Prestige……resistance is futile!

I’ve previously posted here about whether to prestige or not. To quickly recap for those who are not aware of what prestiging is or what it means – in Modern Warfare 2 (and in the whole Call of Duty series) once you reach the highest level you get the option to prestige. To prestige means that you revert to level 1 and all the weapons, perks and whatnots you’ve unlocked are gone, for you to unlock again (tempting, isn’t it).

So this morning I had a spare half an hour and decided to check out what it would be like to go back to level 1, so I loaded up my CheapKills account and played three rounds of Team Death Match (TDM) – Underpass, Invasion, and Afghan. On all those maps I would usually start off using my sniper class, which currently comprises the Intervention, PP2000 (or akimbo M9’s as I was trying to unlock the tactical knife), claymore, stun grenades, Sleight of Hand Pro, Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro. But, being level 1 on this account I didn’t have access to any sniper class, nor any of the perks that I would usually use.

Interestingly, I always assumed that the matchmaking system matched you to players of a relatively similar rank which made it quite surprising to see that the closest rank to my new level 1 was level 56 and the rest of the lobby were 2 higher levels again, 4 first prestige players and the rest were multiple prestige players. So anyone buying the game now is going to have a really hard time of it. The three games I played I went negative on the K/D each time, but that was mainly because I was running around and going for revenge kills.

The first game was Underpass which I joined part way through, so I chose Grenadier Standard Class, mainly because it was the first on the list and being level 1 it didn’t really matter what I chose. I got a couple of kills with the pro-pipe (or noob tube as those on the receiving end like to call it), but my most delicious kill was against a sniper who was using the Barrett, thermal scope, and akimbo 1887s as his secondary. He was in the same place and killed me three times, but while I was on my way to get him one of my teammates killed him so I decided to wait for him to come back to his nest. As he came through the door with his akimbo models I let him have it from the silenced shotgun that comes with the class. I picked up his 1887s but didn’t get a chance to let him have them back (bullets first) before the level ended.

The next level was Invasion, a map that I have a fairly set routine for that harries the other team. I chose the class with the Magnum and Tactical knife for that map, put my routine out the window and went on a stab-fest. Four kill streak – w00t! I ranked up enough from those two games to unlock the Scout Sniper class just in time for Afghan, but you know what, I was having fun with the tactical knife so I didn’t use it.

On Afghan I got fairly trounced, I think it was 9-6 by the end. I was mainly killed by people who play like I usually do so I really did live up to the CheapKills name on that map.

So here’s the thing, being limited and handicapped was fun. It was fun hunting down the players with all the toys and taking them from them. It was also fun levelling up again. Yeah, the AK47 is a beast of a gun, but it’s not much fun doing the same thing again and again.

I think I’m going to prestige, just the once. Up to level 70 you’re basically just learning the maps, techniques and tricks. Once into the prestige the fun really begins – especially as you are forced to use difficult load outs.

Or am I crazy?

Peas and loaves.

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My First and Last MW2 YouTube Video

I’ve been messing with the idea of recording some of my Modern Warfare 2 gameplay because I’m so awesome at the game I thought it would make a change for people to see an ordinary average player rather than the usual beasted ownage that you see from players like Hutch, SeaNanners, czeko92, theMOODIEswede, tjeb and all the other brilliant players out there.

Anyway, I’d looked at different ways of doing it and as I already had a Dazzle adapter thingy for a video camera I cobbled together a splitter cable. Which was fine except it meant playing in non-HD, and the computer didn’t like the set up. So I went cross-eyed and the PC had a fit.

The next thing was using the video camera to record directly from the screen – a cam, as it were. Again this was fine except for a couple of things:

  • flicker from the screen, it’s a 50hz plasma screen and the slowest shutter speed on the camera is 1/50th so that was unavoidable.
  • Because I was using headphones to play and couldn’t be bothered to make an audio splitter cable there was no actual in game sound
  • Connected directly to the PC I could only get 5 minutes footage before the camera shuts down
  • Couldn’t get the whole screen in without getting a massive border

I made a quick intro bit and stuck some music on it. I avoided the usual Drowning Pool or LaRoux that seems to be popular at the moment and went for something more fitting to my gameplay. It was the first (and only game) I played last night and when I joined the team were already losing. It was on Afghan and I chose my sniper class as I prefer to go sniping on this map. My secondary was the PP2000 which I’ve only just started using and by golly it’s a beast of a gun.

One mistake I made was forgetting that I had claymores equipped which meant that the twice a grenade would have been infinitely more useful I stood in the open and brazenly planted a claymore (although later on it did alert me to the position of the enemy).

And here it is (although not available in Germany due to WMG restrictions):
*UPDATE 08-05-2010- Now not available anywhere due to a copyright strike on my channel)*

I’m not going to make anymore videos for the forseeable future, not because it was difficult, but because I’m not happy with the end quality from the camera set up. But if anyone has an HD PVR that they don’t want I’ll take it off their hands for zero monies (you don’t ask you don’t get).

Peas and loaves.

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