MOH Beta

Today one of the guys from YouTube gave me a code for the Beta of Medal of Honor from EA/DICE which is awesome in itself. I’ve never played the beta of any game before so this is two firsts in one for me.

I got it all sorted out without any problem – I guess I must be lucky due to the amount of people complaining about not being able to get in to the beta, or it could be that DICE have done some tweaking. I had a quick partial game of whatever the conquest type mode was on Helmand playing as the locals. It was only a quick game to make sure it was all working okay.

When I spawned it was to the losing side – DICE at its finest – and quickly found that pretty much everything is different to both MW2 and BFBC2. The Americans(?) were attacking and they were in their tank. It shot me in the face a number of times while I tried to hit it with the 40mm grenade launcher until my daughter helpfully said during one of my numerous spawns “Why don’t you play as that guy with the thing on his back?”. I’d been choosing the assault class each time, not realising that the ‘special ops’ class had an RPG! It is a bit silly though – I would have thought that Spec-ops would be have been some sort of sneaky mode class – not a KABLAMMMO LOOK AT ME OVER HERE class. But I digress.

Over all my initial taste was fairly frustrating, but that’s down to me for the most part. I’ll be playing it later and recording it in order to give my view of the beta so far.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “MOH Beta

  1. Ok gonna do some defending here. It wasn’t a DICE problem getting the Beta. Its an EA owned website that failed so its completely on them. I have played a few betas and neve had to go to a site to get my PSN code. Just a stupid way of doing it.

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