Release):

In my experience of Overgrown, when you first play it you are going to get dead from pretty much everywhere until you get your bearings. Once I got a bit more experience on the map I used to enjoy clearing out the attic of Grandma’s house, stabbing the snipers in the Bad Sniper Corner, and hanging out in the library because I like to read.

Actually, the Library for me was a really good place to pick up the kills, not through camping but by being a sneaky fox. In CoD4 you got two claymores as compared to MW2’s one. This meant that you could claymore both sets of stairs straight off the bat. I’d then take up position in the windows to pick people off and keep a lookout. If a claymore went off I’d jump out the window and sprint around and up the stairs to get the unwanted visitor in the back – classy!

FPS Kyle mentions that he’s going to make a similar video for Crash, so looking forward to that. If you’re reading this – Thanks Kyle, your vid is appreciated 🙂

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