A Bit of a Catch Up

Right I’ve got a couple of things to post about, so let’s get going:

More Choice, More Variety: Non-English Language Commentary

I think it’s important that there’s variety of choice in most things (as long as there’s quality too – no one wants a choice of brainsurgeon ranging from world class, to comes bottom of his class when playing ‘Operation’…) and so when I’ve had people message me about setting up their channels I always give them the same advice:

Do it because you enjoy doing it
Do your own thing, be your own person

Being a UK/Europe guy another topic that pops up from time to time is “I’m from [insert country] and I’d like to do commentary but they have to be in English….” This seems to be a misconception. Sure, if you want to reach the widest audience then doing it in English is going to help out, but I think it’s something of a shame that more people don’t commentate in their native language. It’s definitely a good way of gaining confidence should that person then decide to move on to English language commentary.

I may be odd, but I quite enjoy watching/listening to non-English commentaries. Anyone else?
In the meantime (I tweeted this the other day) for Polish language commentary ThrashHMG has begun putting up commentaries (BFBC2 at the moment):

Powodzenia Thrash, Twój komentarz brzmi świetnie do tej pory (google translate, so apologies for any errors).

MrCheapKills PSN Account

When Vietnam came out I had trouble with the PSN store not accepting my card to the point where it locked my account of the transaction area all together. Sony (non)support were enthusiastic, but ultimately useless and so (with prompting from Donncha) I thought “I’ll just create a new account, download it and play on that!” By some fluke, MrCheapKills was available so I registered with that.

Vietnam downloaded and I was ready to go….. except for one fatal flaw: no VIP codes. Dagnabbit! Well yesterday my pal Nintendo Mike came round for some beer and gaming. He’s a much keener gamer than me and generally beats me on everything we play…. except CoD4. I put that in last, 1v1 and I was like a god! I know it’s not much fun getting beat so we then played some co-op World at War and zombies, then a bit of Spec-Ops on MW2. So what’s this got to do with MrCheapKills?

When Mike had left I thought I’d have a go on MW2 for probably on the second time since I got BFBC2. So MrCheapKills – total noob, level 0 and the first lobby I join….. and infection/hack/something lobby!? Double-You-Tee-Eff! I didn’t think they had them on the PS3. Anyway, as I’m curious about these things I stayed for a look around:

None of that video is speeded up, or edited, that’s how it was – as soon as the game started and I saw what it was I hit record.

It just seems completely pointless to me, and I’m glad I don’t play MW2 anymore, especially as the the next game I got in to was a pro-pipe extravaganza on Terminal. It’s a bit hypocritical for me to have a go at pro-pipers, but the game has been out sooooo long that surely people are bored with that sort of thing now?

Right, so on to what this has to do with MrCheapKills….. after the debacle that was MW2 I decided to play some Level Zero BFBC2 non-VIP. SDM I go and find that level Zero must be where all the CoD players live as the first “conversation” I had was this:

Australian Kid: Anyone got a mic?
Me: Yup
Australian Kid: Where are you from?
Me: UK
Australian Kid: Cool, I’m from Australia
Me: That’s good to hear
…..couple of minutes later
Australian Kid: Hey, UK guy?
Me: Yeah?
Australian Kid: Are you gay?
Me: Erm, no. Do you wish I was gay?
Australian Kid: NO! Why would you say that?!
Me: Well why would you ask if I was gay?
Australian Kid: I don’t know
Me: Well it was you who asked the question so you should know…
Australian Kid: Well it’s just that most UK people are gay.
Me: Of course, I’d forgotten about that.
*leave game*

So then Duck joined me and we created havoc among the hard of thinking. We even spent some time being bush wookiees on Laguna Presa as that is what all the cool kids do. I even got a cool long quick scope on a medic who must have been new as he shot his LMG everywhere around me, but not really at me. It was fun, but a bit like playing against bad AI for the most part. Even the high ranking players (level 46) tended to be not very good – and that’s something coming from me!

Video to follow

Okay so here’s what it’s all got to do with MrCheapKills. My main account in PSN is going to remain as evaDlivE as that is where all my DLC access. But for future games I’m thinking that I’m going to be using the MrCheapKills account to tie things in a bit better. Hmmm, took me long enough to say that.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

World at War Makes Me Rage Quit

I bought World at War last October-ish (2009) and it was actually my step back in to gaming after a long hiatus. By the time I got it it was already coming to the end of its commercial life with the release of Modern Warfare 2. I wasn’t particularly interested in the game itself as it was the zombies mode that attracted me to it (yes, I’m shallow).

Playing the multiplayer game types was a major pain in the ass as I didn’t have the map packs so spent most of my time in the lobby getting kicked. There was also no way that I was going to fork out for content for a game that I wasn’t interested in. So my multiplayer experience was pretty much limited to the co-op modes – campaign and zombies. Pretty linear. In the end, I traded in World at War to get BFBC2.

Recently, through the medium of peer pressure, I re-purchased World at War. It was only a tenner, and who knows, maybe playing it with a group of online friends would make a decent game to play. That’s a great thought, but no. The multiplayer experience leaves me wanting to simultaneously throw my controller at the TV and kick the dog.

Here’s my problem(s):

1 – YOU CAN’T MUTE PEOPLE IN THE LOBBY! Oh, for the love of god….why!? Why did Treyarch decide that you had to endure whistling, singing, and various other flavours of mic abuse until you actually got in to the game itself before you could mute anyone…… only to have them unmuted at the end of the game? If you could send a slap over the internet my connection would have melted last night. I’m sorry, but being able to mute people is the most basic of options. Having to take my earthingy off until the game starts does not bode well.

2 – It’s lagtastic. Even when I’ve apparently got four bars this happens. I turn a corner, a head pops up, there is a SINGLE flash and I’m dead. The killcam shows this sequence of events though. The player runs around a corner and I’m sauntering along without a care in the world. I bend down to smell the sweet scent of some wild flowers that are growing nearby. As the player takes aim at me with their MP40 a bluebird lands on my shoulder. Just as I’m about to break in to song the other player opens fire, initially shooting everywhere but me finally filling me full of hot Nazi lead. Funny, from my perspective he only fired one shot…..

3 – Spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die, dogs, artillery banana bullets. Okay, the spawn/die thing could be resolved by “stop QQing and get better” – but let’s be realistic here: I’m not going to spend a million hours on this laggy mess of a game just so that I don’t get owned. My e-peen is big enough that I don’t need to be good at a game to feel good about myself, because frankly, I’m awesome with sauce on top (I’m just crap at video games). There’s things that you can change and things you can’t. I could learn the maps, find all the spots for pwning teh noobs, but that’s not going to change the fact that World at War is a game that I am never going to enjoy.

I’m a ping whore, I always have been and one of the hardest things for me to come to terms with when I changed from PC to console gaming was not knowing what my ping is. The four bar setup means nothing. But chances are that the developers decided to use that instead of showing actual ping because of the amount of gamers who would disconnect as soon as their connection showed more than 60-70ms. Connection based games are great – if the connection is in your favour (and so far that has not happened in a single game of World at War).

Nazi Zombies and co-op mode – fine. I’m down with that, but I won’t be playing multiplayer. I play games to have fun, not have my ears bleed in the lobby and then spend more time watching the kill cam than actually playing.

Yes, this is just a massive whinge because I’m no good at the game. But chances are, I’m not going to be playing many connection dependent games – especially those that have such a simple attitude towards the physics of things like bullet travel time (MW2 compared to BFBC2 – MW2: whoever fires first gets the hit, BFBC2: all bullets count, even after death). I’ll be happy to join in on a game, but I won’t be going out of my way to play them.

Peas and loaves

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MOH Beta, BFBC2 Onslaught, Stardust HD

Medal of Honor Closed Beta

The MOH Closed Beta has been patched to resolve the freezing glitch when you get a three killstreak (but I’m guessing that anyone who has access to it already knows that, so this is for those who don’t but are interested anyway). I’m not sure when it was patched, last week at some point, US first and then the EU later.

When it is released I won’t be buying it.

The main reasons for my decision are that it’s essentially a lagtastic campathon. I don’t know if one has caused the other, or that the maps/gametypes have caused it, but either way it’s not my bag.

