Ritual Humiliation

While playing last night, the first game I played was already in progress when I joined Donncha and Connor attacking on Port Valdez. After helping out a little bit with the first base we were preparing to move up to base two when I kept getting zinged by a sniper.

Getting killed by a sniper doesn’t usually bother me – but being killed repeatedly by the same one who is sat in the same position really chokes my goat. So I endeavoured to find and kill him. It took three, maybe four deaths for me to work out where he was…..

Peas and loaves.

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QuickScoping BFBC2 (sweep/drag scoping by StoneFaceLock)

This post is a response to a search hit for this blog:

“what is quick scoping in bfbc2”

I’m not much of a sniper, and I don’t go in for quick scoping. But if that’s your thing then here’s a video from StoneFaceLock which attempts to give an idea of how to quickscope in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Sniping in BFBC2 is completely different from MW2 but quickscoping appears to be similar – although the much lower sensitivity on BFBC2 makes it more difficult:

Peas and loaves.

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Montage à Trois

StoneFaceLock has put up a competition thingy on his channel – I don’t really know what the competition is for, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway:
*UPDATE 08-05-2010 – unfortunately, due to copyright issues I’ve removed the StoneLockFace video*

This was a relatively quick affair so it’s not quite as slick as I’d like it to be. One problem I’ve found making these montages is that using effects really cripples my already lame horse of a laptop. The preview doesn’t sync, especially when using transitions. To check that things are happening at the correct point I’m having to render the clip at a low res and then view it in a media player.

Although this one is only a minute or so long, it actually took close to 30 minutes to render……

Peas and loaves.

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Operation Prometheus

Okay, who knows their Greek Mythology? I used to know a lot more than I can remember now, but I do know that Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. Because of this betrayal he was tied to a rock where a giant eagle would come each day and eat his liver, which would then regrow ready for tomorrow’s eagle snack. Tasty.

That’s the sort of punishment you want to see meted out to those who do you a disservice. The selfish people who are take take take. The filthy snipers sitting at the spawn…..

Something like this (via):

Filthy beast.

Peas and loaves.

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Pitch up your tents….it’s BFBC2!

Previously I touched on the issue of people camping in BFBC2. I don’t actually have a problem with camping in most cases. For one, most people define camping as anyone who stays still longer than a heartbeat, two: campers are generally easy targets, and three – it’s necessary on some game types. For example, if you’re defending a flag or a bomb site then you need to stay around the thing you’re defending. But if you’re an attacking team then it’s pretty pointless to camp. You can’t capture objectives by sitting at the spawn, sniping. It would also be helpful to the TEAM if the spawn snipers actually used the spot option. Either these players are totally selfish, or they are so rubbish that they can’t see any enemy anyway (maybe both).

Camping in BFBC2 is not such a bad thing in Squad Deathmatch, although it does depend on the map and whether you are actually getting any kills. If you’re holed up somewhere and not getting any action then you need to change tactics. Geoff discusses the issue of camping in his BFBC2 – Laguna Presa, SDM #2 video:

That map is definitely an example of a ‘don’t camp map’. It can’t be much fun waiting in a bush for someone to run past. In contrast Isla Inocentes is the perfect camper’s paradise – if you can make it to the top of the hill (which conveniently has three spawn points on it). It’s possible, if you are a decent sniper, to be able to cover pretty much the whole of the play area. As long as you’re aware of the flanking opportunities then you can do pretty well, especially if you team up with another player using a complimentary class. However, as with all camping you have to know when you’ve outstayed your welcome. This can be signalled by one or more incoming RPGs.

Here’s the thing, ‘camping’, or ‘defending an area’, or ‘maintaining a strategic presence’ – however you want to refer to it – is definitely a valid tactic, as long as it has an purpose. That purpose should not be to up your KDR unless you are also helping your team win – there’s no Free For All in BFBC2 so there’s no excuse for not being a team player.

And on the subject of the frustration caused by spawn snipers, not playing objectives and getting pissed off at campers have a look at StoneFaceLock’s video – skip to timecode 0.38: yup, I feel his pain……his whole squad sniping at spawn:

Peas and loaves.

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Quick Scoping and Cold Blooded Pro

Okay, I’m a little bit obsessed by quick scoping in Modern Warfare 2 right now. But putting all the issues about how much skill is involved aside I have a question for quick scopers – does Cold Blooded Pro cause a problem for you?

