Proof Copy Received – Lament for the Living

I received the physical proof copy of ‘Lament for the Living’ today.  And here it is:


I am very pleased with how it has turned out.

If you’d like to get your very own paperback copy then you can get it from here:

For all other ebook formats then check out the official publisher’s page:

For those new to the party:  Lament for the Living is a post-zombie-apocalypse story of the survivors.  If you’ve had enough of special forces bad asses using their massive arsenal of weapons to battle their way through hordes of undead, then this is the book for you.  It’s all about the normal people and their struggles with survival in this new dystopian world.

Paperback is out, and Word of Mouth

lftlthumbIt’s finally here!  ‘Lament for the Living’ is now available in paperback:

Lament for the Living in paperback

There are a couple of differences between the ebook copy and the print version.  No changes in the story, but some formatting details had to be omitted from the digital version.  As minor as they are, the print version is the actual vision I had for the book.

The changes are:

  • The ‘proper’ verso pages
  • Names with special characters are correctly included
  • The diary entry is handwritten

For those who like a nice physical book, then this is for you.  Ebooks are convenient, but I still like being able to flick pages (and be able to drop the book while reading in the bath…).

Also, word of mouth.  I’m sure that there are other people out there who have read my works via word of mouth, but yesterday I contacted a reader who had left some nice reviews of both ‘Lament for the Living’ and ‘The Deluge of Elias’.  I thanked him for taking the time to review my books, and asked him if one had lead to the other.

He replied that ‘The Deluge of Elias’ had been recommended to him via an online group, and that as it had been free that weekend, he downloaded it.  From there he read the included chapters of ‘Lament for the Living’ and proceeded to buy a copy.

How cool is that?

The Proof is in the Pudding

And by pudding I mean post, and by post I mean mail.

Yes, the physical proof of ‘Lament for the Living‘ has been despatched and is winging its way to me. It should arrive by the 13th of June.

When I submitted the files the ‘experts’ tweaked the cover art because there were “live elements” that were outside of the trim zone, and the spine was too wide. Which was odd, because in a previous career life I was a printer. That means that I know how to set up artwork, and definitely know how to set up bleed.


The above is the digital proof and on closer inspection I can see that the eye no longer runs off the side of the cover, there’s a bout 2mm of white space so I’ll have to check what the physical proof looks like (it was fine when the bleed was there….). One thing that I will need to adjust though is that the main title is not centred correctly. That will be corrected prior to publication.

In the meantime, Lament for the Living, Hannibal House, and The Deluge of Elias are all available in ebook formats. For more information go here:

Don’t Undervalue Your Work!

Don’t undervalue your work!  That’s right, there’s even an exclamation mark to show that I’m serious, and maybe on the verge of shouting.  Where has this come from?

A group that I’m a member of on LinkedIn had a post from someone saying that they’ve “caved in” and are putting their books on for $0.99.  I won’t be following suit.  My short stories are currently $1.25 and (sorry to mix currencies here) but ‘Lament for the Living‘ is going to be £2.99 (about $4.50).

Why?  Why price my work so high?  I hear you cry.  I’m not.

You may even have spluttered some of your coffee over your laptop or iPad.  How much was that coffee?  If you’re reading this while sitting in a coffee shop then I’d imagine that it was at least a couple of bucks, what about that muffin (yeah, I can see you, Jellybelly)?

Let’s say you paid $5 for your coffee and muffin (maybe more, I don’t know, I don’t go to coffee shops).  Why did you pay that?  Probably because you like it, and you know the quality of the goods.  Good answer?  Now let’s look at why it cost you $5.  Do you think it cost the coffee shop $5 to serve you?  Of course not, but as a business they have to make a profit.  Depending on how busy they are, the unit cost to the business is probably somewhere around $1.50.  That’s $3.50 taxable profit (unless you’re Starbucks, in which case it’s $3.50 profit in the UK).

Now let’s look at the ebook.  Traditionally published authors charge anywhere from $7 – $17 for the ebook version of their work (sometimes even more).  They justify the costs (like every other business) by citing the cost of overheads – the author royalties, editor costs, agent costs, artwork, formatting, design, and advertising.

Do you think an indie, or self pubbed, author does not accrue those same costs?  Maybe scrub out the agent cut for many.  But every other business expense applies, and I, for one, treat my writing as a business.  Sure, I write for pleasure, but it’s still a business (everyone would jump at the chance to make a living doing something they love).  When I make a sale, the taxman is going to want his cut (unfortunately I’m not in a position to enjoy the tax avoiding schemes of the rich and powerful).  Before that there’s the time I’ve spent planning and writing the book.  Then the cover design, the editing, the formatting, the advertising. Should I not bother factoring any of that in because I’m not traditionally published?

It seems there’s an expectation for indie authors to essentially give their work away, until they become “known” or blag a contract.  I’m not giving my work away (well, I will, but you’ll need to like a page, or do a review for a free copy).  I’ll do sales and giveaways, but I won’t bargain bucket my work.  As the series continues, book one will probably go to $0.99 or even free, until then it’ll be priced appropriately.

What do you think about ebook pricing (especially relating to indie authors)?

Don’t forget, ‘Lament for the Living’ is out on May 10th – get a sneak peek at the first chapter for FREE!

Currently it’s .prc (DRM free for Kindle) or .pdf only.
Kindle/.prc – Download Here
PDF – Download Here

Download, read, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

While you’re waiting for ‘Lament for the Living’ to be released the following titles are also available:
Hannibal House by David Nicol   The Deluge of Elias by David Nicol
For more information and purchasing links please visit:

Lament for the Living Trailer

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Get the first chapter FOR FREE!

Currently it’s .prc (DRM free for Kindle) or .pdf only.

Download, read, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Lament for the Living – a Tasty Bite

In the run up to the launch of ‘Lament for the Living’ in… how long? Let’s check the ‘no expense spared’ billboard advertising:

24dayssmalThat’s right, 24 days. May 10th 2013, put it in your diary. To give a tasty teaser to get you in the mood for rotting flesh and survivor shenanigans I’m releasing the first chapter as a special edition FOR FREE!

Currently it’s .prc (DRM free for Kindle) or .pdf only.

Kindle/.prc – Download Here

PDF – Download Here

Download, read, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

While waiting for ‘Lament for the Living’ to be released the following titles are also available:
Hannibal House by David NicolThe Deluge of Elias by David Nicol
For more information and purchasing links please visit: