Weekly-ish Update #3

Thursday Thursday Thursday – it’s Weekly-ish Update Day! This is the Reader’s Digest version of what’s gone on in the past week. This is aimed at new visitors to the blog who may not know what’s going on and as a recap not only for you subscribers, but for me as well. It’s nice to get everything in one place and give any little updates that would be missed on the original post.

It’s been an interesting week for the subject of cheating. Premier Call of Duty site codnation.net launched it’s own Boosting/Modded Lobbies section. I initially thought that it was to flag said goings on, but alas it was actually to promote the practice. That made me decide to leave their site and the story is told in the Boosters, Boosting and general disappointment post. I haven’t viewed any of the responses to my Goodbye post on codnation.net, but when I checked the site earlier the Boosting/Modded Lobbies was no longer visible to me. The section is still accessible though so I don’t know what’s going on there.

On the same theme – Wings of Redemption has caused more controversy. This time by allegedly touting the services of a prestige hacker……for a price. The Who is Wings of Redemption post has been updated with that information and given a bit of an overhaul to make it easier to read.

Last on the cheating bus is the announcement from FourZeroTwo on Twitter that they are patching the super fast lobbies. I don’t actually know what these are as it appears they are an Xbox phenomenon, but I do know someone who finds themselves in them all the time

Links, Link Throughs and The Geoff Effect
As I’ve said before it’s a bit of a surprise to me that people not only read this blog, but come back for more. And it’s great! So thanks everyone who has subscribed and those regular visitors and posters. I would like to make special mention to Geoff (sasbenjr) who has harnessed the power of YouTube and sent an ungodly amount of people this way…..twice

Link throughs from Geoff = many peeps

I was happy getting visitor numbers that barely made double digits so seeing this many visits is mind blowing.
Thanks Geoff, and to everyone else who has linked here – the offer still stands regarding graphics for regular contributors (Geoff, Paul, Donncha etc). I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and contribute here so please don’t get offended if I haven’t mentioned you by name.

There are a couple of new blogs in the blogroll on the right (and there are also a couple more blogs that I’m subscribed to but haven’t yet added) that you might like to have a look at.

Big post, Little post?
As I have a tendency to post a load of entries within a short amount of time I was concerned that some of you might not appreciate your inbox being flooded with yet another entry from me. So I put it to the polls and so far it’s overwhelmingly (statistically speaking) in favour of the ad hoc posting as opposed to one massive post per day – and only one Spartacus…..

General Gaming
This was the week that wasn’t. I played more Mario Kart on the Wii than Modern Warfare2, plus I was a bit under the weather with the same thing that everyone else seems to have at the moment – basically a cold. Mario Kart Wii still disappoints me, but it’s not as bad as I initially felt. And now that I’ve gone back to a proper FAL loadout MW2 is no longer the mass of donkey balls it was while using the Acog Scope.

I’ve also been watching quite a few BFBC2 videos and so that may on the cards at some point…..

The Hauppage Fund

Minor set back. Normal service will resume shortly…..

SneakyMode has joined OnlyUseMeBlade and taken a leave of absence from video making. It’s a shame as he was working on a nice interface and then all of a sudden…..gone. Oh, well, good luck to him.

Meanwhile, my channel (MrCheapkills) is bumbling along as usual. Three to Watch is up to Week 5 – and continues to have a positive response. However, I think I’m going to have to diversify a bit and include at the very least BFBC2 vids.

MW2 Stimulus Pack
Xbox beta testers (hehehe)…. only five days to go! PS3 and PC – end of April apparently. I think we’ll see a resurgence of interest in MW2 from this – despite the grumblings that people have about the price. Personally, I’m looking forward to it and will be raiding the penny jar for this DLC. More info here.

