Modern Warfare Resurgence Map Pack Announced

Just when the Stimulus pack becomes available to the PS3 and PC community Infinity Ward, or Activision, or maybe Roy the intern/tea boy has announced that the new “Resurgence” map pack will be released to Xbox Live in early June…..

Good luck with that.

Three new maps and…… two CoD4 maps. Makes you wonder if this was some sort of deliberate marketing ploy to begin with, or a result of having pretty much the entire development team jump ship.

Either way, I am totally underwhelmed and not even toe deep in enthusiasm (although if I was standing on my head that could be taken as a really positive position…). The good news is that the Xbox Beta Testers guys get to try out the maps for at least a month before they are released to the other platforms. So plenty of time to decide whether or not they are worth getting on the PS3.

That reminds me – Stimulus Pack…….. nah, still not getting it.

From DigitalSpy:

The returning maps include ‘Vacant’ and ‘Strike’, while the new maps are titled ‘Trailer Park’, ‘Carnival’ and ‘Fuel’, according to VG247.

PS – Message to Activision….. I can play CoD4 maps any time I want. I only have to boot up CoD4 and voila there they are. I don’t want to pay for them again, and releasing them on MW2 only gives the constant complainers something more to complain about.

Peas and loaves.

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MW2 Stimulus Pack for PC and PS3 is out!


I mean…. Yay!

Or maybe – yay.

Actually, I couldn’t care less.

If you’re subscribed to comments you’ll have seen my opinion already. For everyone else here’s where I’m at with MW2 at the moment:

I’ve spent the last month or so watching people play the new maps on the Xbox360 via the power of YouTube, I’ve also been putting most of my time into BFBC2. The couple of times I’ve put MW2 in I’ve not had a particularly enjoyable time (and I wish I hadn’t prestiged either!). I’m not going to whine about the game, it is what it is and at the moment I don’t enjoy playing it.

The exclusive deal Activision did with Microsoft over the Stimulus Pack was the best thing they could ever have done for PS3 and PC players. It has given us a chance to evaluate the expansion and decide whether it is really worth the money. Previously I said I’d be getting it….. now I’m not so sure.

As kylegetsspam has said, in a couple of months CoD7 will be out and MW2 will be dead (or become the next CoD4 when CoD7 fails to live up to the hype). Donncha downloaded the map pack on the Xbox and has played them maybe once…. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve not seen anything that has made me go “WOWEEEEEE! That’s totally awesome!” – the new maps are a bit poo in my opinion and the CoD4 maps are….. CoD4 maps. If I wanted to play CoD4 I’d turn my Xbox on.

So thanks Activision, but no thanks. I’ll pass.

Peas and loaves.

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The Skinny on Crash – FPS Kyle (MW2 Stimulus Pack)

Following on from this post regarding FPS Kyle’s video introduction to Overgrown is his walkthrough of Crash.

Again, this is footage from Call of Duty 4 and not the Stimulus Pack release:

Check out the gold AK-47!

Crash for me was always a do well, or do really badly map. I’d tend to hover around the garage area at the top of the map, or down by the C-Flag area (I think it was C – the building he goes into at the beginning of the video) – never by the crash site, that was suicide!

Peas and loaves

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The Skinny on Overgrown – FPS Kyle (MW2 Stimulus Pack)

I know that some of you didn’t play Call of Duty 4 which means that you’ll be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to Crash and Overgrown in the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack. Thankfully FPS Kyle has made a video detailing Overgrown – where to go, where not to go, good spots, bad spots, ugly spots.

It’s a very detailed video, if you haven’t seen the map properly before then you should definitely check the video out, and his channel. Here’s the vid (which is Call of Duty 4 footage NOT the Stimulus Pack Release):

In my experience of Overgrown, when you first play it you are going to get dead from pretty much everywhere until you get your bearings. Once I got a bit more experience on the map I used to enjoy clearing out the attic of Grandma’s house, stabbing the snipers in the Bad Sniper Corner, and hanging out in the library because I like to read.

Actually, the Library for me was a really good place to pick up the kills, not through camping but by being a sneaky fox. In CoD4 you got two claymores as compared to MW2’s one. This meant that you could claymore both sets of stairs straight off the bat. I’d then take up position in the windows to pick people off and keep a lookout. If a claymore went off I’d jump out the window and sprint around and up the stairs to get the unwanted visitor in the back – classy!

FPS Kyle mentions that he’s going to make a similar video for Crash, so looking forward to that. If you’re reading this – Thanks Kyle, your vid is appreciated 🙂

Peas and loaves

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Stimulus Pack, Mario Kart and BFBC2

Just quick post this evening, nothing fancy.

Stimulus Pack
New video from Hutch interviewing FourZeroTwo about the Stimulus Pack.
Points discussed:

  • When will it be released for PC and PS3
  • Crash and Overgrown
  • Any other CoD4 maps being released
  • DLC Rumours
  • Pricing decisions

And here’s the vid:

Mario Kart Wii

My friend and Nintendo fanboy Mike well and truly made me his bitch on Mario Kart Wii the other night. Apparently you can play up to eight players on the multiplayer, but as he’s the only person I know with a Wii it was just the two of us. I think I was at a slight disadvantage as Mike has unlocked everything and has achieved gold on every track including the mirror cups – while I have about ten hours of play time…. I won one race out of four Grand Prix which is 1/16. However, despite Mike’s flawless sprints around the tracks he told me that he can’t win against other people via the Mario Kart Wii channel – which is rather revealing.

