Facepalm and Kontrol Freeks FPS

The facepalm bit:

^^ that’s all I have to say. Maybe I should start up a Rings of Wedemption fanclub, I seem to get all his search traffic anyway – and I’m not going to be using his name anywhere on this post, or in the tags as I’d really like for the search traffic to be about gaming rather than him and Ben Kurton (see what I did there – sneaky AND clever. Take that search engine terms!).

And the Kontrol Freeks bit:

My fellow blogging pal Donncha has previously posted about them. But now it seems that the Kontrol Freeks FPS band wagon has rolled into town and everyone is on it. Especially as there’s commission to be made. The number of YouTuber’s who have done “reviews” on it over the past weeks has been frankly staggering. Reviews range from “These things are the best thing since thumbs” to “They’re good, they’re not my thing, but a lot of other people are really into them” – but that’s probably because for every unit they help shift they get some coin.
So here’s my review: Logically, the concept is sound. But do you really need to buy them or could you make something similar using easily available household items and achieve the same results? Well, stay tuned for that because I’m going old school, I’m watching Blue Peter and I have an adult handy to do any cutting out for me!

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Facepalm and Kontrol Freeks FPS

  1. Ha! First it was those toolbars that they wanted to stuff down our throats despite the fact they were being paid by machinima, and now it’s affiliate links. I guess it was bound to happen.

    Unfortunately when people are used to getting everything for free they’ll object if there’s even a mention of monetisation. It’s sad because if the authors get money it’ll encourage them to produce more high quality videos. I saw a COD forum thread where people were taking the piss out of Youtube authors who asked for donations.

    Reviewing a product and offering an affiliate code is a joke though. At least you know my review is honest. Good luck building your own 🙂

    • There’s nothing wrong with milking it from suppliers – if they want to send people stuff in the hope of a mention then great, and kudos to those successful enough to be sent gear. I know I wouldn’t turn down the chance to ‘test’ stuff. But some of the peeps out there really treat the viewer as though they came down in the last shower.

      I’ve not downloaded any toolbars – I never do. My screen space is at a premium and I don’t need it further encroached by some other third party doo-dah that could also be doing who knows what behind the scenes.

      As for the build – there’s no building needed. No equipment, I was getting dinner sorted after seeing another review and something I saw in the kitchen made me think…..hang on just a tick! But I’ve said too much already. It’ll probably be tomorrow that I post my creation….

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