I’m Not an Ignorant Pig Dog

I turned the PS3 on earlier today to download the BFBC2 patch and left it on until just now when I went to check that it had downloaded correctly.

Well, I had a couple of messages from peeps and I just wanted to say that I do not deliberately ignore anyone. I’m going to quickly fire off a couple of replies on PSN, short and sweet because it takes me aeons to type using the controller. So sorry I missed your messages guys but I wasn’t actually online.

I thought that it would have shown that yellow clock icon thingy next to my name if the controller is off, but never mind. I’m actually a bit disappointed as well because the past couple of times I’ve been online I’ve been on my own and could really do with getting some proper squad action going…… and get my 200th knife kill!

And for those interested in what I was actually doing…. I was catching up on YouTube videos while the other half watched ‘Cougar Town’, and then ‘The Good Wife’ – after we had watched ’17 Again’ earlier (which wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be).

Peas and loaves.

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