Quick Update Post

Hmm, seems Sunday is my day for quick update posts….or am I confusing Sunday with another day – well, it has a ‘y’ in it, so why not?

1 – Tejbz is dead. Yup, sorry to break it to you, but our favourite Ikea flatpack meatball was killed by the Origami killer while doing a commentary. I’m very upset – he promised his HD PVR to someone else……
Luckily there’s footage, which you’ll find……here:

2 – I messed up on my last post about the video intro by putting the YouTube upload as private. I stupidly thought that making it private only stopped it from showing up on YouTube search – but no, it makes it verbotten for everyone! Anyway, check it out here (it’s fairly crappy).

3 – Why am I doing a video intro? I’m going to jump on that rusty old bandwagon until the wheels fall off. When I get some quiet time in the house I’m going to give commentating a go and video some more gameplay – if you missed the first (and shame on you if you did) you can find it here. Which brings us nicely on to……

4 – “Hey dude the quality of that video sucked, and you suck, you sucky suck jockey go and suck your……” well you get the picture, and I get the picture, and the flicker and what not. I know, the video quality is fairly bad, which is why I’m going to save the pennies to get the HD PVR which I mention here. More to come on that in the near future.

5 – The majority of traffic to this blog is still coming from people searching KEN v Wings, or WING v KEN. So, to make it easier for those late to the party (1) there are no sausage rolls left (2) the complete saga can be found:
Here – Wings of Redemption’s initial journey to Doucheville
Here – Clean up gaming with Ken
Here – good vs evil, will Douche Vader triumph over Obi Ken?
Here – does this make me a legitimate source of information on the subject? No.

6 – and lastly. I’ve added a lot more YouTube commentators so I’ll be doing a “Part Deux plus Uno” to the MW2 YouTube Peeps posts – which you can find…….wait for it……here!

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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