Democracy in Action

I love the excitement of a good election race. The debates, the manifestos, the whistle stop tours of places to get votes – the obviousness of who the winner will be long before the votes are counted.

Democracy, it’s a wonderful thing. And yet again, I’m still not talking about the UK General Election. The concepts still apply though.

In my last ‘It’s Election Time….‘ post I described how the majority demographic that bothers to vote reflects the values/persona of the person/party that will win the election. After all, democracy is nothing more than a big popularity contest with the end result being a continuation of the status quo regardless of who you vote for.

Previously, and despite voting for OnlyUseMeBlade, I said that it was a one horse race. That the winner would be Tejb as he most closely matches the majority demographic of the YouTube/Machinima Respawn community. So far I am spot on the money:

Will there be an upset? The xcalizorz peeps seem to be getting a bit more vocal…..

Peas and loaves.

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It’s Election Time….

…or popularity contest if you prefer. Where eager young things put their ‘X’ next to the candidate that they think mirrors their own values and will make the biggest change in their life, while the older more cynical voters know that whoever wins will actually change nothing….. That’s right peeps, it’s UK General Election time Machine Premier Director voting time.

Machinima have put a poll on Facebook for users to vote on who they think should be the next Premier Director to fill Hutch’s spot. A couple of the directors have put “Vote for me” vids up….but you know what, and this is the problem with popularity contests/democracy, people in general are fairly blinkered, selfish and short sighted (and have really poor collective memories).

Tjeb is in the lead at this point, romping home by the look of it. And why shouldn’t he? He’s young and fun and talks about boobs and touching yourself – which exactly describes the general YouTube Community. The demographic for the YouTube MW2/gaming community is Tjeb so of course they’re going to vote for him!

Forget about the guy in the hat who’s been there from the beginning, or that dude who runs around with the knife while making some very acute observations on life, even the guy with the really offensive custom classes is trailing waaaaaay behind the crazy young Swede.

But get this – I like Tjeb, I’ve been subscribed to him for a while in internet terms, but personally, I don’t think he deserves it. *GASP* (I can feel the hate cannons swivel in my direction…) It’s true, I don’t. I think he’s a good player, and his commentaries are fun and entertaining, but lately he’s put up hardly any videos and the majority of his recent efforts have been *yawn* quickscoping. Obviously he has a life, but so does every other person the list.

Some of the other names on the list have been much more active and consistent in posting vids for their subscribers, but that’s democracy for you. The candidate that most closely matches the demographic is the person who wins – that’s how it is and that’s how it’s always been.

So congratulations to Tjeb on your Premier Director status. What do you mean the polls haven’t closed yet? It’s a one horse race!

I’ve been David, and you’ve been awesome!

Peas and loaves.

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Got Douche?

There are certain milestones that people can aim for in the pursuit of fame and celebrity. The pinnacle being shot by a crazed stalker who is trying to impress Jodie Foster – you know you’ve arrived when that happens. On the lower scheme of things there’s the balance of fan mail and hate mail.

And then there’s YouTube.

Pretty much anyone can become “YouTube famous” as OnlyUseMeBlade calls it. The Internet, and YouTube in particular can be a fairly nasty old place – practically full to bursting with keyboard warriors waiting to flame the weak. If YouTube was an imaginary place from a film, it would be Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars.

You'd better watch it - he's on twenty three block lists!

I got my first taste of YouTube hate on my channel yesterday – and I’m not even YouTube popular. It made me so happy 🙂 A little rainbow inside lit up with the knowledge that I was entering the realms of SeaNanners – not bad for having less than a thousand channel views. I’m obviously on the first rung of the YouTube stardom ladder!

So here’s the diddley-oh:

I’m old enough, and been around online communities long enough to deal with the denizens of Mos Eisley. In general it doesn’t bother me if someone attempts to be disparaging about me, or what I do as it can usually be turned into something positive – or amusing. But I’m not willing to allow behaviour like that go unchecked. Adding to the block list is the most effective way of dealing with it.

Back on the Topic topic….I’ve put together a quick check list to illustrate the level of stardom you (or I) may have attained at any given time. It’ll be useful for you if you don’t know whether you do need to book in to a hotel under the name of Pendergast, or wear dark glasses to go to McDonald’s:

  • Start channel/blog/website
  • Get first visitor(s)
  • Receive first comment(s)
  • Receive first subscriber(s)
  • Have more Subscribers than posts/uploads
  • Get first “hate” comment
  • First “FIRST!” comment
  • First defence from random person against “hate” comments
  • Dual Commentary/Partnership Link thing
  • Get featured somewhere
  • Hear people mention you offline
  • Get recognised in the street
  • Get shot by crazed stalker

*Hooray – you’re famous!*

They’re not necessarily in the order in which they’ll actually occur, but the more you can tick off the closer you are to fame. A word of warning though – if you are shot by a crazed stalker, you’re only famous if they are YOUR stalker – cases of mistaken identity don’t count.

Have I missed any steps on the stardom ladder?

Peas and loaves.

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Blinkin’ Linkin’ Knifin’ Special!

