A New Player Has Entered the Arena

Not really. It’s still just me. But it has been a while. You’re still here? Well it’s nice to see you.

Why am I writing right now? To keep this carcass alive. Breathe life into the old dog, and shake the bag of bones.

So what’s the shizz with the whizz on the biz?

I’m still gaming to a certain degree. Not as much as before. I’m pretty much PS4 exclusive these days, except for few games on Steam. There is a PS5 in the house, but that’s my son’s. To be honest the only reason I’d get a PS5 at the moment would be to play Elden Ring, but that’s a lot of money to outlay for one game.

On the PS4 it’s mostly BF:V, RDR2, and a bit of whatever the PS+ games are. I’m losing interest with PVP games in general as they’re not fun with lobbies being trashed by toxic clans. Not that that’s much different than before, but it’s just not fun anymore. I’d much rather play a co-op game mode, or a game where you don’t get grief.

On Steam it’s pretty much exclusively Rocksmith. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 30 years. One day I might even be pretty good at it. Today is not that day.

If you’re reading this then cheers for sticking around.

Stay fresh cheesebags!

What do you mean: where have I been?

So…. it’s been a while. But I have a really good excuse. But before that let’s look at what’s been going on…

Hupit: I’m still looking after the articles side of things there, but I’m no longer moderating the forums.

YouTube: (quick check….) 935 subscribers, including two that seem to only be subscribed in order to thumb my vids down despite my video showing what I think of the video ratings. But I suppose that shows the level of mental retardation that you can expect on YouTube. Until someone comes up with an arsehole filter we’re all shit out of luck. I do actively block problem people from my channel, although I don’t consider people who thumb my vids down ‘problems’ if they have the balls to post why they thumb it down. At least then I would have some feedback, and maybe some pointers to consider – but when there’s thumbs down on videos that have no negative messages then it smacks of something more personal. But I have no idea if it’s BFBC2 they don’t like, or me. Either way: man (or woman) up, and say what the problem is! goddamned pussies…

Gaming: As Donncha emailed earlier, it’s been nine days since the PS3 has been switched on – so there is nothing to report there. That’s also the reason why there’s been no new videos. No gaming = no footage = no vids. I could go through some old footage, but my machine is just poo which makes editing a real chore right now. Which is why I’ve now ordered a new machine….

A new machine: A New Machine!? Yes, but not a ready built jobby. I’ve spent ages looking at what’s about and decided that honestly, buying pre-built is a shocking waste of cash. For the same money I can build a PC that is twice and sometimes three times as powerful as a stock machine. Seriously, if you’ve got thumbs and can do colouring by numbers then you should build your own PCs. So here’s the guts that should be arriving next week (the case is out of stock):

AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2GHz (I was looking at the tri-core but decided it was overkill for my current needs)
Gigabyte AM3 760G+ SB710 Mobo
4gig RAM (thanks for the tip Mike)
500gig 7200rpm HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium

It’s nothing super fancy, but it’ll be a damned sight more powerful than this laptop and should enable me to enter a whole new level of editing….muahahahaahahhahahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *ahem* It’ll do everything I need it to and probably more.

So on to the reason, or excuse if you prefer. I’m currently on a course until about mid-November. Although it’s not outside of the scope of anything I’ve done before it is more intensive and requires quite a lot of my time. I’ve not had the time to spend on gaming due to extra research that I’ve been doing, and in general it’s been more tiring. Thank you to those (Nick) who’ve messaged me asking if I’m still alive. I am still alive, just that there’s not currently enough hours in the day.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

Teeny Tiny Blupdate #2

Just a couple of quickies and a question/poll then normal service will be resumed.

Anyone remember the film ‘Field of Dreams’ with Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones (“I am your father, Luke…“), Burt Lancaster and some other people? Well, if you haven’t seen it, or erased it from your memory the tag line was “Build it, they will come….” Ooooh spooky. Or obvious. But right now I’ve sort of forgotten where I was going with the analogy…. so I’ll do some paraphrasing instead: “Write it and someone will read it…eventually”.

