MOH Beta, BFBC2 Onslaught, Stardust HD

Medal of Honor Closed Beta

The MOH Closed Beta has been patched to resolve the freezing glitch when you get a three killstreak (but I’m guessing that anyone who has access to it already knows that, so this is for those who don’t but are interested anyway). I’m not sure when it was patched, last week at some point, US first and then the EU later.

When it is released I won’t be buying it.

The main reasons for my decision are that it’s essentially a lagtastic campathon. I don’t know if one has caused the other, or that the maps/gametypes have caused it, but either way it’s not my bag.

In my first impressions post I tried to remain neutral on most things as I was not able to play it properly due to the freezing problem that somehow managed to get through EA/DICE QA (*ahem*). But now that I’ve had a chance to give it more of a bash I’ve realised that in my opinion it’s like a movie spin off title: It looks pretty, is full of promise, but is fairly crappy and will only appeal to a couple of demographics – those who buy every new title that comes out in a series, or from a certain developer regardless of quality, and those who are bought it as a gift instead of the game they actually asked for.

When it comes out, I’d suggest you rent it to try it…….. oh snap! You won’t be able to because EA will probably have brought in that thing they want to do to cut down on after market sales where you’ll have to pay $10 or £8000000 for online access of the game unless you are the original purchaser. Maybe they won’t. But when it comes to customer care versus making a buck, in my experience, EA choose the dollar (and dollar chasing can be the only reason that explains why they would release the bastard child of BFBC2 and MW2).

Battlefield Onslaught

Previously I was fairly negative about Onslaught. I’m still fairly negative about it for the same reasons – it should have been included at retail, and it’s too easy with retarded AI. But since I’ve given up on public online matches at the moment due to C4/Mine/M60/AN-94/Magnum Ammo abuse I hopped in to Onslaught mode. Donncha had previously posted about Swordsmanx75’s self limiting challenges on the game mode to make it more interesting so I set up a private match and had a go solo using the M95 sniper only on Isla Inocentes.

Now I’m no military tactician, but I do know that if I was choosing a battle I certainly wouldn’t want to be fighting in to the setting/rising sun…. but that’s how it is on Isla which makes sniping very very difficult (I wasn’t being recon, I was being an out and out filthy sniper). So I took the Blackhawk up to the top of the hill and laid waste using the minigun until a Hind turned up. Surely that’s cheating! Anyway, the M95 is no match for Hind so had to swap to engineer to take it out. I still used the sniper kit for most of the game, using downed Assault class ammo boxes to replenish my ammo when needed. The AI is still retarded though. There were times where the enemy were running straight past me.

I think that this is going to be the preferred BFBC2 mode for the time being.

StarDust HD

Because I don’t stay up to date with the majority of what is going on I rely on people like Mike and Donncha who are much more up on certain aspects of the gaming world. Donncha posted yesterday(?) about StardustHD – a PS3 exclusive game. It’s essentially Asteroids meets Ikaruga (but without the Ikaruga uber-madness) and provides a welcome distraction from FPS. Sometimes it’s fun to just blow stuff up in orbit. I downloaded the demo and will be looking to get the complete game once I work out what the difference between the special offer £2.49 version (complete game) and the £6.49 Complete Game complete game…..


Sub4sub…… What is the fixation on having oodles of subscribers (even if you don’t actually upload anything)? It’s like KDR: outside of the interwebs it means nothing. Having x-amount of subscribers is not something that you can put in your CV or job application, and it’s not going to make you a hit with the ladies (unlike KDR….) Having people subscribe to you is great – but it’s not, and should not be, the main reason for starting a channel.

My channel is there because I enjoy gaming and want to share that with others. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Geoff, Donncha, Mike, Gary, Andres, Cards, Eight and everyone else who get in touch and contribute here and on the channel (don’t get in a huff if I haven’t mentioned you personally – you know who you are). That’s wonderful, and it’s fantastic that you guys are out there, being you. That to me is more important than anything else. So thanks everyone, friends, subscribers, squad mates, and all other variations upon the theme of acquaintanceship (wow, that’s a real word!).

Peas and loaves

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