(Video) BFBC2 Highlights 29-05-2010

Original game discussion here

I agree with the people who said before that the Recon kit VSS rifle is crap. A couple of times I had three enemy clustered together and didn’t even get a hit marker – they shouldn’t bother putting sights on this gun as it’s pointless.

After a couple of games of Squad Deathmatch I teamed up with BigPresh (Silent Dave) and we headed to Rush. Obviously a lot of people have been taking tips from WoR about how to play ‘Whore Your KDR’…. I mean Rush because the team we were on didn’t seem to grasp the concept of winning by arming the M-Com stations….

It’s frustrating when you’re pummelling the defenders and providing cover fire only for your team to stand around doing bugger all, or hiding like a bunch of pussies.

Peas and loaves.

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(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Part 1/3

Donncha, Mike and I attempt to hold off the enemy horde on Arica Harbour in this three part video. In part one here Mike and I take control of a tank and attempt to stop the enemy from proceeding in to the base. Although we succeed in doing that the base is ultimately destroyed because of a miscommunication on our squad and a complete lack of interest from the rest of the team.

Part two can be found here

Peas and loaves.

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MW2 Stimulus Pack Walkthrough – SeaNanners

SeaNanners has uploaded a video walkabout on the three new maps in the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2 – Bailout, Storm and, Salvage:

And if you want to see some C4/Supply crate shenanigans in BFBC2 then have a look at the vids in Donncha’s post.

Peas and loaves.

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Blinkin’ Linkin’ Knifin’ Special!

It’s been an awesome couple of days for me, this blog, YouTube and the world in general.

Geoff (sasbenjr) has put the links to both this blog and also Donncha’s in his latests vids which is absolutely amazing. Obviously that means that me and Geoff are totally BFF! Or at least we will be as soon as the judge comes to his senses and quashes the restraining order. In the mean time, I’ll post Geoff’s video from 100 yards away just like the stupid bit of paper says….

BFBC2 tips – cool and the gang, especially the guy pretending to be a police car on Nelson. I think I’m going to have to get Battle Field Bad Company 2 at some point and increase the number of titles in which I get to see a whole lot of killcam. If you haven’t already checked out Geoff’s channel then I highly recommend you do.

Talking of Donncha – he got the scoop on the return of OnlyUseMeBlade in this post. I’d previously posted about OnlyUseMeBlade’s new job that was likely to put him out of action for the forseeable future. Honestly I thought that was the end of OnlyUseMeBlade’s channel. Although I was happy that he was moving onwards and upwards I was a bit sad that his commentaries were probably over. OnlyUseMeBlade fills a gap in the whole YouTube commentary community – he’s always upbeat, doesn’t take it too seriously or complains, and …..only knifes. Some people don’t like him because apparently he started “the craze” for commando and knifing. I think blaming people using Commando on Blade is completely unfair. Especially as Blade continually calls Commando cheap. If there wasn’t any YouTube, or OnlyUseMeBlade, there would still be people running around with the knife.

And on the subject of knifing/commando. I was watching a dual commentary between xBrZz and Tejb when I noticed at the beginning what appears to be a Commando Fail! This interested me because it’s been reported that commando has been tweaked to make it less invincible. What I’d like to know is if the knifing animation hits you – do you die? xBrZz get’s the +50 for the kill at the beginning of the lunge, but the death animation does not start until the lunge is complete. I’ve seen video of commando being killed in a face on attack, but in my experience I’ve ended up knifed. This leads me to believe that although Commando has been adjusted there is still a level of invincibility applicable during the lunge – if your bullets don’t hit at the beginning of the lunge then I think you’ve had your chips.
(commentary audio has been stripped)

Peas and loaves.

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Weekly-ish Update #3

Thursday Thursday Thursday – it’s Weekly-ish Update Day! This is the Reader’s Digest version of what’s gone on in the past week. This is aimed at new visitors to the blog who may not know what’s going on and as a recap not only for you subscribers, but for me as well. It’s nice to get everything in one place and give any little updates that would be missed on the original post.