Search Terms
Unfortunately I can’t better “phalanges of pterodactyl” in the search terms used to find this blog. For most of the week the search terms have been pretty constant with the top 5 being:
#5 heartbeat sensor noob
#4 modern warfare 2 vs bad company 2
#3 sasbenjr
#2 wings of redemption
#1 mw2 stimulus map pack

That is pretty much it for this week. There are a couple of other posts that have been made on various things. I hope this has found you well, and hasn’t taken up too much time to read. As ever, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and sharing your thoughts with me and the other readers.

Peas and loaves.

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…and in other news

So here’s what’s going on this week…

The inside scoop from Geoff is that he’s most likely going to be uploading a BFBC2 Squad Death Match and hopefully a third MW2 gameplay critique this week, so there’s two to look forward to. I always enjoy Geoff’s videos and since I’ve been improving I’ve found that reviewing his earlier vids adds extra scope to areas that I’m missing.

It’s Week 5 for “Three to Watch” where I feature three uploaders from my subscriptions list. That video comes out on a Wednesday. This week we have B3ATNIK, Macaroconi and MrPatch247 (not necessarily in that order). A little bit of everything I think this week. So beat the rush and check them out now. 😉

My Cheap Freaks post has been one of the most popular posts linked to from search engines. People looking for reviews of the Kontrol Freeks doo-dahs get pointed here, even though I don’t review the Kontrol Freek FPS as I don’t have them. But nonetheless that’s search engines for you. However, much to my amusement Kontrol Freeks themselves have now linked to me in one of their forum posts. I’ve added my opinion to their thread as what I did is not really any comparison to their proper product.

And lastly I’m going to try and get a lot more games in this week. I was a bit under the weather last week which was probably a contributing factor to my incredibly rubbish run of games (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). I also got side tracked slightly by that damned Mario Kart game on the Wii. So this week I’m going to be rocking the M16 and levelling it up – or attempting to at least.

Peas and loaves.

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Teeny Tiny Blog Update

Just a quick update of slight changes to the blog.

New Header
Since I’ve been playing Mario Kart Wii as well as shooting people in the face I thought it would be nice to make reference to that game in the header. So the header now shows Baby Mario being blown to smithereens! It’s more than he deserves.

New Baby Mario vs BFBC2 header

I’d also like to offer a free header service to the regular contributors* here (you know who you are). Headers and sig images don’t take very long to do as long as you know what you want and the reference images are available. So if you need anything like that doing then drop me a line.

*I’m willing to do images for anyone else who asks, but I will have to charge you a couple of quid. I don’t want to seem mercenary but I’ve offered this service in the past for free and some people try and take the Michael.

Blogroll Linky Thing
I’ve added what WordPress lovingly call a blogroll on the right hand side. Whatever you want to call it it’s a link bar to me. There are a number of gaming related links on there – a couple of personal gaming blogs, a couple of gaming gaming blogs, and Geoff’s sasbenjr channel link.

Check them out! You know it makes sense.


Heavy Rain
Nope, not the game. The weather in Swansea today was blinkng awful. For those who’ve never heard of Swansea – in a nutshell it’s famed for the torrential drizzle. But today it made an extra effort to be extra miserable with a continuous downpour. Not usually a problem except that I had to do quite a bit of walking today….in the rain. The only thing that was missing was JX23’s commentary 🙂

Peas and loaves.

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Omnipotent FAL, Mario SwearKart, Ebay and Lamb-o-Rama

No ADHD OCD Magpie tonight, I actually had a couple of things all in my brain at the same time….

The Omnipotent FAL
Since Geoff’s videos on the FAL (here and here) it seems that everyone on YouTube seems to be using them in Modern Warfare 2. You’ve got Wings of Redemption (with his modded controller controversy for added zest), TheEnd004500, and there were at least two others in recent days all running around with FAL – maybe more (I really should pay attention). I don’t know if it is just coincidence or not, but it seems like the secret is out…..