I posted in the last Weekly-ish Update that Tallon on Boards.ie had linked through to the “Wings of Redemption Alienates Subscribers” post, then earlier on today I had a post on my YouTube channel from fistycoffs or whatever his name is asking if I (MrCheapkills) was Evil Dave:

Being the polite kind of chap I am, I left a message on his profile confirming who I was:

I didn’t really think much of it as boyo b’there doesn’t figure on my radar, but when I checked the stats here I found a massive spike in the traffic:

So all the traffic was being driven to the Wings post, and from a vid by fistythingy. But why?…. Well it turned out that he’d copy and pasted the majority of the WoR post as the description. Turns out though that Fistadoodle was just looking for some Internet Drama:

Well, thanks for the traffic boost F, it was really helpful, get me a bit better known out there. But as for hurt feelings and internet drama……. judging by the comments on the vid I don’t think your motivation had quite the outcome you had hoped. Better luck next time (and for your information, I’ve been around too long to have my feelings hurt).

And just to reiterate, the original WoR post was about INTEGRITY and RESPECT, those qualities are very important to me – it also explains why I am not subscribed to Mr F.

The YouTube stats have either calmed down, or all those ladies of a certain age have realised that Daniel O’Donnell has not started posting gaming vids on YouTube after all:

Ladies…. it’s been emotional, and a pleasure.

Quick Quiz – Two Questions:

And lastly, why doesn’t Sony allow you to reply to messages or accept/send Friend Requests via the playstation.com site? I don’t turn the PS3 on every day and so when I see Friend Requests sitting there I feel a bit guilty for not accepting them straight away – but I can’t. So if anyone reading this has sent me a Friend Request (there are a couple sitting there right now) – I’m not ignoring you, I accept pretty much all Friend Requests as soon as I can get on the console. Sony (because I know that the head guys read this blog religiously) sort it out so that we can have more functionality via the website please.

Peas and loaves.

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Teeny Tiny Blupdate

Just a couple of quick bits that have cropped up over the past couple of days/week.

Random Apologies
When I turned on the PS3 for the first time in about a week on Friday (I think it was Friday). There was a message waiting for me. Okay, let’s see what it is. A message from some random guy whose name I didn’t recognise. Messages of that type usually fit in to two categories: Hate or Love.

So what did it say? Was it “u noob u suck go die inna fire”, or “gg thanks”? Actually, it was surprisingly neither. There was only a subject line which simply said “I’m sorry, dude”. So, a message from some guy who I don’t know, and don’t remember being in game with apologising for something that I didn’t even know had happened. Either he’s messaged the wrong person, or did something in game that outraged his sensibilities so much he had to apologise for it for his own peace of mind.

I decided to reply: “Hi, I don’t know what you’re apologising for, but…..okay. And I’m sorry too (just in case)”. No response back so I’m not sure what it was all about, but it should be sorted now, and consciences eased.

Ludicrous Search Terms
Regular readers know how I love stats and search terms and the like. I especially enjoy anomalous entries. A couple of doozies over the past couple of days:

‘wife humiliated’ – not something that I can say I’ve ever searched for on the Internet…. but it takes all sorts. Sniper Humiliation/Wife Humiliated…. doesn’t really fit, unless your wife is a sniper…. and humiliated. You shouldn’t be wanting to humiliate your wife anyway, or anyone else’s wife. If that’s your thing though….. seek help.

‘seananners cat’ – I’m fairly sure that SeaNanners cat picture is not actually his cat, or if it is then he’s slipping it something other than kibble…. I don’t think he has a cat anyway. Having an ambivalent ball of furry hatred that sits on the kitchen counter licking its “special place” while staring at you does not sound like the sort of thing that Mr Nanners would have in his house.

but my favouritest favourite term that caught my eye was this:

‘hot bfbc2 chicks’ …..seriously? The mind boggles. People actually search things like that and expect to find some sort of BFBC2 site dedicated to gaming vixens? I think it’s time that people realised that there are no women on the internet, and definitely no female gamers. Think mermaids. Sailors, surrounded by men in a manly testosterone environment dream of meeting a mermaid while doing manly things. They see one, leap off the ship and swim to the rock to be with their ethereal beloved, only to find it’s a pissed off elephant seal. That’s the internet. If you’re looking for women do it the old fashioned way.

