Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 1

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is probably the hardest multiplayer game of recent times for a newbie to survive in. Unlike Modern Warfare 2 you don’t get a taster of the classes you’ll be able to unlock as you level up, you don’t have a Copycat Killstreak available. In fact you get pretty much no help at all. Not even from the instruction manual.

If you’ve come to BFBC2 from MW2 and think that you can waltz in and be beast from the get go then you’d better think again, otherwise you’ll end up crying into your Gatorade. Thankfully, and with the help of the wonderful world of the intertubes I’m going to attempt to redress the imbalance by giving a heads up to all the new players out there. This can never be a definitive guide – I don’t have the time, and seriously don’t have the 1337 skillz to cover everything in the game. Hopefully areas that I’m sketchy on, have missed, or gotten completely wrong will be commented on by someone with more knowledge.

To begin with we’re going to go over getting started. We need to do this as EA appear to have forgotten this fairly important part.

Getting Started

When you start the game you can alter the brightness, volume and sensitivity settings – the run of the mill stuff that most people do. *Note* If you have been playing Modern Warfare 2 you’ll probably find the control quite sluggish in BFBC2. In MW2 on the PS3 I play on sensitivity 3 – on BFBC2 I have the sensitivity up at least 60% and even that can be too slow some times.

BFBC2 Multiplayer Options

Once you’ve finished fiddling with the settings go back to the main screen and choose the Multiplayer options (this being a Multiplayer guide, it would make sense to choose it). The two options we’ll look at in this part are Play Now and Play with Friends.

Play Now

No friends - no problem

If don’t have any friends online, don’t want to play with them, or simply have no friends then you can jump into a game using this option. Choose your game type, level and whether or not it’s hardcore and away you go…..good luck.

Play with Friends

When you choose the option ‘Play with Friends’ you get a screen with three choices – join a friend in their game (but not necessarily in their squad), create your own squad, or view game invites.

Joining a friend’s game.

To join the game of a friend who is already playing you need to highlight their name (as long as it has BC2 next to it) press X (on PS3) and the game will try and join you up. If the server is full you’ll get a message saying as much. You can either then try again until you do join their game, or choose someone else to join. When you get into your friend’s game it’ll put you in their squad only if there is a slot available – otherwise it’s pot luck whether you are friend or foe in game.

Creating your own squad

If you like to be organised and have it all worked out before hand you can create your own squad by clicking on the Create Squad Button. From there you can send invites to your friends and once accepted they will appear in your Squad box. Below the Squad Box is the area where you select your game type. When your squad is together and you’ve chosen the game type you can select Find a Game at the top to launch the multiplayer.

Create Squad and View Invites

Accepting an Invite

If you are invited to a game you can use this option to view your message invites. It’s not usually an issue if your friend is setting up a squad in a lobby, but if they are already playing then you need to pull your finger out or you’ll miss your slot.

That’s it for Part One. In Part Two we’ll be looking at the classes available to the new player and in game comms.

Peas and loaves.

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There’s no KDR in TEAM (BFBC2)

In my quest to level up I was able to join in Geoff’s gaming session tonight. Although I had my headset charged, I didn’t have the mic on and in order to turn it on I would have had to exit the game, go into the PS3 settings yada yada yada….. So I fill Geoff in on the situation and we were joined by two other guys – Minato88 and another guy who dropped off the Recently Met list before I could send him a Friend Request. Anyway, I was running medic and the other guys were assault and engineer classes.

Now I’d love to tell you the names of the maps, but they’re lost on me. It was by the sea – that should narrow it down. So we’re getting all Black Hawk Down on the enemy with Geoff piloting and doing some serious flybys. No serious killing though – plenty of hit markers, but no kills for me. On assault we were victorious, and it went downhill from there.

Not because we stink, but because the other squads seemed to have forgotten the objective of the game. Similar to the issue of selfish bastards in Modern Warfare 2 not capturing flags in Domination we found ourselves hopelessly outgunned as our “team mates” played with themselves in the shacks. As a “team” we got fairly annihilated. But to prove that our squad did our bit we got a nice pin:

Top Squad - yup, that's us.

Geoff had to leave after that and so the three of us soldiered on….. but it was the same again. The three of us attempting to hold it together. When we were at the final defence base the enemy were sending the tanks. There was also a guy with an M60 basically mowing us down from half a mile away – it is indeed a powerful weapon, he may as well have been wielding Dr. Evil’s laser cannon! So, I decided to run away. Sort of…..

I ran all the way to the enemy base in search of a helicopter – taking out a sniper on the way (filthy beast). When I reach the base there’s no helicopter…… fiddle sticks! Right, better make my way back then and maybe I can shoot some people in the back. Over the headset I can hear my squadmates calling out various crap that’s hitting the fan. And I would imagine they were wondering where I was too…. But the gods of war were benevolently looking down on me (or maybe they just fancied a laugh). On the way back I hit the second enemy spawn base and a beautiful sight – an AH60.

So here’s my skill level with helicopters – take off: okay, flying: passable, landing: FAIL! But something needed to be done, even if it was a morale boosting cavalry suicide charge. I chop-chop-chopper my way to the battle and as I get closer I can see the green of my squad mates. I do my best to the control the helicopter low enough with a view to land, but I hear one of the guys on the mic saying something along the lines of “The other guy’s got a helicopter and I’ve just jumped on….”. Thankfully, he’d managed to pull some inhuman feat of agility and got on board and was going to work with the mini gun.

He kept having to change sides though as I’m rubbish at controlling the helicopter. The cavalry charge was short lived, but fun as we got shot out of the air. No matter. It couldn’t have gotten any worse. We lost that one too, but not for the want of trying. That was the last game I played with those guys as they split off. Thanks guys – it was great to play in a proper squad.

But here was the thing. The reason we lost was because no one was playing the objective except for us. There could be three or four guys around a planted bomb site and they wouldn’t even attempt a disarm! They couldn’t even cover us when we tried for the disarm! This was never more clear to me than when I joined another game and decided to squad up with some randoms. Those randoms stayed at the spawn, sniping – and not doing a very good job either. How do I know? Because I came top of my team’s leaderboard, and if I’m top then something reeks of haddock:

Top of the tree - because the other guys were monkeys

If you have no intention of participating in the objective then don’t play an objective game type. And don’t give me that bullshit about “defending” or “supporting the team” – if you’re sat at the spawn point with a sniper rifle then you’re doing neither; you’re whoring your KDR! How hard is it to choose a Squad Deathmatch? Obviously it’s as much trouble for some people to choose Deathmatch as it is for them to play the objective.

But on a plus note – thanks to Geoff and the other two guys. I also unlocked the defibrillator – woohoo.

Peas and loaves.

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