And related to the FAL. Has anyone tried it with the Acog scope? I mentioned it in an earlier post, and I’ve stopped crying now. It could just be me being rubbish, but I was having real trouble getting any kills with the Acog. Either my aim was really off – which is a very real possibility – or the Acog does the opposite of the holographic sight……

Mario SwearKart Wii
Mario Kart Wii is supposed to be kids/family game. Not when I play it! Red shell, blue shell, red shell, red shell, sparkly shrinky star thing….LEAVE ME ALONE! The only thing more frustrating than leading for two and three quarter laps out of three only to get tactically nuked from orbit is Baby Mario. That little cheating git! I don’t get how when the computer runs him he’s the fastest toughest little mofo on the track, but if I run it then he’s the slowest weakest runt out there.

So far I’ve unlocked the other tracks and one extra car. I don’t know how a kid is supposed to be do it though. I’m on the brink of nervous breakdown playing it. Stupid Koopa!

So I was fifty squids away from the Hauppage target…I say was, could be still am. Bills before stuff and all that. But anyway, I put three games on Ebay to go towards the total. I’m not expecting them to sell for very much but if they do sell they should make up the better part of thirty quid. For information the titles are World at War, Race Driver Grid and Star Wars The Force Unleashed.

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing the lottery….

And when I win the lottery I’m going to open up a lamb burger joint. Yup, that’s fairly random. But I’ve been making these lamb burgers with a load of herbs and feta cheese. They’re awesome. So watch out for a Lamb-o-Rama opening near you 🙂

Peas and loaves.

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Mario Kart Wii – I’m disappointed

My daughter has been playing Mario Kart Double Dash for the GameCube on the Wii – it’s one of the games she originaly had on the GameCube and due to the Wii’s backwards compatibility is still accessible. It’s a fairly decent game and we’d unlocked most of the bits and pieces in game. Due to this renewed interest in the title we decided to buy her the new Mario Kart Wii as mentioned in this post. After all, the new one must be AMAZING – what with the Wii being a much newer console and having the Wii-mote and all.

It’s not.

I prefer Double Dash.

All the hype and advertising shows people having fun playing together….bollocks. If we play together and come first and second in every race we get…..nothing. Why make a family title where you can only unlock the extra stuff if you play single player? But then make it incredibly hard to unlock anything by not giving you any clues as to what you need to do? “Sorry kids, you can’t have any new tracks, cars or characters until I’ve gotten Rank A on every race for you, so come back in about 60 play hours okay…..”

I think Blur might be the next racing purchase after all.

Peas and loaves.

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Blur – Mario Kart for Grown Ups?

Donncha posted about Blur – the new driving game from Activision – a couple of days ago. I’m not really a fan of driving games – done my bit on the Need For Speed series and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on the 360. Got Race Driver Grid with my PS3 (hated it), but was never into the more popular titles such as Project Gotham or Forza.

But the more demos of this Blur game I see the more I’m liking it. It has the right mix of racing and carnage that appeals to me. According to GoldGlove, the 20 player racing is absolute bedlam! I don’t know what the game physics are like but it looks like they’ve gone for Arcade racer rather than Formula 1 – which is probably a good thing when you’re being bombarded with electric bolts and big angry energy balls. With the power ups and rewards it looks like a grown up version of Mario Kart but with more options and damage included.

There are different game modes and track types where your choice of car will make a difference to your performance.

I’m not normally interested in racing genre games as shooting people in the face is my thing, but I think I’m getting a wee bit excited by Blur. We’ll see how it goes in June when it’s released….. Will I turn to the dark side?

And in other news…( UK/EU only sorry 😦 )

TheHut.com has an up to 80% off sale on right now. I’ve used them before – got Little Big Planet for the PS3 for £15, and was looking for the cheapest price for Mario Kart Wii (which is also at The Hut). There’s loads of different things on sale other than just games – Blu-Ray, DVDs, clothing, toys……sheesh, I sound like an advert. Anyway, they’ve got loads of stuff going cheap. Check them out* – http://www.thehut.com/offers/sale.list

*As usual – this is a non-affiliated link. If I ever post a link that benefits me I will label it as such.

Peas and loaves.

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