Blur Multiplayer Demo now on PS3

Okay, I don’t know if this New news, or Old news to most of you, but it’s new news to me as I only just got the Activision newsletter email:

The Blur Multiplayer Demo is now available on PS3.

The Demo gives you 20 Car on track action, 2 gameplay modes, and Twitter and Facebook functionality so you can brag to your friends.

“one of the best online experiences of the year.” – IGN UK

To Download the Demo:
1. Go into the PlayStation Store on your PS3
2. Scroll down to Demos
3. Scroll across to PS3 Demos
4. Choose A-C demos
5. Scroll down to Blur
6. Select Download and follow the on screen instructions

“leaps off the screen with its glossy power-up effects, great sense of speed, split-second strategy, and thrilling action” – Game Informer

© 2010 Activision Publishing, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark and Blur is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

I’ll be having a look at that later as I quite looked the like of the game when people were putting up their vids from the Xbox. It’ll also be interesting to see how much lag there is as in my experience of online racers there is usually a truck load of it – or maybe that’s just for UK players…..

Anyone else giving this a go?

Peas and loaves

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Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 5

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Read Part 4 here

In this part we’ll look at the best ways to level up to prevent you from getting fed up with the game, throwing your console out the window, and kicking the dog.

Let’s not be under any illusions here – when you first play this game you might as well be naked and armed with a peashooter. I’m fairly confident that there isn’t a single player out there who has levelled up and thought: “You know what, the gun you get first is actually pretty good compared to the others…” they’re not. The initial weapons are crap, you have no gadgets to help you and the only way you can change this is to level up, but to level up you need to score points…… Which can be difficult when you’re the most pathetic creature on the map.

Don’t worry – help is at hand!

There are two ways to level up depending on your preponderance for playing with friends, or random peeps. If you can get in a squad with some friends then your chances of levelling up are significantly increased due to the amount of squad points you are likely to get by working as an effective team – especially on Rush or Conquest game modes. If you’re on your lonesome then it may be better to head to Squad Deathmatch where the onus is on kills rather than objectives so if your squad are a bunch of donkeys you won’t be penalised as much and have a better chance of achieving something.

Level up Class, or Rank?

You should be aware that there is a difference between levelling up your rank, and levelling up your Class. As we already know there are four classes: Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon – along with the Vehicle and All Kits sub-classes. In order to get decent weapons and gadgets you need to be levelling up the classes – if you’re a level 20 and only ever used the Assault class then the assault class will be the only decent class you have. But in order to be an effective player you need to level up at least three out of the four classes in order to adjust to situational changes in the gameplay. This is also a good time to quickly mention the All Kits sub class – as you level up you gain access to a number of extra weapons and gadgets which can be used with any class. These All Kits items are unlocked regardless of the class you are playing.

Now everyone is going to have their own idea as to what the best level up route is. Make suer to leave your suggestions in the comments section as I like to know what other people think. Here’s my take:

1st – Engineer
2nd – Medic
3rd – Assault
4th – Recon

I didn’t actually do this myself, but in hindsight it is what I should have done. I used the Medic Class first, but found it hard going as you unlock the health kit until you score 1400 points and the defibrillator at 5800 points. It also takes 3300 to move on from the frankly pathetic PKM LMG. The Medic class is good for getting points, but as a noob class it’s not such a good idea.

Engineer Class

The Engineer class is quite efficient from the get-go. The 9A-91 Avtomat is excellent at close range and you have the RPG-7 immediately which means that rocket noobs like me are laughing. Straight away you can take out tanks and helicopters (if you’re good enough or have watched Geoff’s taking down choppers vid) with an average of two hits. If someone on your team is using the tracer dart then you’ll be a god. It only takes 1000 points to unlock the repair tool and 2500 for the next gun in your arsenal. With the repair tool you can get oodles of points repairing friendly vehicles and tearing up enemy armour. If you enjoy being a Sneaky Pete around the map and blowing shit up, then the Engineer class will probably be your first, and most used class.

Medic Class

It’s a lot harder for new players to level up the Medic Class than those who played the game when it first came out as the default Medic weapon – the PKM LMG – is weak and inaccurate compared to pretty much everything else. Even your secondary is more powerful…..surely there’s something wrong there straight away? You don’t unlock the med pack to help heal your team mates until you get 1400 points and you can’t revive using the defibrillator until you hit 5800 points….. that’s right, until you have almost 6000 points you’re absolutely useless to your team other than as a guy who can spray a load of ineffectual bullets at the enemy. So why is this the second class I recommend to level up? Because once you’ve got 3300 points you can unlock the M249 saw LMG. By that time you’ll be spamming your team with med kits so the points will be rolling in and before you know it you have the defib! If you could only take off the red “shoot me here” cap the Medic Class would be the perfect assault class.