And talking of women….

The YouTube demographics is a bit of pain in the bum. Unlike the wordpress stats which seem to be a snapshot for right now, the YouTube stats only show events after they have happened. Historically the visitors to my YouTube channel that have their status set to ‘female’ (because we already know there are no women on the internet) has stayed at around about 4-6%.

That would actually fit in with the demographic for female FPS gamers who visit YouTube. But when I checked on Monday (I don’t check things like that every day) the female demographic had dipped to 2% for some indeterminate period. There had been a spike in views after Donncha posted one of my vids to Reddit so that could account for the change in the stats (I don’t think there are a lot of ladies on Reddit). However, I had a look there today and suddenly the demographic is 79% male and 21% female. That’s a huge leap, a change of +19% (and an increase of 15% on the average) in a couple of days is fairly significant!

Even more surprising is the predominant age group. The only conclusion I can come to is that I’ve suddenly turned in to the Daniel O’Donnell of the gaming community. But as with all stats, they never tell the whole story so we’ll just have to wait and see how the demographics settle down over the next week.

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…..

Peas and loaves.

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Hupdate (see what I did there?)

Yes, it’s another HogHug update. Play sent me an email earlier letting me know that the Hauppauge HD PVR I won from Geoff through his sasbenjr channel is now in the post:

Do you all still think Monday? Play state 3-5 days, but it’s not a peak postal time so I’m expecting it sooner…

If it arrives tomorrow I may be able to get something up on YouTube before Geoff jets off.

Also of note was Geoff’s webcast thing on Voxli.com. It was good fun. I don’t know how long it had been running for before I joined so I just missed something about Afghanistan, but was in time to find out about three guys one hammer, and a revisit to two girls one cup (both of which I haven’t watched….or will be watching). We all got together for a group screen capture as well. A number of topics were discussed including the imminent BFBC2 patch.

In other news, DarkSydePhil’s channel has been reinstated. Derivative and transformative works for the Copyright win (but don’t forget that YouTube are still god on their own site).

Peas and loaves.

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Mini Update (HogHug)

Play.com are certainly on the ball:

It’s at the packing stage today (Wednesday) which logically means it’ll be dispatched tomorrow (Thursday) – so when do you think it’s going to arrive?

Play.com are usually pretty speedy for delivery, but I reckon it’ll be Monday.

Peas and loaves.

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Teeny Tiny Blog Update #3

This is the Teeny Tiny Blog Geoff Update for week commencing 11-04-2010

The inside Scoop
Geoff’s got some great videos coming up this week:
How to fly a heli including handy hand cam:

Miscellaneous Topics #7/The Paris-Dakar challenge……:

Dual commentary with Jahaczy
High rise dual commentary with vR_Joker_ (aka Wings of Redemption) featuring Geoff’s gameplay

In the meantime, check out his channel (sasbenjr). If you’ve got a youtube/google account then please rate this video as ratings help prevent the planet from spinning off into the sun.

Only 4,625 to go
Geoff’s trying to get 5,000 ratings on his Helicopter Montage video by the end of April. You’d think that having 5,412 subscribers would make that a fairly straightforward challenge…… But that’s YouTube for you. Get clicky with the clicky clicky. Only 18 days left and at this rate he’ll be lucky to hit a thousand ratings.

YouTube Demographics

The above graphic is from the demographics page on my MrCheapkills YouTube channel. I’ve posted it to point out a glaring error in the stats. As you can see, it shows that female viewers to my channel currently sits at 2%. This is obviously wrong. I’ve been on the intertubes for over a decade now, and I can confirm that there are no women on the internet. And that’s a fact.

Peas and loaves.

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Quick Blog Update

This is just a quicky.