In my first impressions post I tried to remain neutral on most things as I was not able to play it properly due to the freezing problem that somehow managed to get through EA/DICE QA (*ahem*). But now that I’ve had a chance to give it more of a bash I’ve realised that in my opinion it’s like a movie spin off title: It looks pretty, is full of promise, but is fairly crappy and will only appeal to a couple of demographics – those who buy every new title that comes out in a series, or from a certain developer regardless of quality, and those who are bought it as a gift instead of the game they actually asked for.

When it comes out, I’d suggest you rent it to try it…….. oh snap! You won’t be able to because EA will probably have brought in that thing they want to do to cut down on after market sales where you’ll have to pay $10 or £8000000 for online access of the game unless you are the original purchaser. Maybe they won’t. But when it comes to customer care versus making a buck, in my experience, EA choose the dollar (and dollar chasing can be the only reason that explains why they would release the bastard child of BFBC2 and MW2).

Battlefield Onslaught

Previously I was fairly negative about Onslaught. I’m still fairly negative about it for the same reasons – it should have been included at retail, and it’s too easy with retarded AI. But since I’ve given up on public online matches at the moment due to C4/Mine/M60/AN-94/Magnum Ammo abuse I hopped in to Onslaught mode. Donncha had previously posted about Swordsmanx75’s self limiting challenges on the game mode to make it more interesting so I set up a private match and had a go solo using the M95 sniper only on Isla Inocentes.

Now I’m no military tactician, but I do know that if I was choosing a battle I certainly wouldn’t want to be fighting in to the setting/rising sun…. but that’s how it is on Isla which makes sniping very very difficult (I wasn’t being recon, I was being an out and out filthy sniper). So I took the Blackhawk up to the top of the hill and laid waste using the minigun until a Hind turned up. Surely that’s cheating! Anyway, the M95 is no match for Hind so had to swap to engineer to take it out. I still used the sniper kit for most of the game, using downed Assault class ammo boxes to replenish my ammo when needed. The AI is still retarded though. There were times where the enemy were running straight past me.

I think that this is going to be the preferred BFBC2 mode for the time being.

StarDust HD

Because I don’t stay up to date with the majority of what is going on I rely on people like Mike and Donncha who are much more up on certain aspects of the gaming world. Donncha posted yesterday(?) about StardustHD – a PS3 exclusive game. It’s essentially Asteroids meets Ikaruga (but without the Ikaruga uber-madness) and provides a welcome distraction from FPS. Sometimes it’s fun to just blow stuff up in orbit. I downloaded the demo and will be looking to get the complete game once I work out what the difference between the special offer £2.49 version (complete game) and the £6.49 Complete Game complete game…..


Sub4sub…… What is the fixation on having oodles of subscribers (even if you don’t actually upload anything)? It’s like KDR: outside of the interwebs it means nothing. Having x-amount of subscribers is not something that you can put in your CV or job application, and it’s not going to make you a hit with the ladies (unlike KDR….) Having people subscribe to you is great – but it’s not, and should not be, the main reason for starting a channel.

My channel is there because I enjoy gaming and want to share that with others. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Geoff, Donncha, Mike, Gary, Andres, Cards, Eight and everyone else who get in touch and contribute here and on the channel (don’t get in a huff if I haven’t mentioned you personally – you know who you are). That’s wonderful, and it’s fantastic that you guys are out there, being you. That to me is more important than anything else. So thanks everyone, friends, subscribers, squad mates, and all other variations upon the theme of acquaintanceship (wow, that’s a real word!).

Peas and loaves

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DLC… again?!

I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

I am going to be revisiting some ‘issues’ that I’ve gone over previously due to the release of the BRAND NEW *ahem* Onslaught DLC for Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I haven’t turned the PS3 on since it came out so I don’t know how much it is, a couple of quid maybe, but to me: it’s too much. I’m not buying it. Simple as that. As far as I’m concerned it’s not worth the money, and while EA/DICE continue to leave other issues unresolved why should I give them more money to play a game mode that should have been included at retail anyway?

Pay to play co-op mode? Come on, seriously? What is the replay value of that? Those of you who have Modern Warfare 2 – how many times do you actually play the co-op missions on that (you know, the ones that were free at point of sale)?