Assault Class

The Assault class is a bit of a paradox. On the one hand you’re supposed to be the bad ass at the front dishing out pain to the enemy by the shovel full. In reality, as a new Assault guy your gun is crap. It’s weak and fairly inaccurate. The upside is that you have the grenade launcher with which you can mash people with or take down buildings. You have to battle hard to get the 1200 points that allows you to get the ammo box. But once you have that, if you spam the battlefield with ammo boxes you can make it to 3000 points for the infinitely more desirable XM8 Prototype – which is, in my opinion, easier to use and more effective at range than the next gun, the F2000.

Wookie Class

And then we have Recon…… Chewbacca never looked so good. Okay Wookies, listen up! If you must play Recon, please bear in mind that the name of the class is recon, NOT sniper! In BFBC2 the RECON role is a support role. Yes, get kills, but use the goddamned spot function (Select on PS3, Back on Xbox and Q on PC) to help your team! Spotting gets you points and points help you level up. If you actually want to help your team out AND level up then wait until you unlock the All Kit weapons and then become an Assault Recon guy. There’s nothing more confusing for the enemy than a wookie with a Thompson machine gun.

Ironically, when you do level up the Recon class you’ll find that the second gun you unlock (the Type 88 Sniper) is not as powerful as the initial M24….but it is semi-auto so that could make up for it, but it doesn’t. You unlock the motion sensors at 900 points, the Type 88 at 2200 points and the Mortar Glasses at 4000 points – they’re particularly useful for Squad Deathmatch on Laguna Presa for destroying snipers on the central hill by the cargo containers.

So what game mode is best to level up?

This brings us back to the original premise of playing with friends or playing alone. If you’ve got a good bunch of people you can squad up with then Rush is probably going to serve you well. Obviously you can still give it a go on your own, but you need to join a squad to benefit from all the juicy squad points on offer. However, at the time of writing, finding random people who are actually playing the objective let along communicating is quite difficult. If you find that is the case then head to Squad Deathmatch where it is much easier to do well as a solo player. You’re not going to win a game on your own though as it is impossible to get 50 kills on your own before another squad manages it.

This was the final part of the Survival Guide. There will be more BFBC2 topics for discussion so don’t be a stranger now y’hear!

Have I missed, misrepresented, or got something plain wrong? Let me know – use the comments.

Peas and loaves.

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Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 3

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Read Part Two here.

In this part we’ll look at the in-game communication options and how to use them to best help you and your team.

Automated communication

The first thing you need to do is check the Voiceover settings. These are found in the Audio tab of the Options section:

Got Babble?

Make sure that the Voiceover Language is set to “Localized”, this means that in-game voice is in YOUR local language (in my case – English) rather than the original game locale. If you have it set to Original all team voiceovers will be in their respective language. As I don’t speak Russian it is not much help hearing my team yelling something about Rasputin Turnip Pride when what they really mean is “I say old chap, might I trouble you for some more ammo as I’ve only gone and bally-well run out again! Thanks awfully.” Unless you are multi-lingual, do yourself a favour and use ‘Localized’.

The in-game team voice over is not just random background noise – the stuff your teammates shout out are actual things that are going on – SO PAY ATTENTION.

I need ammo/healing/a repair/a lift!

You can yell down the mic (or at the screen if you don’t have a mic) until you’re blue in the face for the support you need, but your other teammates may not understand you, have you muted, or just don’t give a damn. You can make your life easier by using the in-game comms. In-game comms? What!? EA didn’t explain what this was either! For shame!

Remember in Part 2 the description of the Recon class how to use the spot function? If you don’t then you should go back and have a read…….no, it’s fine, I’ll wait.

Okay, so remember back in…yeah, okay. So the spot button – Select (PS3) Back (Xbox360), Q (PC) – has a dual use. When you look at the enemy it puts a big orange triangle over their head, but if you look at a teammate it tells them what YOU need.

If you’re low on ammo look at an assault teammate, press your comms button and they’ll get the command through – you’ll also have a big flashing ammo box over your head for your team to see.