Three to Watch Week 6
Three to watch is not likely to be ready by the end of today (Wednesday) as I’ve not had time to put it together this week, plus I only managed to finalise the three peeps to be included yesterday. Unfortunately over the past week a lot of commentators, new and old, have been complaining about pretty much everything so I’ve been trying to find three people with a positive attitude.

This week the Three to Watch will be: Stonefacelock, Erik52193 and, BlackJester40

In case you missed the previous post, I now have a mic for use in BFBC2 (and maybe MW2). It’s a rather sexy GeoTech EX-01. Reasonably priced, but still a hit to the Hauppage Fund.

GeoTech EX-01

And finally…..

Freshly Pressed
Apparently the helper bunnies have been busy today as I got a message from an anonymous source telling me to check out the front page of wordpress.com. It’s not a page that I generally look at even though it is where this blog is hosted so I was surprised to see this:

The best of 288,630 bloggers?

Wahey! Thank you helper bunny, may all your carroty dreams come true.

Peas and loaves.

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Yes, you are looking at the right blog. I think…… Anyway, I got looking around the control panel and decided spruce things up a bit. Made a new header thingy based on my YouTube channel background and trimmed the default widgets to the right.

Gone are all the superfluous bits and pieces and in with a subscribe link and search box – if you are looking at a post on the frontpage. Haven’t worked out how to get this on every page yet…..


If you want to keep up to date with the posts on here then your best option is to subscribe. I assure you that I’m not into spam, or selling your details on to spammers – I’m not even sure if I see the email addresses of people who subscribe here – so you can subscribe in safety. If you do subscribe and find you are getting any crap (other than the crap I post) then let me know straight away. I don’t get anything if you subscribe – it’s purely for your benefit if you like what you read here.

How to Comment
If you want to comment on any of the posts on this blog you will need to have a OpenID. If you are with Google, Yahoo, WordPress, AOL, MySpace or a number of other popular content providers then you may already have an OpenID. So comment away – I like comments.

And lastly – all the links that I put on this blog are direct and aren’t any sort of scam, or affiliate nonsense. They go direct to the content they relate to. If you have any problems with any links let me know.

Peas and loaves.

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Weekly-ish Update Post

So here’s a quick update on what’s been happening in my game related existence:

I’ve now subscribed to 70 YouTubers. Some popular, some YouTube famous and a lot of overlooked and new uploaders. If you’re interested, check my subscriptions list by clicking on the YouTube icon coming up. There’s a lot really good peeps on there, so have a look and show them some love.

Three to Watch
My little montage videos of YouTubers whose videos I particularly enjoy watching has reached week 3. I’m getting positive responses from those that are featured – in most cases the first they hear from me is when I send them a message letting them know. They’re not going to get masses of traffic from my teeny tiny channel but in most cases just that little bit of recognition is a boost for morale in a place as angry and negative as YouTube.

Those featured so far:

Watch the three montages here.

Hauppage Fund
Slowly slowly catchy monkey – apparently. Except the monkey keeps getting bigger and my foot is nailed to the floor 😀 Damned monkeys!
My now ex-surfboard got to its destination so the Hauppage fund is looking a bit healthier:

The hump has been broken so it shouldn’t be long now…..

Search Terms
As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I take note of what searches bring people here and try to accomodate what they’re after as much as possible. Here’s the search terms for the past two days – the majority looking for WoR’s face!

I’ve outlined one search term in red to see if you guys have any thoughts on what it’s referring to. After a quick brain shake of the in games sounds I’m thinking that it might be referring to the Scavenger perk sound? What do you think? And how popular is WoR’s face!?

That’s it in a nutshell. I think that my resolution for the following week is play more and post less. This week I’ve been seriously side tracked by the goings on in the gaming community and its been a bit of a downer. I’ve felt as though some of my posts have been quite negative and I want to avoid that – who wants to be negative, or more importantly – who wants to read a load of negativity? It gets boring and spreads to other things so I’m chucking negativity out the window. Positivity rocks, and rolls – it should be the new rock n roll, or at least the new black.

Peas and loaves.

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