From what Donncha was saying about the Onslaught pack it’s useful to hone your vehicle and/or sniping skills so you’re also paying for the training level that should also have been included in the original game!

You don’t get any new maps, just some different lighting/weather. Big fat hairy deal – if you play GTAIV the lighting and weather changes in that…. FOR FREE. I really don’t see the value for money. And talking of money, where does the money that people pay for the Spectat Kits and this Onslaught Pack actually go? It obviously doesn’t go to sorting out the servers.

Donncha also mentioned about an issue with lag when he was playing. StoneFaceLock is constantly complaining about lag, and even ooogbilly has now put up a vid showing lag problems:

This is the very reason why I avoided EA for over half a decade. They only respond to dollars and not feedback from the community. While people continue to give them cash for essentially nothing (and this applies to all developers/publishers – not just EA/DICE) they’ll continue to go “Ka-Ching! Would you like some fancy pants to go with that?”.

I did consider getting Onslaught because Donncha, Mike, Geoff, Gary and probably everyone else is getting it and it would’ve been fun to give it a go – but decided against it when I realised that EA/DICE have effectively offered nothing for the money. No new maps. Your scrore in Onslaught doesn’t count towards anything. The servers are still laggy (or empty if you play after midnight due to the EU/US segregation) and let’s be honest, co-op mode should have been included out of the box.

When EA/DICE actually offer something that provides value for money then I’ll get it. But currently we’re been spoonfed shit and being told it’s caviar. I’m not swallowing that.

Peas and loaves.

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Miscellaneous Search Topics

As is usually the case, just as I make a post saying that there are no interesting search topics a bus load rolls in. They’re not particularly earth shaking in their content, but they do represent queries that I think I’ve touched on in other posts, but not necessarily covered properly – and now post patch BFBC2 means that some subjects need to be revisited.

These queries are lifted straight from the search results:

Query: “can i stop people from joining my squad”

Yes….. and no. When you start the game, choose “Play With Friends” and then click Create Squad. You’ll now be in your very own squad, and you can either invite your friends, or head to a game on your own – but people on your Friends List will still be able to hop in to your squad. So you can stop random people joining your squad but not your friends.

Query: “can you get in trouble boosting in mw2”
Officially, anyone found to be boosting/hacking will be banned by XBL or PSN. In reality this doesn’t happen. Personally I’d prefer it if Chuck Norris kicked in your door and round housed you in to next week for being a pathetic douche. But life isn’t perfect so losers will continue to boost and ruin the games of those people who actually want to get achievements and attachments by *gasp* achieving them properly.

Query: “how do you lock on with the carl gustav?”
The Carl Gustav and RPG-7 both have the ability to lock on to a tracer dart. So the first thing needed is a traced vehicle (or soldier). A traced vehicle or person will have a red square reticule on it (similar to the one you see when using a stationary AT or the AT-4) you need to aim your CarlG/RPG-7 at the red square until a distance appears in white letters. When you see this you are locked on and can fire. The rocket will fire by the directest route – so if there are any obstacles in the way (including your own team) your missile will hit them instead of the target. Although once locked on you can shoot over or around obstacles. This video shows the tracer gun pre-patch hence leading the chopper. You then see him shoot ‘around’ the terrain to get the heli kill:

Query: “bfbc2 tracer dart how to use/tracer how to use dart in bfbc2”

Since the patch the tracer dart moves much faster in BFBC2 now so you no longer need to lead the vehicles as much as previously. The dart is now probably on a par with the speed of a sniper rifle round (anyone got any advances on that notion?), but still has no gravity pull/drop off. When you successfully trace a vehicle/person you’ll get the notification on screen and some points….. and then even more points if that vehicle/person is then given a heavy dose of RPG PAIN!!!!

Query: “bfbc2 how to get c4 on assault”
In order to use C4 with any other kit than the Recon Class you need to use an All-Kit weapon. If you’re starting out then these will be shotguns, but later you will be able to access the M1A1, M14 and G3 rifles.

Query: “bfbc2 no voice comms”
…. erm, not sure what this query relates to. But if you can’t hear anyone then either no one is speaking (most likely) or you have the game voice turned all the way down.

