Twitter Suspension

I’m usually fairly active on twitter. By fairly active I mean that I regularly scream into the void and no one pays attention.

That is until yesterday when a Boris bot, or some associated dickhead, reported a tweet as “targeted harassment and inciting violence”.

So there’s the offending tweet, which I’ll break down in a minute, and to further clarify, the image link is for an animated gif from twitter’s own library showing Kenny from South Park being thrown under a bus.

It appears that the issue with my tweet is the idiom “throw [person] under the bus”. We’ll get back to context in a minute, but first, what does the phrase mean?

The irony of the image used is *chef”s kiss*

Here’s the link to the Merriam Webster explanation of the idiom, which helpfully explains that it’s a metaphorical term used for making someone else take the blame:,blame%20or%20gain%20an%20advantage.

given the relative prevalence of this expression (and the relative lack of such assaults), it seems safe to assume that there is a highly figurative meaning involved.

Now let’s get to the context. Prime Minister of the UK, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (yes, that is his full name) has been caught out lying, again. During the covid pandemic he was having boozy parties in contravention of his own lockdown laws.

When questioned about those parties, he flatly denied any parties took place and all rules had been followed. Following the release of photos and eye witness reports of him boozing it up he tasked an “independent” investigation by Sue Grey.

Following that the official line became: “wait for the Sue Grey report”. Then the Met Police were made to investigate the parties due to legal action brought by The Good Law Project.

126 fines were issued to 10 Downing St staff, and one fixed penalty notice to Johnson himself even though he’d attended at least 6 of the parties.

Following this, the Sue Grey report was miraculously going to be released.

It was widely reported in the press that Sue Grey requested a meeting with Johnson to discuss it. Sue Grey denied this. 10 Downing St assured that’s what happened. Until they remembered that they’d actually requested the meeting with Sue Grey.

It’s almost as if you cannot trust anything involving Johnson.

Anyway, so then I tweeted my tweet. So let’s look at whether or not it’s targeted harassment and/or inciting violence.

Targeted harassment: I name Boris Johnson (tagging him as he’s on twitter) and Sue Grey via hashtag (as she does not appear to be on twitter). Is that Targeted harassment? It’s current political commentary based on current events. You might have a different view but if you’re the leader of the country and an aide whose names are currently front page news, the bar for targeted harassment has to be pretty high here.

Inciting violence: straight off the bat (also an idiom), there is no incitement of violence, or encouraging others to engage in acts of violence. It’s an idiom, a very well known one.

In the tweet it’s Boris Johnson metaphorically throwing Sue Grey under the bus in order to save his own skin (another idiom). The nuance is that I’m cheerleading for Sue Grey to take him down with her if this is the case! “I hope she has tight hold of his belt” meaning if he throws her under the bus, she’ll take him with her.

Why this terminology? Because Boris Johnson routinely throws people under the bus to save himself. Remember his press secretary Allegra Stratton who resigned because she joked about parties, while Johnson was denying they ever occured?

I guess I must be the only person referring to how Boris Johnson refers as “throwing them under the bus”….

Hugo, prepare to be suspended from Twitter!

So there we have it. I’m suspended by twitter unless I delete a tweet that twitter has already hidden. If I delete it, according to twitter, it means that I accept that I broke their terms and conditions. I didn’t.

I’ve appealed once, stating that it wasn’t targeted harassment or inciting violence. That appeal was rejected within 4 hours.

I’ve appealed again stating it’s political commentary and that “throwing someone under a bus” is an idiom. That appeal is still pending.

I might not be back on twitter.

The Gamer’s Craic and other animals

Here is The Gamer’s Craic:

The Gamer’s Craic podcast from Donncha and I, featuring Mike (mj_whittle) was launched on Monday morning. I would have blogged about it earlier, but it seems that there’s not enough hours in the day at the moment. But anyhoo, the podcast. Mike was our guest for the first episode as it’s all started with the three of us really, first was this blog, then along came Donncha (on the Xbox), then Mike became a regular gaming buddy before Donncha saw the light and plugged his PS3 in 😉

It was a lot of fun recording and we talked about a lot of topics. Unfortunately I had to cut out a large chunk of the recording due to technical issues with the audio. But no matter, we live and learn for next time. The podcast itself is not on a schedule but we’re looking at doing it about once a fortnight. The main reason for not having a schedule for it is to prevent it from becoming a chore.

