DSP and Machinima and Hutch, oh my!

Everyone loves a bit of drama. Some of it is manufactured, some of it is because some people have zero social skills and some of it is caused because opinions and the perception of “facts” fail to mesh. Add some pride and you can get yourself a doozy! (btw, the first two ’causes’ of drama are not relevant here, they’re just included for reference).

DSP – also known as Dark Syde Phil or The King of Hate HD (never really got that one as there’s not much proper hate in his videos) posted an “Inbox” vid. It’s the standard Question and Answer format that people seem to enjoy – you know, you send them a question, they read it out and give you a response but the only thing that you pay attention to is that they’ve read your name out!

Now he answered a question about being on Machinima and/or being partnered with Machinima. For the most part, and from what I understand about Machinima contracts, he’s correct in what he says. Not so sure about the Machinima Partnership bit though. So that you can get an idea of what I’m on about, here’s the vid (skip to 8.50 – and it goes on for about 10 minutes as DSP can’t half talk…):

From what I understand, Machinima has put the partnership umbrella over certain channels which is different to being actual partners and judging by the “watch the ads or GTFO my channel” attitude of at least one of the “partners” it would seem that the channel owners do get a cut of the advertising revenue. In that case DSP would appear to be mistaken. As for the rest of his opinion on Machinima – well, I don’t think he’s far off the mark.

It would seem that currently Machinima is in a state of flux. MW2 is on its way out and there’s a glut of new games on the horizon. Plus many of the established “stars” are splintering off to do their own thing, or set up rival enterprises, some are leaving gaming and others are losing their appeal. Over the past couple of months Machinima has signed a massive amount of new directors of varying quality. My only thought on that is that they’re scooping up as much fresh blood as possible to ensure they have enough content when the new games are released, and the most successful of those will get priority of the fifty million other directors on there.

But anyhoo – I digress. Back to the drama. So Hutch saw the vid, or was told about the vid and blew a gasket (I imagine).

There was also a video response, but I missed that as Hutch removed it, I only caught the aftermath vid:

So pride caused an overzealous defence of Machinima from Hutch. That’s fair enough. But after watching the DSP video and reading Hutch’s tweets it seems that he’s basically confirming what DSP said! Other than the current partnership issue, DSPs reasons for NOT going with Machinima were what Hutch said happened. Machinima wouldn’t feature his vids in the way he wanted them to, plus he didn’t want to go through the hassle of adding the pre and post roll Machinima clips (and it is a hassle adding in other peoples content).

Drama drama drama. I wonder how many extra views and advertising impressions both channels have received from that….

*EDIT* Skip to 6.22 for rant (not sure if this is the vid that was meant to be removed or what):

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “DSP and Machinima and Hutch, oh my!

  1. I believe there was a video posted in between those 2 and that’s the one Hutch took down. I didn’t watch it but I did see something else up for a brief period of time.

    I mostly agree with DSP’s take on the quality of Machinima, at this point it might as well be called MW2 Respawn. But his logic for not posting to Machinima seems a bit odd in my opinion. Basically he was too lazy to put in a little extra work, but that’s his decision and he can do want he wants.

    I actually don’t think DSP’s style would have worked on Machinima anyway, the guy posts hours and hours of videos for each game. I don’t see much of the Machinima audience devoting hours to watching his playthroughs.

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