The Return of Three to Watch

Last March (2010) when I started my channel the first thing that I put together was a clip video of three uploaders who I thought others might enjoy watching. This became a weekly event for me and was my way of giving back a little bit to those who were putting up gameplays.

After six weeks of doing that I’d run out people to showcase for two reasons: First, most of the commentators were putting up videos complaining about everything and second, the Mighty Geoff had blessed me a HDPVR so I was then putting up my own gameplays.

Nothing was ever mentioned about the Three to Watch series and the majority of my subsequent subscribers had probably never even watched them so it just gathered dust in the recesses of history. Until that was I was messaged by TyCalibre who had set up One of the threads on there related to EightThoughts and Ty mentioned that he’d initially found Eight via my Three to Watch series.

His positive feedback made me think that it was time to bring it back, and so we’re now up to week 9. Here’s weeks 7 – 9 (and if you’d like to watch the whole series, you can find it here: Three to Watch )

Week 7
Featuring: ThrashHMG, AustrianVGC, Mole237

Week 8
Featuring: InsaneAcorn, Daxter241Originals, TheAlphaWolfy

Week 9
Featuring: TyeWebb, FareWell2192, TheFingersHurt

Peas and loaves.

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Three to Watch Week 6 (MW2 and BFBC2)

Three to Watch Week 6 is finally up, and has a slight change of format this week as it contains two Battlefield Bad Company 2 clips and only one Modern Warfare 2. The main reason for this is that a lot of commentators are switching to BFBC2, and those sticking with MW2 seem to have been injected with complain-o-matic.

This week we have StoneFaceLock who is producing some excellent guides to BFBC2. Erik52193 a newish Modern Warfare 2 commentator, and blackjester40 who produces a little bit of everything in his videos.

As usual, check them out – rate (or thumb up if you’re on the new layout), comment and subscribe and all that as the amount of activity on a person’s channel really does help.

You can check the previous editions here:

Peas and loaves.

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