It’s been an awesome couple of days for me, this blog, YouTube and the world in general.

Geoff (sasbenjr) has put the links to both this blog and also Donncha’s in his latests vids which is absolutely amazing. Obviously that means that me and Geoff are totally BFF! Or at least we will be as soon as the judge comes to his senses and quashes the restraining order. In the mean time, I’ll post Geoff’s video from 100 yards away just like the stupid bit of paper says….

BFBC2 tips – cool and the gang, especially the guy pretending to be a police car on Nelson. I think I’m going to have to get Battle Field Bad Company 2 at some point and increase the number of titles in which I get to see a whole lot of killcam. If you haven’t already checked out Geoff’s channel then I highly recommend you do.

Talking of Donncha – he got the scoop on the return of OnlyUseMeBlade in this post. I’d previously posted about OnlyUseMeBlade’s new job that was likely to put him out of action for the forseeable future. Honestly I thought that was the end of OnlyUseMeBlade’s channel. Although I was happy that he was moving onwards and upwards I was a bit sad that his commentaries were probably over. OnlyUseMeBlade fills a gap in the whole YouTube commentary community – he’s always upbeat, doesn’t take it too seriously or complains, and …..only knifes. Some people don’t like him because apparently he started “the craze” for commando and knifing. I think blaming people using Commando on Blade is completely unfair. Especially as Blade continually calls Commando cheap. If there wasn’t any YouTube, or OnlyUseMeBlade, there would still be people running around with the knife.

And on the subject of knifing/commando. I was watching a dual commentary between xBrZz and Tejb when I noticed at the beginning what appears to be a Commando Fail! This interested me because it’s been reported that commando has been tweaked to make it less invincible. What I’d like to know is if the knifing animation hits you – do you die? xBrZz get’s the +50 for the kill at the beginning of the lunge, but the death animation does not start until the lunge is complete. I’ve seen video of commando being killed in a face on attack, but in my experience I’ve ended up knifed. This leads me to believe that although Commando has been adjusted there is still a level of invincibility applicable during the lunge – if your bullets don’t hit at the beginning of the lunge then I think you’ve had your chips.
(commentary audio has been stripped)

Peas and loaves.

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Good Luck and Bon Voyage Blade (OnlyUseMeBlade)

YouTube Modern Warfare 2 commentator OnlyUseMeBlade has announced in his latest video that he may not be uploading many, if any, videos in the future due to a career change that will take him out of circulation for up to six months at a time.

Good luck to Blade.

Here’s the video where he explains it all:

Peas and loaves.

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BFBC2 Complainers Fall In! and HBS for Noobs update

So Battle Field Bad Company 2 has been out for…… 20 minutes or something like that. And the complaining has started already. Have a look at this vid – but to sum it up “boohoo hitmarkers, bullets not hitting, I get dead, Medic class needs to be removed or nerfed”:

So BFBC2 is the same shit, different title? Or is it more a case of same whingers, different title?

I have a solution however. To the many game developers out there who obviously hang off my every word – forget all this modern warfare type stuff, forget World War 2, forget weapons, perks and abilities and develop ‘Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack” it’s a Stoneage first person combat simulator where your character has the exact same abilities as everyone else i.e. none, and the only weapon is a tree branch. The goal of the game is to find your opponent, go toe to toe and bash each other over the head. There are also no campers as every time you stop, your character let’s out a primordial scream that attracts the attention of the hovering Harrier Angry Pterodactyl. Should you stay in the same area for more than five seconds a meteorite will hit you.

“Ogga Ugg Banga Whack Whack” should be available by this time next Tuesday. Maybe all the complainers will switch to playing that and allow those of us who enjoy diversity to continue enjoying our chosen games in peace.

And following on from my previous Heart Beat Sensor for noobs postSeaNanners has obviously been following this blog as if it was some sort of sacred text and has uploaded a HBS/throwing knife video which he dual commentates with OnlyUseMeBlade:

That is all. Carry on.

Peas and loaves.

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Unlocked Tactical Knife and Game Rage Class

Forgot to mention last week that I had unlocked the tactical knife for the Magnum by using OnlyUseMeBlade’s technique of using the First Recon class. That class uses Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja which is fairly decent until you happen across the teleporting Commando users.

On maps such as Skidrow and Highrise I’ll more often than not use the First Recon class as I have more fun that way – blasting around the map on a stab-fest. Unlike OnlyUseMeBlade, I have no qualms about using grenades and the pistol though.

The extra custom class that Prestiging has given me has now become my Game Rage class.
Currently this is the load out:

Primary – MP5K with rapid fire (although that will become akimbo when I unlock it)
Secondary – Magnum with Tactical Knife

Marathon Pro
Lightweight Pro
Commando Pro

It’s the cheapest class I use at the moment but it only comes out under two circumstances:
1 – Rust. I hate that map, and if I have to play it, it’ll be as a major pain in the ass to the other team.
2 – If someone is running around with commando knifing people, and by ‘people’, I mean me.

I like getting cheap kills as the next person, but commando with tactical knife is just ridiculous. OnlyUseMeBlade talks about this in pretty much every video he puts up at the moment, and he’s right. It’s really cheap, even too cheap for me, and I am the king of cheap!