If you’re wounded, look lovingly at Dr McDreamy, hit the comm and they get the heal command, along with the health pack icon appearing over your head.

In a vehicle you can request a repair from an engineer in the same way, and if you see your teammate jump in a vehicle hit the comms to ge a lift. As with everything else, how well your requests are fulfilled depends on a couple of things – is the relevant person suitably equipped to help you, do they understand what’s going on, and do they give a damn….

On your multimap you’ll also have visual clues as to where you are needed:
Engineer – a spanner icon shows a vehicle that needs repair
Medic – a cross means health needed, a heartbeat icon indicates a revive is required
In a vehicle – a curved arrow indicates someone who wants a lift

If you do use the comms to request something, go to the person you are requesting from – it’s fairly annoying to get killed while chasing someone who has asked for ammo!

Unfortunately there is no: “Hey buddy, I need a foot massage – stat!” command, but maybe if enough people sign a petition……

Squad Commands

When playing objective game types you can specify what you want your team to target by using the spot command on the objective. You then gain points if your squad follow the order, and for any defense/attack kills or activity on that objective. You also get points for following orders. If you’re not giving the orders, do yourself a favour and do as you’re told.

In Part Four we’ll be looking at Voice/Mic Comms. Read it here.

Have I missed, misrepresented, or got something plain wrong? Let me know – use the comments.

Special thanks to Hypermole for helping with the automated comms.

Peas and loaves.

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Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 1

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is probably the hardest multiplayer game of recent times for a newbie to survive in. Unlike Modern Warfare 2 you don’t get a taster of the classes you’ll be able to unlock as you level up, you don’t have a Copycat Killstreak available. In fact you get pretty much no help at all. Not even from the instruction manual.

If you’ve come to BFBC2 from MW2 and think that you can waltz in and be beast from the get go then you’d better think again, otherwise you’ll end up crying into your Gatorade. Thankfully, and with the help of the wonderful world of the intertubes I’m going to attempt to redress the imbalance by giving a heads up to all the new players out there. This can never be a definitive guide – I don’t have the time, and seriously don’t have the 1337 skillz to cover everything in the game. Hopefully areas that I’m sketchy on, have missed, or gotten completely wrong will be commented on by someone with more knowledge.

To begin with we’re going to go over getting started. We need to do this as EA appear to have forgotten this fairly important part.

Getting Started

When you start the game you can alter the brightness, volume and sensitivity settings – the run of the mill stuff that most people do. *Note* If you have been playing Modern Warfare 2 you’ll probably find the control quite sluggish in BFBC2. In MW2 on the PS3 I play on sensitivity 3 – on BFBC2 I have the sensitivity up at least 60% and even that can be too slow some times.

BFBC2 Multiplayer Options

Once you’ve finished fiddling with the settings go back to the main screen and choose the Multiplayer options (this being a Multiplayer guide, it would make sense to choose it). The two options we’ll look at in this part are Play Now and Play with Friends.

Play Now

No friends - no problem

If don’t have any friends online, don’t want to play with them, or simply have no friends then you can jump into a game using this option. Choose your game type, level and whether or not it’s hardcore and away you go…..good luck.

Play with Friends

When you choose the option ‘Play with Friends’ you get a screen with three choices – join a friend in their game (but not necessarily in their squad), create your own squad, or view game invites.

Joining a friend’s game.

To join the game of a friend who is already playing you need to highlight their name (as long as it has BC2 next to it) press X (on PS3) and the game will try and join you up. If the server is full you’ll get a message saying as much. You can either then try again until you do join their game, or choose someone else to join. When you get into your friend’s game it’ll put you in their squad only if there is a slot available – otherwise it’s pot luck whether you are friend or foe in game.

Creating your own squad

If you like to be organised and have it all worked out before hand you can create your own squad by clicking on the Create Squad Button. From there you can send invites to your friends and once accepted they will appear in your Squad box. Below the Squad Box is the area where you select your game type. When your squad is together and you’ve chosen the game type you can select Find a Game at the top to launch the multiplayer.

Create Squad and View Invites

Accepting an Invite

If you are invited to a game you can use this option to view your message invites. It’s not usually an issue if your friend is setting up a squad in a lobby, but if they are already playing then you need to pull your finger out or you’ll miss your slot.

That’s it for Part One. In Part Two we’ll be looking at the classes available to the new player and in game comms.

Peas and loaves.

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