In other news I reached the 500 subscriber milestone…. again. It seems that I can forgo the usual Q&A type vid on this one since I’ve already done it on my old channel, although if I make it to 1000 subscribers I’ll be making the usual song and dance about it.

I’ve also been asking the community to get involved in my channel by providing voiceovers for the end of my videos:

I’ve had a good response with a number of excellent audio files from: thefingershurt (Dutch and French), theAlphaWolfy (English), InsaneAcorn (English), JayeKaiser (English), delpede (Danish), Redd_dragons (English), getcrackin’ (English), and iTimoleagueDuck went one further and made his own outro vid for me! So thanks everyone so far. I will be using every version I receive on rotation, and I have been promised more by some other people out there. I have their names written down somewhere….

As I say in the video, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a channel or upload, if you want to do it, then DO IT! I want you to, so come on! It’ll be cool. (I’d especially like an Italian, Spanish, and German version, and also a Japanese one, but in the style of a very pissed off Samurai).

Here’s how the very first response went (from thefingershurt):

And lastly, you’ve probably all seen it as it’s gone a bit viral around the community. But if you haven’t then you have to watch DCRUColin’s rendition of ‘Africa’ by Toto:

Doodo do do do doodo baaaaaah!

Cowing lush.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

BFBC2 C4ing Affected by the Patch!

It’s official, Demize99 said that everyone (apart from me) was happy that the patch had made improvements to the amount of C4ing of MComs in BFBC2. Although I haven’t played Rush since the game posted in my previous video the comments on YouTube would seem to indicate that my experience was not an isolated incident.

However, it’s obvious that it now just takes the crate bashers longer to achieve their objective as has been reported that it now takes either two bombing runs…. or two bashers working together (which is now made really easy since the M14 Mod and G3 can have optical sights now).

The most amusing thing I’ve read (since Demize99’s response to me) was this:


….. thumbs up for declaring where they stand. But the post (if real) surely betrays the intelligence of crate bashers. I guess when the 1.5gig update was downloading he was occupied with other pursuits, or wondering why the game was taking so long to load….

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

I Can Has Technologies

Yeah yeah yeah, Facebook is like sooooo 2008. But come on, you should all know that it takes me a while to catch on to what the cool kids are up to. Actually, I created a Facebook account so I could reply to the guys at KontrolFreek who posted a link the FPSFreek Review that I did the other day.

I thought that while I was at it I’d make a page to go with the Twitter account that I don’t use. The problem I have with Twitter and Facebook is that I don’t being limited on how many characters I can use to post a message. I rly dnt wnt 2 b makin posts like dis cos I h8 this shorthand bs. So I’m not really sure what will be happening with the Facebook page – if I get 25 “fans” (ugh, how egotistical is that!) on there I can change the url to something a bit more user friendly. At the moment, if you want to view it, it is –

I’ve linked it to YouTube, so if you’re interested in what/when I upload or like/subscribe to someone else’s stuff then hit me/it up. If you’ve got any ideas what I should use Facebook for other than telling people when I change my socks, or when the dog makes a funny face (like everyone else does) then pop it in the comments below – or show your tech prowess by posting it on Facebook!

And here’s a button thingy if you’d rather click a button thing. That’s if you feel like clicking anything at all….

Lastly I just linked Facebook to Twitter soooo, hmmmm I don’t know – I think Twitter is probably going to be a mess. Facebook/Twitter/Here – what do you prefer? Do you care? Really, the main effort is going to be this blog and the channel.

Peas and loaves

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I’m now a twit(ter)

And what a wit! I bet that’s the first time anyone has ever said that…ever! Or maybe not. Anyway, I’ve created a Twitter account as that is what all the cool kids are doing.

I’m not really sure what it’s going to be good for except putting the link to blog posts to increase visibility. If you are subscribed here then I’d advise against following the twitter account as well so that you don’t get numerous updates all saying the same thing.

Peas and loaves.

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