Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

I’m thinking of entering ‘Lament for the Living’ into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award thingy.  What is that? I hear you ask. Well my friend, I’ll tell you….

I don’t really know. I think it’s a lot of self promotion and blah blah blahing with some sort of prize at the end that may or may not result in fulfilling my wildest dreams. No, wait, thinking about it that was winning the lottery and becoming uncontested ruler of the world, which I think is outside the scope of the Breakthrough Novel Award.

Considering that the Amazon best sellers list ranges from romance to literary porn I don’t really see ‘Lament for the Living’ making much of an impact, but let’s give it a go anyway.

This is where you come in, oh faithful reader and confidante. I have to include an excerpt of the book in the application. So from you I would like suggestions of which section you enjoyed the most, what part had the biggest impact on you, what scene really gripped you?

You don’t need to remember what chapter, paragraph, line etc., just drop a comment saying something like “The bit where…..” and I’ll know what you’re on about.

Thanks for your input and your continued support.

All the best


The Long Road

Book 2 of Lament for the Living is underway.  Still untitled, I’ve drafted the first couple of chapters and then realised that I’m going to need a bigger boat.

Yup, the story line (or lines) in book 2 are much larger than in book 1, and to fit everything in in order for it to all come together in the final book I’ve had to go native with a pencil and paper to flow chart and plot out what’s going on.

With a host of new characters entering the story, new locations and new motivations, things are going to get interesting.


Signed Copies Available

I’ve just created a new page on tbfmedia (the publisher site) for the purchase of signed copies of Lament for the Living.

I’m expecting a new stock of books on the 22nd of July, so this a pre-order service.  All signed copies are numbered and individually marked to ensure future traceability.

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy then pop over to:


Proof Copy Received – Lament for the Living

I received the physical proof copy of ‘Lament for the Living’ today.  And here it is:


I am very pleased with how it has turned out.

If you’d like to get your very own paperback copy then you can get it from here:

For all other ebook formats then check out the official publisher’s page:

For those new to the party:  Lament for the Living is a post-zombie-apocalypse story of the survivors.  If you’ve had enough of special forces bad asses using their massive arsenal of weapons to battle their way through hordes of undead, then this is the book for you.  It’s all about the normal people and their struggles with survival in this new dystopian world.

And the Beat Goes On.

Tadadadaaaaaaa ‘Lament for the Living’ is out.  The first book in the Lament for the Living series that follows the Survivors of a zombie.  It’s also one of the few zombie books written by a British author, and set in the UK (Wales to be precise).

Here be the links to said tome:

So far it’s been read in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada and is even being perused by the Man in the Mun!

The release of ‘Lament for the Living’ coincided with the one year anniversary of ‘The Deluge of Elias’ which is FREEEEEEE this weekend as a double whammy celebration.

Along with promoting these titles over social media, I’ve also starting writing the next release which is a prequel to ‘The Deluge of Elias’.  Set roughly now, the new (as yet untitled) book covers the cataclysm that leaves the inhabitants of The Dome as the only surviving humans.  This first book in the series covers the cataclysm, aftermath, and the survivors realisation they are the last humans, and everything else is gone.

It’s all very exciting.

Find my other work here:

Have a great weekend peeps.

More Minecraft?

Considering all the attention that the BF3 beta is getting, I’m sure it’s a surprise that I’m putting my attention in to Minecraft. Well, it’s a distraction from all the issues in the community for a start, plus I never had enough Lego as a child.

Earlier today Donncha turned mobs on on the server. For those not familiar with Minecraft, mobs are beasties. Zombies, spiders, creepers, eldermen and skeletons. Their sole purpose is to ruin your day, which is a bit hard to do when you can’t take any damage (Creative Mode).

For some reason every time night fell (when the mobs come out) they’d head up my pyramid. Probably because “it’s there”.

So here is my first encounter with the mobs on the server:

For the majority of mobs, they burst in to flames when the sun comes out, unless they are somewhere nice and dark…. what’s that? Oh, underneath my part finished pyramid is probably nice and dark? Yeah, I hadn’t considered that….

But mobs be damned! Especially the eldermen who kept stealing blocks from my pyramid (although Donncha has since sorted that so they only steal “natural” blocks). My pyramid is complete!

We’re cooking now.

Augmented Reality – the healthy way to eat sweets

In my last video on YouTube I mentioned sweets and asked what the viewers liked to eat, sweetie-wise. If you missed the video, then here it is [cue shameless self promotion]

The responses I had were varied and there seems to be a difference in what sweets are between the US and Europe. Sweets to us are what Americans call candy, but it’s all good – I learned about some different types of cake. Mmmm cake.

Which brings me neatly on to exactly what this post is about. I’m one of those lucky people who doesn’t tend to put weight on. You can’t fatten a thoroughbred, or so the saying goes (although I think it has more to do with the fact that I have a very healthy relationship to food).

But what if you’re a gamer who’s not really getting enough exercise and you spend all your time popping Skittles. As your belly bursts through another pair of sweat pants you check on your favourite tech shopping site and find this:

Augmented reality – blurring the doors of perception in 2010.

I think that it’s pretty cool, and halfway through I did get a little bit excited. But then I realised something….. I don’t play video games to run around the room or scoot around a table. I spend enough time running around as it is. There’s a Nintendo Wii gathering dust on the shelf because I (and we in the house) play games to relax. Punching the wife in the face while pulling my hamstring might be fun for certain sectors of society, and footballers (translation: soccer players), but that’s not what gaming is about for me.

The concept is really interesting, and integrating Skittles is a fantastic marketing and advertising tool (they must have vetoed the Pepsi Riot Cannon in earlier drafts). I don’t know if anyone remembered many years ago Barcode Battler…. I didn’t have it or its many clones but over the years there have been many variations upon the theme of using everyday resources to empower your toy. This Augmented Reality concept could very well be the next step and a real way for companies to increase their visibility and relevance using technology and games (if augmented reality applications become common place).

Peas and loaves.

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