The reason for the question is that I know that with Cold Blooded Pro, not only does your name not show up to the enemy, but it also stops the crosshairs from going red and negates the aim assist. From what I can see from the many discussions on quick scoping, a major part of it is having the aim assist snap on to your target – especially when “drag scoping”. Logically if someone is using Cold Blooded Pro then this would make it more challenging for a quick scoper to get the kill as the ‘snap’ would not happen.

Obviously those who are actually skilled rather than those who possess skillz will have no problem countering this. But I’d really like to have some feedback on the Cold Blooded Pro perk and if it affects the ability to quick scope. I’d also be interested in doing some tests in MW2 on the PS3 if anyone is interested.

Peas and loaves.

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Is Quickscoping a Random Event?

So this post is about quick scoping and no scoping. I was inspired to write it after watching the following video and then reading/participating in the comments. The video isn’t really that interesting unless you enjoy listening to someone complain constantly about how crap MW2 is, but here it is for context:

Recently I’ve put my lack up success in Modern Warfare 2 and pretty much every other FPS down to my awful aiming. It’s as good an excuse as any and is something that only I can have an effect on. So I’ve been looking at how the more successful players aim in game and in most cases they make it so that the enemy is within the onscreen crosshairs before ADS (aiming down sight). This means that they already have a bead on the enemy and they are not chasing them across the screen with their sights. But what has that got to do with quickscoping and no scoping?

Bear with me because in order to fully explain this it may take some time. On screen (unless you’re playing hardcore) you have the cross hairs – four little white blocks towards the centre of the screen:


The Crosshairs can be seen in the centre of the screen around the number 1

When the Call of Duty series started, one thing that they did well was to increase the realism of firing your gun. So no longer did your bullets go in a straight line from the barrel of the gun to the horizon.

No more Laser Guns

No more Laser Guns

Instead, when you fire without ADS (aiming down sight) your bullet will follow a trajectory from a random point within the crosshair area to replicate muzzle sway:

The Hit Area

The Hit Area

If your taget is across the map then your chances of getting a non-ADS kill (or even a hit) are greatly reduced. But in the event that your enemy fills the “hit” area then you will hit them – not accurately, but a hit nonetheless. And as Bruce Lee said “A hit is a hit!”. If you are lucky your hip fire will strike them in a critical area scoring a multiplier before they are able to return the favour. The ONLY way to accurately hit your target is to ADS, or scope in if you are using a scoped weapon:

ADS in action

ADS - the best way to fly

The crosshair accuracy increases if you crouch or go prone – in most cases it will noticeably contract. Accuracy is reduced when you are moving which you can see on screen as the distance between the crosshair points expands.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on to no-scoping, and quick-scoping (NS and QS from here on). I don’t have a problem with people who no-scope or quick-scope, but I do think that on the whole those who say it is all about skillz and being 1337 are teeny tiny bit delusional. People who NS and QS in MW2 utilise two things in their “skill” whether they realise it or not – luck, and the helping hand of auto aim. When your crosshairs are filled by your target, or they occupy a large proportion of it then your chances of hitting that target are increased. When you scope in, the auto aim “snaps” you towards the target if one is close to the center of the crosshair. Combine with that the fact that the sniper rifles do a lot of damage and you increase your chances of getting a kill even further.

To illustrate the random spread of fire when no scoping have a look at this quick clip from Hutch:

As you can see, the guy he’s trying to shoot is in the middle of the crosshairs, but due to the random spray element the bullets are missing him….. Which neatly brings us on to the whole Sniper Rifle hitmarker complaining that people – mostly quick and no scopers – are complaining about. I’ll allow YouTube comments from the first video to explain how I feel about hitmarkers with the Sniper Rifle (I posted before about getting hitmarkers when using the silencer).

I missed off the ‘t’ in ‘event’ in the last reply…. Anyway – that’s pretty much how I feel about quickscoping. If it was total skill then the quick scoper would not get hitmarkers and their shots would be upper body/head. But that is not the case because they are effectively in between hip firing and ADS. If you watch any QS videos you’ll see that in most cases the scope doesn’t even come up far enough to see the enemy in it….is that aiming?

One thing you’ll notice is that QS and NS posters on YouTube will generally post montage clips of their 1337 skillz. Invariably they show every hit getting “One Shot Kill” or “Headshot” – but these are montage clips, meaning they are the best bits. If you watch videos from QSs who post full matches they you will see them miss, sometimes a lot.

