Back on XBoxLive..

Yes Donncha I did pay for XBL through gritted teeth. Paying for the privilege of allowing a device that I’ve fully paid for to utilise the online activities of a game that I’ve paid for, using an internet connection that I’ve already paid for. Gah!

The last time I played anything on XBL was probably CoD4 back in about 2007/8 before the machine got the RRoD and was duly sent off to Microsoft for repair. While it was away I purchased an PS3 (which was always my first choice, but Sony took soooo long to release it I opted for the Xbox) and never looked back. Paying for online gaming? Pfffft!

So PSN is up the tubes and my PC can’t handle BFBC2, what else am I supposed to do? It’s cheaper to get BFBC2 on Xbox and pay for Live than it would be to upgrade my machine to BFBC2 standards. There’s also two other factors in that I know a lot of people now who play Xbox, and my hands are no longer used to playing keyboard and mouse so it gets uncomfortable after about half an hour or so (when I used to be online PC gaming for hours…).

The PC works great for L4D2 and TF2 with TyeWebb, Donncha, DrunkinDunkin, Shaz and anyone else who cares to join. In fact Donncha and I went head to head last night on TF2 where he showed me what a no scope rocket aimbot is like (/wink).

But anyway, back to Xbox and BFBC2. I’ve been tweeting about going on Xbox mainly due to the length of time PSN has been down and last night I managed it. Although my PVR is not happy with the Xbox so I’ll need to play with some settings there.

Differences between Xbox and PS3? Not being able to throw a grenade when you spawn? Had trouble with that on Xbox but it’s not something that I ever noticed on the PS3 but had plenty of occasions last night where I needed to do it… and it wouldn’t, for a good 3-5 seconds after spawn.

Other than that, there’s the same level of non-objective playing point whoring, K/D obsessed, bush wookie jessies as there are on PS3 (and I imagine PC). In the two games I played of Conquest as a level 0 I came in the top three first game, and top the second for the simple reason that I was playing the objective.

So here’s the vid of the very first game, edited and sped up to prevent boredom. No commentary, just Team Medic Justice:

If you’re on Xbox then send me a FR: MrCheapKills

Peas and loaves.

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Which Gaming Platform?

Every now and then the format wars raise their ugly heads with the respective fanboys venting their spleens at anyone who slights their chose idol. PC vs MAC vs Xbox vs Playstation vs WII……

Well here’s my take on it. Obviously this is my opinion, and your opinion may differ, but that doesn’t mean that we have to have a no holds barred deathmatch to resolve the issue because you know what – it really doesn’t matter which lump of plastic any of like best. What matters is whether or not we have fun with it.

I started out on PCs – customisable, upgradeable, infinitely tweakable: rocking! Except that all that freedom allows douchebag cheaters to pretty much do what they like. I still use a PC for many things – writing this for example, doing audio/visual stuff and whatnot, but not playing games anymore. It gets too expensive and takes up too much time trying to stay somewhere near the top of the game in terms of specs. If PC gaming is your thing – great. Keyboard and mouse – love it!

I had a PS1, then the PS2…….then Sony kept delaying the launch of the PS3 so I got an Xbox360. I hadn’t had an Xbox and I’d never paid to play a game online before. The console I liked, Microsofts content policy I never liked. I paid for the console, I paid for the game, I paid for my internet connection…..and now you want me to pay to have the ability to play the game online!? That must be to connect to their super fast dedicated servers right? What!? No dedicated servers! I’m paying to have the ability to play on someone else’s Xbox and be at the mercy of not only their connection, but their whim as well….that doesn’t seem like such a good deal to me! So when the Red Ring of Death appeared and the Xbox was shipped to the fabled land of RepairCentreville I got a PS3.

So the PS3 is my main console – it’s part of the media centre actually as it’s also a blu-ray player and streams media from the computers without any problems. It’s also free to play online via the PSN – which makes shitty connections and petulant rage quitting more acceptable than when you are forced to pay for the privilege.

As to which is better between the 360 and PS3 – I prefer the 360 controllers, I prefer the flexibility of the PS3. If I could I would mate them and create a bastard child of Sony and Microsoft and christen it the PS360. It would be awesome and I would be hailed as a god, only for me to abuse my power and destroy the earth while trying to create a console-cum-toasted sandwich maker.

But wait, I haven’t mentioned the WII. I know. I have, or rather my daughter has, a WII too. WII Sports, or any ACTUAL Nintendo title – wicked. Pretty much everything else – dung. You can’t compare the WII to other consoles, it’s like trying to compare Wind Surfing with Racquet Ball.

Anyway, that’s my shorty post after my mammoth ping offering. I’m going to shoot people in the face for half an hour.

Peas and loaves.

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Top 3 spots on Google

I’ve been on the internet for just over a decade and been making and involved with websites for a large proportion of that but this is the first time that I, or my content has had the top three results for any search term other than the site name.

Currently, on Google, my Wings v Ken video and this blog are in the top three slots for the search query “Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton” – how cool is that:

Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton Google results

Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton Google results

Now if I can just replicate that success on my proper websites I can retire this time next Tuesday.

And in other news, tejb is officially NOT dead. Although he may as well be dead to the Xbox360 community – he’s bought a PS3 and has been playing Heavy Rain:

Xbox vs Playstation – why choose? Get both!

Peas and loaves.

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