Peas and loaves.

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Eight Thoughts Goes HD

One of my favourite YouTube commentors EightThoughts has taken the train to Technoville and got himself an Hauppauge HD PVR.

Originally his videos were standard definition recorded using a video camera, and to be honest….. I almost didn’t subscribe to him when I first came across his commentaries. But then I heard his commentary and it just cracked me up. At a time when everyone else was being a try hard his commentaries were like a breath of fresh air. Despite the pretty rubbish video quality, the commentary was just pure…..quality. So I subbed, and never regretted it – I would have stayed subbed even if he’d never gone HD as his videos are great.

I think the most appealing part of Eight’s vids are that he makes them for him rather than to be YouTube popular, or to appeal to a certain type of gamer. He just makes them, and if other people like them too then great, and if not then……. big fat hairy deal.

Keep up the good work Eight!

And here’s his first ever HD vid (not any talk on the gameplay, it’s more him discussing the recording and where he’s going from here on):

Check him out: http://www.youtube.com/user/EightThoughts

Peas and loaves.

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MW2 Resurgence Map Pack

Robert Bowling AKA fourzerotwo, the Creative Strategist for Infinity Ward discusses the upcoming DLC. Due for release to Xbox users on June 3rd 2010 and then at some later time for PS3 and PC users, the map pack contains three new maps, and two recycled “fan favourites” from Call of Duty 4.

The new maps are Fuel, Carnival, and Trailer Trash Park. The recycled maps (IW/Activision being eco-friendly?) are Strike and Vacant.

I’ll be sure to get this as soon as I pick up the Stimulus Pack….. so maybe never.

Peas and loaves.

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Complaining 2.0

As a species we are designed to dwell on the negative, in fact it is a survival trait. If we weren’t programmed to vividly remember the bad times we’d become extinct in a frenzy of eating funny coloured mushrooms, petting cuddly wuddly animals with large incisors, and leaping off tall stuff because birds can do it and they’re really stupid.

That’s great. In the scheme of things, and biologically I’m a successful organism having reached maturity and procreated. In Darwinism terms: I’m awesome. I also know how to avoid the bad stuff. I didn’t have to experience all the bad personally, but I was told to avoid certain bad things. That is why I don’t walk in front of traffic or try to find out what happens when you shove a fork in the electricity socket.

For all the times that I’ve had a bad experience I’ve made sure that I don’t repeat them – for example I don’t buy anything costing more than £20 from Currys, I don’t kick white “pebbles” and I will never drink whisky and cider on the same night ever again…. actually, make that the same decade.

When it comes to computer games (showing my age there)/video games if I don’t enjoy playing a game I do this:

  • I quit the game and sell it

I don’t spend my time telling anyone who will listen how awful it is, how broken it is, how stupid such and such a feature is because….. it doesn’t exist to me anymore. I also disregard all games belonging to that franchise for at least six years (that’s how long I avoided EA FPS games for after they messed up on the original Medal of Hono(u)r). If someone asked me what I thought of a game that I’d binned then the answer would be a simple “it wasn’t for me, so I traded it”. Wow! It’s sooooo easy.

What I don’t understand are people who say they hate a game, and then continue to pay for more content. Is it so that they can complain some more? I know a problem shared is a problem halved….. but you have to share it with someone who enjoys listening to you complaining first. I don’t like listening to people complaining. It gets me down. Especially when the complaining is about something as comparatively unimportant as a computer game. Yeah, you got “noob tubed” from across the map, big deal! It’s a game. It’s a game.

Yes, I said ‘it’s a game’ twice. It was in case you missed it the first time. It’s just a sodding game. It’s not like you will die if you don’t play it. So here’s the thing. Once the game is out, it’s too late to start complaining about features. Public beta time is the opportunity to provide your feedback on weapons, gameplay and other stuff. And guess what…. the game companies are there to make money, not make the game easy for YOU to do well in. They want to make the game have mass market appeal, not to please the hardcore minority (who should be playing Halo by the sounds of it anyway).

The people who are constantly complaining on YouTube are complaining because they want the game to be easy for THEM. They don’t want some “noob scrub” to be able to get them with a lucky (or cheap) shot and spoil their “overpowered” killstreaks (you know, the ones they complain about when they are used against them) while they run around with their silenced UMP45 or AK47.