One downside of using my Game Rage class is trying to get out of the habit of rushing after using it. Rushing and stabbing is not a wise thing to do on all maps – a much better technique is the sort of strategic situational awareness that sasbenjr presents in his videos.

My Game Rage class helps to temper my desire to rage quit when the chips aren’t just down, but glued to the floor, next to a claymore on the edge of a cliff with air support above and no cold blooded perk.

Peas and loaves.

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Hauppage, Wings v Ken and Magnum – Tactical Knife Combo

Another relative quicky. Not like a speedy aunty, or a fast and loose brother, a quick update post (although I’m pretty sure blogs are meant to be quick, but I tend to go all War and Peace with my point).


Hauppage –
I’m selling my surfboard to fund it. I’ve got some pennies squirrelled away but at this rate it’ll be 2036 by the time I can buy one. I have actually always been kind of jealous of people who record their gameplay, right from the start on the PC when people used FRAPS with varying levels of success. I never had a machine powerful enough to run a game and FRAPS so this is my chance to join the elite and share my success fails with all of you while I completely own get killed by the other team. I’ve created a little image that I’ll put at the bottom of my posts to show my saving progress. Hopefully I should get enough for the surfboard to allow me to get the Hauppage sooner rather than later. Here’s the graphic I’ll be using in case you get distracted by a funny cat video before the end of the post:

The Hauppage Fund

The Hauppage Fund

Wings v Ken –
Didn’t play any Modern Warfare 2 last night as I was making the Wings of Redemption vs Ken Burton SHOWDOWN! vid. The video has had a relatively warm response, Ken Burton and Junkyard129 taking the time to positively comment on it, which was nice. Apparently Darth Douchebag sounds like Adam Sandler, and that’s because he heard about Ken’s campaign, his people got in touch with my people and he flew all the way over here on the back of a giant eagle to record the voice for me. Not really, but it makes a good story. There was one person who down rated the video, and I have a feeling I know who it was, but I’m not going to say. However, I did pop along to Wings of Redemption’s channel and there are A LOT of comments on there about him one starring Ken Burton and Junkyard videos. So I blocked him from my channel, just in case. And just checking now, I’m back up to a 5 star rating – wierd….

If you’re wondering what’s going on then the saga can be found:
Here – Wings of Redemption’s initial journey to Doucheville
Here – Clean up gaming with Ken
Here – good vs evil, will Douche Vader triumph over Obi Ken?

Magnum/Tactical Knife Combo –
Although I’ve enjoyed getting over 200 kills with the First Recon class, I’m a little disappointed that upon reaching level 26 (the level you unlock the Magnum) I found that you DON’T get the tactical knife…… in fact none of your kills with that class count. GGGRRRAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I could have levelled up some assault rifles, or even done some work with the USP pistol. So I’m not sure whether I misunderstood what OnlyUseMeBlade was talking about in his video, or whether to just take him off the Christmas card list anyway. I think it’s my fault – he was probably meaning that after you unlock the Magnum, then use the First Recon class.

So that’s it for the night. I’m off to shoot some more people in the face.

Peas and loaves.

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The Hauppage Fund

MW2 YouTube Peeps Part Deux plus Uno

Okay, here are some new additions to my Modern Warfare 2 YouTube commentator list. The people listed are commentating MW2 gameplay in an interesting or amusing way and hopefully giving an insight in to better gameplay. So if you want to improve at MW2 why not check out some of these guys – and don’t forget to rate and/or subscribe to them!

Latest additions:

And the original original list (yes, original is twice….now thrice):

Peas and loaves.

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Enough of the Wings vs Ken rubbish!

Pretty much as the title says.

I’ve had a spike of hits on this blog over the past couple of days. Now this blog is new, I’m new to blogging and to be honest I don’t think it’s particularly well written or coherent in places so an increase in views makes me think that something is up. And it is:

Search Terms for this Blog

Search Terms for this Blog

I appreciate everyone who chances upon my ramblings and takes the time to wade through an entire post (that shows true grit and determination). But it makes me sad that the whole issue of whether to play nice, or be an abusive puke is getting so much search time. The internet is not the real world, but what happens in cyberspace can have a knock on effect to real life – and how you are in real life is generally a reflected by your attitudes online.

I could understand the knocking of Ken’s campaign if he was asking for money, or gifts, or adoration….or anything. But he’s not, he doesn’t even ask that you wear the [KEN] tag, the only thing he asks is to have a bit of respect and have fun… that so wrong? Well obviously WoR thinks so. But there we are, respect breeds respect and WoR has none to grow.

As OnlyUseMeBlade puts it in this video about YouTube commentating – if you’re a douchebag in real life, it’ll come across in your videos:

Although the whole Modern Warfare 2 and FPS games in general are based on killing the other team – you don’t have to be an arsehole about it. The aim of the game is winning, not to be the biggest douche.

I’m not posting any more on this topic. Yup, page views are cool, but I’d rather have visitors for the right reasons.

Peas and loaves.

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