But generally they put it down to lag, or Infinity Ward messing up – but it’s not. Try aiming, that’ll fix the problem in a heartbeat. I particularly like the commentaries that go: “So….um…..yeah. I’m sniping and….. oh my god look at this! A hitmarker?!…..and then he kills me. Infinity Ward, you need to fix this, like, immediately as this is the single thing that makes me want to quit playing this game right now, along with noobtube noobs, commando noobs, Assualt Rifle noobs, SMG noobs, pistol noobs, shotgun noobs, rocket noobs, thermal noobs, grenade noobs, semtex noobs, claymore noobs, C4 noobs, hardscope noobs, turret noobs, prone noobs, jumping noobs, camping noobs, running noobs, chopper gunner noobs, AC130 noobs, last stand noobs, martyrdom noobs and nooby noobs. So……um…..yeah”

In my opinion and experience, is Quickscoping governed by random chance? Yes, yes it is. I’m fully prepared to be proven otherwise, but so far I have not found one person who can consistently get upper body or head shots while no or quick scoping. Even so called Quick Scope tutorials are vague at best on how to do it. My own no scope and quick scope tests indicate the bullet spread remains random compared to actually aiming.

Peas and loaves.

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YouTube CC, KEN, and Another Hauppage Update

YouTube CC

I love Google and what they do so don’t take this as Google/YouTube bashing, but their new innovation on YouTube is, as the cool kids say, FAIL. What is it if you haven’t seen it? Closed Captioning – or subtitles to us in the UK. They’re designed for people with hearing difficulties, by printing out the dialogue on screen. I use them, not because I’m hard of hearing, but when you have kids/babies in the house it’s the best way to watch the telly because the kids are asleep, or are awake and playing LET’S MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE EVERY TIME SOMEONE SPEAKS ON THE MAGIC BOX.

Anyone who regularly uses subtitles or close captioning will know a couple of things about them:
1 – On pre-recorded programmes and films they are great
2 – They’re not always word for word with what is being said
3 – They are typed by deaf illiterate chimps for live programmes like the news

So here’s the thing, YouTube/Google have implemented a beta Closed Captioning service on the videos, I tried it on mine……hilarity ensued. You’ve got to try it – choose any video at random. It’s like when the first speech recognition came out…..


In Ken Burton’s QA video he answered the question about what can actually be done about online douchery. Here is his answer:

Obviously it’s not a perfect solution, but this is not a perfect world, otherwise there wouldn’t be any douchebags to mute, thus rendering the KEN campaign moot. What the KEN tag really means is that the person wearing it is not going to indulge douchey bullshit. That’s it.

Hauppage Update

Okay, I know from experience that people who buy on ebay have a real problem with actually reading the title, description or even looking at the pictures, but there is only so much you can do to make it as clear as possible what you are selling. So when I put my surfboard on there I put in MASSIVE RED LETTERS collection only, the P&P section said collection only, so I was surprised when a guy from the other side of the country was the winning bidder and then emailed me to ask how much delivery would be…….yup.

Anyway, hopefully that’s sorted, and as long as he pays and doesn’t mess me about it means that I’m about two thirds of the way to the Hauppage which I will now be getting from Play.com. I can get it for a couple of quid (literally) cheaper from some other supplier, but I’ve never heard of this other company and I have dealt with Play before.

In other news:

Gameplay tonight – Mercenary Team Death Match. Using mainly the blinged FAL with silencer and holographic sight, Spas with grip, claymore, stun grenades, Stopping Power Pro and Ninja Pro. Although on the last game on Underpass I had to change to my Anti-Air class as my team was totally outclassed and had to shoot down the enemy air support to stop it being a complete rout. I was also using my Cheap Freaks on sensitivity 7 and was playing fairly conservatively as I need to get used to this new set up.

Maps and outcome –
Underpass – Win – 6-2
Karachi – Win – 7-2
Estate – Lose – 6-6 (stupid sniper in the garage)
Underpass (again) – Lose – 6-3

Definitely not beast scores, but apart from Estate I think I upheld my Two Commandments fairly well.

Peas and loaves.

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Prestige……resistance is futile!

I’ve previously posted here about whether to prestige or not. To quickly recap for those who are not aware of what prestiging is or what it means – in Modern Warfare 2 (and in the whole Call of Duty series) once you reach the highest level you get the option to prestige. To prestige means that you revert to level 1 and all the weapons, perks and whatnots you’ve unlocked are gone, for you to unlock again (tempting, isn’t it).

