Three to Watch on YouTube – MW2

I’ve put together a quicky vid to pimp out three YouTube peeps that I’ve recently come across.

DuelistMaster9 – he’s only got three videos up, but I’m sure that if some of you go over there and show him some love he’ll put more up. There’s no commentary, however if you like to see other people’s playstyle then go have a look.

MisterFantasmo – a free for all beast who has some of the driest funny commentaries I’ve seen so far. And if you thought the riot shield was a useless hunk of junk used by noobs then maybe his vids will make you change your mind.

sasbenjr – he shouldn’t really need any introduction if you’ve been following this blog. For those of you who are late to the party he’s producing the most informative videos about MW2 on YouTube that I’ve seen so far. He picks up where every other tactic commentary left off and gives you insights that most people don’t even think about.

Here’s the vid:

If it’s popular enough and I can find more uploaders who I haven’t already mentioned somewhere then I may make this into a regular feature. Let me know if you know someone who is creating good work, but isn’t getting the views and we’ll see if we can pimp them out a bit.

In the meantime, to see all my current YouTube subscriptions simply click on the YouTube link at the bottom.

Peas and loaves.

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