I think that this will be one game that I play with the kids and that’s it. It makes me swear enough when I play against the AI, I think I’d probably have an aneurysm if I played it online.

Stupid Nintendo and their stupid games.

Battle Field Bad Company 2

I’ve decided I’m going to get BFBC2 on the PS3 next week. I’ve got some games on ebay, and if they don’t sell, then they’ll be traded in against it. I wasn’t too fussed about the game before it came out as Modern Warfare 2 is where all the cool kids were at, plus it’s an EA title and I’m not a huge fan of theirs. But after seeing the different videos that are coming out from the likes of Geoff and StoneFaceLock amongst others and reading about the fun that people such as Donncha have been having with it I think it’s time to swallow my pride and jump on that combat band wagon.

Errr…. that’s it. Thanks for reading.

Peas and loaves.

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Infinity Ward Demo of the MW2 Stimulus Pack

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more detail about the maps…..
If this was the only demo of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 stimulus pack then I’d be thinking two things:

1 – they saw Heavy Rain and took their titling cues from that
2 – …..”hmm doesn’t seem worth the money” to buy five maps where you’re fighting two feet away from the enemy (like ‘Rust’ or ‘Shipment’ from Call of Duty 4).

So thankfully, and I already posted about this one, there is a better more rounded view of the map pack available:

With the amount of grumblings about the cost of the stimulus pack you’d think that Infinity Ward would be really pushing the boat out in the marketing of this. Or maybe they’ve decided that “less is more” is a suitable strategy. Or perhaps they know that even without advertising the map pack is probably going to be the biggest DLC seller this quarter, if not, this year.

Peas and loaves.

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Crazy Mirror People from Another Dimension?

There have been numerous rumours as to what will and will not be included in the much anticipated Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack. But none so controversial as the inclusion of Crazy Mirror People from Another Dimension. Information regarding their in game abilities has been scarce – Infinity Ward has kept that securely under wraps. But following a tip from Geoff (sasbenjr) I can now confirm that the Mirror People are known as “Snailartsua“.

You can see this clearly in the following video that Geoff sent me. It’s a Stimulus Pack video from WoodysGamertag:

Did you see it?

Here’s the still in case it wasn’t as obvious as we thought:

Snailartsua - Coming soon to MW2?

For those who may have missed it, I’ve zoomed cropped and done some other work of the devil to highlight the evidence that Snailartsua are about to make an appearance in MW2:

Ohhhh... Australians!

Obviously Infinity Ward and Activision have got wind of Geoff’s vids and decided to feature him – but in order to avoid paying him any royalties they’ve turned him into a Crazy Mirror Person from Another Dimension. *Cue Twighlight Zone music*

Peas and loaves.

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Modern Warfare Stimulus Pack Preview with Commentary

I’m not going to say too much about this as I think that the video speaks for itself. But I will say this – damn you Xbox and your exclusivity deals! I never had any doubts about buying the Modern Warfare 2 stimulus package/map pack, and after seeing that my view has been reinforced.

What about you other MW2 players? You dig?

Peas and loaves.

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MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Controversy

Come March 30th Activision release the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map pack on the Xbox360 to combat “mapathy” (PS3 and PC a month later). It’s apparently going to cost 1200MS points and contain five maps (two from CoD4) and possibly some other graphical but useless content.

I don’t know how much 1200MS points are as I’m on PS3 and work in pounds, shillings and pence but it’s probably about £8 (USD$12) if the World at War map packs are anything to go by. **EDIT: from this blog I found that 1200MS points is £11.** Apparently, there is much resistance to the price, I’m not sure if it’s because there are two “old” maps or some other issue but you can get the general idea from this forum thread at codnation and this blog post at the Gaming Shed Blog – there are probably numerous other grumblings elsewhere, but these are two that came up straight away.

But the main issue with whether to buy the map pack or not is whether you want to play online or spend your time being kicked from games for not having the maps.

I didn’t get World at War until really late – Novemeber-ish 2009 – after all the map packs had been released and found online play virtually impossible. It would allow me to join a lobby…..tick tick tick down the time until game start and then – BOOT, you don’t have that map (well why let me join the lobby at all?!)!

With over 4 million players, I think that those who choose not to purchase the map pack are going to find themselves in a similar situation with no way of opting for non-map pack lobbies. Although non-map pack lobbies would resolve the issue, I get the feeling that those making the green off the game already know that, which is why it’s not going to happen (and is an issue that I’ll comment on in another post).

If you want to continue playing the game online then, realistically you’re going to have to stump up the £11. Personally I don’t think that is a vast sum of money – it’s just over £2 per map. Yes, even the “old” maps. When it comes down to it, the old maps are not going to be direct ports – they’ll be updated graphically, and probably with slight differences to suit the MW2 environments. At a time when many players are getting fed up of the same maps it will add some variety and will generally be welcomed.

The word on the street is that the new maps are:

  • Bailout
  • Storm
  • Crash*
  • Overgrown*
  • Salvage

*CoD4 maps

Peas and loaves.

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