So this morning I had a spare half an hour and decided to check out what it would be like to go back to level 1, so I loaded up my CheapKills account and played three rounds of Team Death Match (TDM) – Underpass, Invasion, and Afghan. On all those maps I would usually start off using my sniper class, which currently comprises the Intervention, PP2000 (or akimbo M9’s as I was trying to unlock the tactical knife), claymore, stun grenades, Sleight of Hand Pro, Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro. But, being level 1 on this account I didn’t have access to any sniper class, nor any of the perks that I would usually use.

Interestingly, I always assumed that the matchmaking system matched you to players of a relatively similar rank which made it quite surprising to see that the closest rank to my new level 1 was level 56 and the rest of the lobby were 2 higher levels again, 4 first prestige players and the rest were multiple prestige players. So anyone buying the game now is going to have a really hard time of it. The three games I played I went negative on the K/D each time, but that was mainly because I was running around and going for revenge kills.

The first game was Underpass which I joined part way through, so I chose Grenadier Standard Class, mainly because it was the first on the list and being level 1 it didn’t really matter what I chose. I got a couple of kills with the pro-pipe (or noob tube as those on the receiving end like to call it), but my most delicious kill was against a sniper who was using the Barrett, thermal scope, and akimbo 1887s as his secondary. He was in the same place and killed me three times, but while I was on my way to get him one of my teammates killed him so I decided to wait for him to come back to his nest. As he came through the door with his akimbo models I let him have it from the silenced shotgun that comes with the class. I picked up his 1887s but didn’t get a chance to let him have them back (bullets first) before the level ended.

The next level was Invasion, a map that I have a fairly set routine for that harries the other team. I chose the class with the Magnum and Tactical knife for that map, put my routine out the window and went on a stab-fest. Four kill streak – w00t! I ranked up enough from those two games to unlock the Scout Sniper class just in time for Afghan, but you know what, I was having fun with the tactical knife so I didn’t use it.

On Afghan I got fairly trounced, I think it was 9-6 by the end. I was mainly killed by people who play like I usually do so I really did live up to the CheapKills name on that map.

So here’s the thing, being limited and handicapped was fun. It was fun hunting down the players with all the toys and taking them from them. It was also fun levelling up again. Yeah, the AK47 is a beast of a gun, but it’s not much fun doing the same thing again and again.

I think I’m going to prestige, just the once. Up to level 70 you’re basically just learning the maps, techniques and tricks. Once into the prestige the fun really begins – especially as you are forced to use difficult load outs.

Or am I crazy?

Peas and loaves.

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My First and Last MW2 YouTube Video

I’ve been messing with the idea of recording some of my Modern Warfare 2 gameplay because I’m so awesome at the game I thought it would make a change for people to see an ordinary average player rather than the usual beasted ownage that you see from players like Hutch, SeaNanners, czeko92, theMOODIEswede, tjeb and all the other brilliant players out there.

Anyway, I’d looked at different ways of doing it and as I already had a Dazzle adapter thingy for a video camera I cobbled together a splitter cable. Which was fine except it meant playing in non-HD, and the computer didn’t like the set up. So I went cross-eyed and the PC had a fit.

The next thing was using the video camera to record directly from the screen – a cam, as it were. Again this was fine except for a couple of things:

  • flicker from the screen, it’s a 50hz plasma screen and the slowest shutter speed on the camera is 1/50th so that was unavoidable.
  • Because I was using headphones to play and couldn’t be bothered to make an audio splitter cable there was no actual in game sound
  • Connected directly to the PC I could only get 5 minutes footage before the camera shuts down
  • Couldn’t get the whole screen in without getting a massive border

I made a quick intro bit and stuck some music on it. I avoided the usual Drowning Pool or LaRoux that seems to be popular at the moment and went for something more fitting to my gameplay. It was the first (and only game) I played last night and when I joined the team were already losing. It was on Afghan and I chose my sniper class as I prefer to go sniping on this map. My secondary was the PP2000 which I’ve only just started using and by golly it’s a beast of a gun.

One mistake I made was forgetting that I had claymores equipped which meant that the twice a grenade would have been infinitely more useful I stood in the open and brazenly planted a claymore (although later on it did alert me to the position of the enemy).

And here it is (although not available in Germany due to WMG restrictions):
*UPDATE 08-05-2010- Now not available anywhere due to a copyright strike on my channel)*

I’m not going to make anymore videos for the forseeable future, not because it was difficult, but because I’m not happy with the end quality from the camera set up. But if anyone has an HD PVR that they don’t want I’ll take it off their hands for zero monies (you don’t ask you don’t get).

Peas and loaves.

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