It’s been an interesting week for the subject of cheating. Premier Call of Duty site codnation.net launched it’s own Boosting/Modded Lobbies section. I initially thought that it was to flag said goings on, but alas it was actually to promote the practice. That made me decide to leave their site and the story is told in the Boosters, Boosting and general disappointment post. I haven’t viewed any of the responses to my Goodbye post on codnation.net, but when I checked the site earlier the Boosting/Modded Lobbies was no longer visible to me. The section is still accessible though so I don’t know what’s going on there.

On the same theme – Wings of Redemption has caused more controversy. This time by allegedly touting the services of a prestige hacker……for a price. The Who is Wings of Redemption post has been updated with that information and given a bit of an overhaul to make it easier to read.

Last on the cheating bus is the announcement from FourZeroTwo on Twitter that they are patching the super fast lobbies. I don’t actually know what these are as it appears they are an Xbox phenomenon, but I do know someone who finds themselves in them all the time

Links, Link Throughs and The Geoff Effect
As I’ve said before it’s a bit of a surprise to me that people not only read this blog, but come back for more. And it’s great! So thanks everyone who has subscribed and those regular visitors and posters. I would like to make special mention to Geoff (sasbenjr) who has harnessed the power of YouTube and sent an ungodly amount of people this way…..twice

Link throughs from Geoff = many peeps

I was happy getting visitor numbers that barely made double digits so seeing this many visits is mind blowing.
Thanks Geoff, and to everyone else who has linked here – the offer still stands regarding graphics for regular contributors (Geoff, Paul, Donncha etc). I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and contribute here so please don’t get offended if I haven’t mentioned you by name.

There are a couple of new blogs in the blogroll on the right (and there are also a couple more blogs that I’m subscribed to but haven’t yet added) that you might like to have a look at.

Big post, Little post?
As I have a tendency to post a load of entries within a short amount of time I was concerned that some of you might not appreciate your inbox being flooded with yet another entry from me. So I put it to the polls and so far it’s overwhelmingly (statistically speaking) in favour of the ad hoc posting as opposed to one massive post per day – and only one Spartacus…..

General Gaming
This was the week that wasn’t. I played more Mario Kart on the Wii than Modern Warfare2, plus I was a bit under the weather with the same thing that everyone else seems to have at the moment – basically a cold. Mario Kart Wii still disappoints me, but it’s not as bad as I initially felt. And now that I’ve gone back to a proper FAL loadout MW2 is no longer the mass of donkey balls it was while using the Acog Scope.

I’ve also been watching quite a few BFBC2 videos and so that may on the cards at some point…..

The Hauppage Fund

Minor set back. Normal service will resume shortly…..

SneakyMode has joined OnlyUseMeBlade and taken a leave of absence from video making. It’s a shame as he was working on a nice interface and then all of a sudden…..gone. Oh, well, good luck to him.

Meanwhile, my channel (MrCheapkills) is bumbling along as usual. Three to Watch is up to Week 5 – and continues to have a positive response. However, I think I’m going to have to diversify a bit and include at the very least BFBC2 vids.

MW2 Stimulus Pack
Xbox beta testers (hehehe)…. only five days to go! PS3 and PC – end of April apparently. I think we’ll see a resurgence of interest in MW2 from this – despite the grumblings that people have about the price. Personally, I’m looking forward to it and will be raiding the penny jar for this DLC. More info here.

Search Terms
Unfortunately I can’t better “phalanges of pterodactyl” in the search terms used to find this blog. For most of the week the search terms have been pretty constant with the top 5 being:
#5 heartbeat sensor noob
#4 modern warfare 2 vs bad company 2
#3 sasbenjr
#2 wings of redemption
#1 mw2 stimulus map pack

That is pretty much it for this week. There are a couple of other posts that have been made on various things. I hope this has found you well, and hasn’t taken up too much time to read. As ever, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and sharing your thoughts with me and the other readers.

Peas and loaves.