At the moment there are two vids on YouTube that has prompted this anti-complaining complaining post. The first is WoodysGamerTag’s “viral” vid urging people to spam Rober Bowling’s twitter account to make the grenade launcher attachment take up a perk slot. And the second video is from theguywhocamps where he and some other popular YouTubers tell Treyarch how to make a perfect multiplayer game (for them).

First – WGT: I’ve heard this argument so many times before. But here’s the thing – the grenade launcher is a weapon attachment, just like the silencer, red dot sight, acog, shotgun, heartbeat sensor, rapid fire, fmj, holographic sight, extended mags, and whatever else I’ve forgotten to add. Logically, if you make one attachment a perk….. then all attachments have to be perks. Iron sights ftw? Here’s another point. If you want the grenade launcher to occupy a perk slot – save yourself some cash and go play Call of Duty 4 (with the next map pack, that will be pretty much what you’re doing anyway with all the recycled maps they’re churning out).

And theguywhocamps vid – I haven’t listened to part two, but by the sounds of part one what they want is for Treyarch to make Call of Duty: Halo.

I’m fed up of the complaining. It seems every other video in my subscriptions list is someone complaining. Don’t complain, either do something about it, or don’t do it. How hard is it to turn around and say “Sorry guys, I’m not posting any more x gameplay videos because I don’t enjoy the game”? Or are these people really that scared of losing some subscribers?

Peas and loaves.

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Modern Warfare Resurgence Map Pack Announced

Just when the Stimulus pack becomes available to the PS3 and PC community Infinity Ward, or Activision, or maybe Roy the intern/tea boy has announced that the new “Resurgence” map pack will be released to Xbox Live in early June…..

Good luck with that.

Three new maps and…… two CoD4 maps. Makes you wonder if this was some sort of deliberate marketing ploy to begin with, or a result of having pretty much the entire development team jump ship.

Either way, I am totally underwhelmed and not even toe deep in enthusiasm (although if I was standing on my head that could be taken as a really positive position…). The good news is that the Xbox Beta Testers guys get to try out the maps for at least a month before they are released to the other platforms. So plenty of time to decide whether or not they are worth getting on the PS3.

That reminds me – Stimulus Pack…….. nah, still not getting it.

From DigitalSpy:

The returning maps include ‘Vacant’ and ‘Strike’, while the new maps are titled ‘Trailer Park’, ‘Carnival’ and ‘Fuel’, according to VG247.

PS – Message to Activision….. I can play CoD4 maps any time I want. I only have to boot up CoD4 and voila there they are. I don’t want to pay for them again, and releasing them on MW2 only gives the constant complainers something more to complain about.

Peas and loaves.

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MW2 Stimulus Pack for PC and PS3 is out!


I mean…. Yay!

Or maybe – yay.

Actually, I couldn’t care less.

If you’re subscribed to comments you’ll have seen my opinion already. For everyone else here’s where I’m at with MW2 at the moment:

I’ve spent the last month or so watching people play the new maps on the Xbox360 via the power of YouTube, I’ve also been putting most of my time into BFBC2. The couple of times I’ve put MW2 in I’ve not had a particularly enjoyable time (and I wish I hadn’t prestiged either!). I’m not going to whine about the game, it is what it is and at the moment I don’t enjoy playing it.

The exclusive deal Activision did with Microsoft over the Stimulus Pack was the best thing they could ever have done for PS3 and PC players. It has given us a chance to evaluate the expansion and decide whether it is really worth the money. Previously I said I’d be getting it….. now I’m not so sure.

As kylegetsspam has said, in a couple of months CoD7 will be out and MW2 will be dead (or become the next CoD4 when CoD7 fails to live up to the hype). Donncha downloaded the map pack on the Xbox and has played them maybe once…. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve not seen anything that has made me go “WOWEEEEEE! That’s totally awesome!” – the new maps are a bit poo in my opinion and the CoD4 maps are….. CoD4 maps. If I wanted to play CoD4 I’d turn my Xbox on.

So thanks Activision, but no thanks. I’ll pass.

Peas and loaves.

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