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My First Mention in a YouTube Video

I got my first in video mention today from Eight Thoughts. Mainly because I’ve been bugging him to bring back his Chopper Gunner song but the nagging part isn’t really important…..

The video is below, but a word of warning – it’s not safe for work, or minors, or those easily offended, or if you are Tejb, or Tejb’s biggest stalker. Everyone else, have a look:

Thanks Eight. Don’t forget – Harvest Moon by Neil Young for the next vid…..

Peas and loaves.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Three to Watch Week 4 (MW2)

It’s Wednesday, or Three To Watch Day as I prefer to call it. On my YouTube channel you’ll find this weeks Three To Watch clip video where three commentators from my subscription list are featured. This week is different to the first three episodes as I’ve included someone who is on Machinima – but I really enjoyed his commentary.

This week we have:

As usual, visit their channels, and show them some love.

Peas and loaves.

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Good Luck and Bon Voyage Blade (OnlyUseMeBlade)

YouTube Modern Warfare 2 commentator OnlyUseMeBlade has announced in his latest video that he may not be uploading many, if any, videos in the future due to a career change that will take him out of circulation for up to six months at a time.

Good luck to Blade.

Here’s the video where he explains it all:

Peas and loaves.

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Slice the Terminal Pie with sasbenjr

Geoff (sasbenjr – more click throughs than Wings of Redemption or Hutch yesterday!) has two videos up about tactics in Terminal. Specifically staying inside around the metal detector and shop side. It’s not actually two different videos, it’s the same video, but one is a dual commentary with WoodysGamertag

In Modern Warfare 2 there are a couple of maps that I seem to have particular difficulty with: Favela, Skidrow, Wasteland and…Terminal. I don’t know if it’s because I avoid my team mates most of the time, but where ever I go someone has me in their sights or they magically appear behind me. And frustratingly, if I decide I’m going to hold down an area, the other team decide they are going to stay at the other side of the map! So it was nice to see Geoff’s new video and get three commentaries for the price of one.

It was also nice to see inside ‘Burger Town’ or whatever it’s called as I have never actually been in there – that section of the map is like a massive bullet magnet as it’s at the end of not one, but two major corridors. Which is why I tend to avoid it. Maybe I’ll be a bit more adventurous on there now – but it is officially the weekend which means that my K/D is about to go through the floor…..

In the meantime, if you don’t know who sasbenjr or WoodysGamertag are, click on their links and check out their channels – show them some love. For those who don’t like to click on links “I ain’t clicking on no steenking link amigo!” here are the two Terminal videos. If you like them, be sure to rate them if you have a YouTube account.

Geoff’s vid:

And Woody with Geoff:

Peas and loaves.

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BFBC2 Complainers Fall In! and HBS for Noobs update

So Battle Field Bad Company 2 has been out for…… 20 minutes or something like that. And the complaining has started already. Have a look at this vid – but to sum it up “boohoo hitmarkers, bullets not hitting, I get dead, Medic class needs to be removed or nerfed”:

So BFBC2 is the same shit, different title? Or is it more a case of same whingers, different title?

I have a solution however. To the many game developers out there who obviously hang off my every word – forget all this modern warfare type stuff, forget World War 2, forget weapons, perks and abilities and develop ‘Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack” it’s a Stoneage first person combat simulator where your character has the exact same abilities as everyone else i.e. none, and the only weapon is a tree branch. The goal of the game is to find your opponent, go toe to toe and bash each other over the head. There are also no campers as every time you stop, your character let’s out a primordial scream that attracts the attention of the hovering Harrier Angry Pterodactyl. Should you stay in the same area for more than five seconds a meteorite will hit you.

“Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack” should be available by this time next Tuesday. Maybe all the complainers will switch to playing that and allow those of us who enjoy diversity to continue enjoying our chosen games in peace.

And following on from my previous Heart Beat Sensor for noobs postSeaNanners has obviously been following this blog as if it was some sort of sacred text and has uploaded a HBS/throwing knife video which he dual commentates with OnlyUseMeBlade:

That is all. Carry on.

Peas and loaves.

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